And can you spend Christmas with YOUR parents?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
I am upset that so many are separated from ‘loved ones’ on this Christmas Holiday not because of any fact other than the ‘dirty little secret’ that Avarice toward the elderly apparently is an accepted practice in certain quarters and receives dejure protection by the second oldest profession and its organization.
Yes, ‘Tiny Tim’ there are good people out there and some of them have law degrees and some of them even have ‘black robes!’   However, as Gloria Sykes and many of you have disclosed, this will be an empty holiday for you.   It will be empty not because of anything that you have done or your loved one has done – it will be empty because your loved one has a few dollars that a person with ‘clout’ desires to make part of his/her bank account.
The Illinois ARDC has made it very clear that the foregoing statement in their view is unethical as ethical lawyers are supposed to look the other way when he/she observes one of the ‘favored’ helping him/herself to a ‘victim’s assets’     Indeed, it is now over three years since Mary Sykes’ safety deposit box was ‘drilled’ and a bunch of Au coins were removed and not inventoried.     It is more than three years and the de-facto guardian has not denied the allegation.   She has not denied it because she cannot!  However, even though GAL Farenga admitted under oath in her testimony before the Illinois ARDC that she ignored the drilling of the box and neither she or Adam Stern had any knowledge of what was in the box they deny that there was any Au coins in the drilled safety deposit box.   Of course the Illinois ARDC attorney asserts that Farenga’s denial based upon no knowledge is to be believed and the co-owner of the box (Gloria Sykes) and the sibling of Mary who actually saw and described the container in which the coins were kept are all liars!    So obscene is the picture that Gloria and her aunt Yolanda have been barred from visiting with Mary!  
Even the Government Accounting Office’s report to Congress and the fiscal cliff have not made a dent in the perfidy that is directed at so many of the elderly and their families.   The approximately eight or nine million in taxes, penalties, and interest that is due from the miscreants in the Sykes, Gore, Tyler and similar Illinois estates remains unchallenged and uncollected.    In Sykes as an example, if it were politically appropriate the verification of the source of the Au coins would have been made three years ago.   Archie’s Coins where Sgt. Sykes purchased many of them is still in business and the Biddy Estate is still remembered, but, the inquiry might have interfered with the ******.
The Christmas season (yes Tiny Tim – this is the Christmas Season, not the Holiday Season etc – is the time of year that all Americans take pride and stock in their heritage of ‘freedom’ and their right to worship their religion of their choice.  Historically (even on December 7, 1941) was a season of ‘hope.’  If Martin Luther King were alive today, on behalf of the elderly who are being systematically abused and financially exploited he would lead a march on Chicago to free Mary Sykes.   He would deplore the fact that just because someone has a few skin wrinkles they should become second class citizens and subject to their loss of liberty, property, civil rights, and human rights.   He would deplore the fact some of the people who have taken up the banner of ‘Bull Connor’ were or should have been his companions in Selma.   
Fortunately for all of us, just as cream rises to the top of the bottle there are more good people out there then miscreants and Justice will prevail.   The Mary Sykes of this world will return to their loved ones and her guardian(s) will pay their United States Income Taxes etc.   History will repeat itself again and again and for this gift we are grateful.   
Please allow me to extend to each of you on behalf of me and my family our best wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and whatever it is politically correct to call this season.    2013 is going to be the year that the elders who are subject to they Sykes syndrome are restored their ‘liberty’, property, civil and human rights.    2013 is going to be the year that we all celebrate good health, prosperity and happiness.
Ken Ditkowsky

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