From Atty Ken Ditkowsky–his experiences with another miscreant

Excerpt from a question by another probate victim posed to KDD –
I read in your e-mail that disclosed that the Feds have been sighted looking into the Tyler case.   Justice delayed will not be justice denied if we get an honest, complete and comprehensive investigation of these financial exploitation cases.    Last I heard – Financial Exploitation of the elderly was a ‘felony’ when 7 million dollars is allegedly diverted.   Even ‘clout heavy’ relatives of nursing home moguls who participate in ‘aiding and abetting’ felonies are eligible to receive ‘free room and board.’   Indeed, a court order obtained under suspicious circumstances only implicates a Judge.    Greylord occurred about a decade ago but is still remembered!
Attorney Tom Brejcha is a ‘seasoned lawyer’ who will obviously make an record in your case and provide the Feds with more than sufficient evidence to memoralize any perfidy that appears directly or indirectly.   I do not believe that the United States Attorney just fell off the ‘truck!’
Good Luck on Monday – if Tom needs help we are ready willing and able to provide aid and comfort.   The Financial Exploitation and the Abuse of the elderly has to cease now and forever and those who aid and abet such conduct should be appropriately addressed.
Ken Ditkowsky

4 thoughts on “From Atty Ken Ditkowsky–his experiences with another miscreant

    • I have to agree. The ongoing saga of probate court with all the goofs, fumbles, cash grabs, lack of jurisdiction, lack of service of summons and complaint, notice to all close relatives of the time, date and place of an incompetency hearing which brings this blog and many attorneys an on going spate of complaints is worthy of an HBO special. Imagine, no script writers needed! Every week just go to the probate court and blog, ask disgruntled relatives on the way out what happened, watch the proceedings where perfectly competent seniors and disabled persons who are actually in need of additional hospital services, but need rehab, cancer rehab, additional services, get kicked out because they lost their medicaid days or insurance ran out.

      In the film Madagascar, the hypochondriac giraffe said that before his modern medicine (consisting of a test for every little sniffle and ache), all they had was dying holes!

      Are nursing homes the dying holes of our future while the govt and private attorneys feast on grandma’s savings and paid for home?

      The saga continues, with the tricks, deceptions, legerdermains… you name it, this series has it! Even deaths by narcotics, forced psychotropic drugging and then an immediate cremation (contrary to the Power of Atty for Healthcare) to avoid any trail, any evidence of wrongdoing.

      It’s every bit as addictive as Nurse Jackie, Six Feet Under, etc., I never know next what someone will email me about some probate horror story and a victimized, penniless family.

    • I was use google to check out Miriam Solo and ran across your note.

      It Financial and Elder Abuse cases are indeed incredible. Imagine in America, the land that our parents built and sacrificed for could create a situation in which an elderly person just because of his/her getting old could be deprived of his/her liberty, her property, her civil rights and/or her human rights. The scenario of the Sykes case, the Tyler case, the Gore case, the Wyman case of the hundreds of other similar cases is so unbelievable that unless you live it in whole or part you have to question if you are having a nightmare.

      Let me assure you – everything bad you read concerning these cases is most probably true and the rule that you believe 1/2 of what you see and nothing of what you heard is suspended. What everyone has to experience is the sight of watching Farenga/Stern and/or Solo in Court. The transcripts generated in the Sykes case record moments from Hell. The transcripts recently generated in the Schwartz case record a one act play demonstrating Soviet style jurisprudence. The Schwartz case is not over yet, so we might see the Judge follow the law; however, I have a notice of appeal drafted along with the request for a record and a check to order the record.

      Oh you say – he is exaggerating! Try this fact on for size. Miriam Solo refused to furnish a copy of the Petition that she was prosecuting. Ok you say – try this fact on for size. Attorney Solo filed an affidavit allegedly signed by a decedent (while he was alive) in the Circuit Court for Broward County, and after the death of the affiant filed a revised copy of the same affidavit in the Cook County Court. Solo asked the Court to admit the affidavit into evidence. The Court admitted the affidavit without allowing any inquiry as to whether Solo was tendering the Florida version of the affidavit or the Cook County version.

      What we need is an Honest investigation by law enforcement of these cases that is complete and comprehensive. Last time Iooked Illinois was part of the US and there was a Constitution and the political elite were still talking about the rule of law. Please write as many people as you can requesting that Law Enforcement just enforce the Laws of the State of Illinois and United States of America – according to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission it is unethical for either Ms. Denison or I to do so. ( We do so anyway and are currently be prosecuted by the ARDC for the ethical breach)

      • Why is it if a good Samaritan like a Ken Ditkowsky did something even CLOSE to what a Miriam Solo miscreant gets away with it would be an issue?.. and yet when he points out the corruption he gets disbarred??? I’m having trouble with all that!!!! Solo is an a**clown of magnanimous proportions.

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