From KKD: Proof of wrongful eviction by Sheriff Dart of 86 year old Dean Sallas who is in very poor health and who has been rendered homeless

Here is the link to all the pleadings: 1) Brief on appeal. 2) Record on Appeal

Yesterday the appellate brief was finally filed by Dean Sallas, 86 years old and in extremely poor health. He has been involuntarily separated from his wife of more than 50 years by the Cook County Guardian’s Offices.

Judge Boliker of the 18th floor Daley Center is involved. Elizabeth Cassanova is involved. Sheriff Dart forcibly and wrongfully evicted Dean Sallas from the home he lived in in Skokie for decades. From Guardianship to Foreclosure and Chancery, Dean didn’t stand a chance with the all pervasive corruption.

I am herewith demanding that Boliker, Cassanova and Dart immediately provide housing for Dean and fix up him home and return him there. There is no excuse for all of this disgusting, horrid and very, very corrupt behavior.

The ARDC does nothing in Cook County, the JIB does nothing. But right now we have living proof of their corruption, an 86 year old husband and father whose life has been utterly destroyed by a Probate judge, the Office of Public Guardian and the Chancery Division, and then there is Sheriff Dart, always ready to send out his minions, goons and thugs to forcibly evict an 86 year old man in frail health who can barely walk.

This is one of the most digusting cases I have ever seen.

And this IS EXACTLY WHY I AM NOT LICENSED TODAY. I am honest about these cases, I run an honest blog and the ARDC hates it. They let corrupt and criminal attorneys run amok at all turns.

I have been told that I CANNOT BE A LICENSED ATTORNEY AND RUN A BLOG that truthfully reports on corrupt cases where attorneys freely dip into the honey pot and steal from Illinois consumers. Ken Ditkowsky also reports on the pervasive corruption, writes reports and letters to the Illinois authorities and the ARDC and JIB and for that reason, HE CANNOT BE A LICENSED ATTORNEY. Attorney Lane Amu reported on corruption where reported a corrupt sitting Illinois Judge and HE CANNOT BE A LICENSED attorney because he reports corruption and complains about it vociferously. He has tried to get his license back, but he cannot get it back.

Attorney Nejla Lane told a judge’s law clerk that her judge in Federal District Court that she is emotionally distraught that the judge does not want to follow Illinois Appellate law and her client is suffering because of it, and she received a 6 month suspension from both the Federal Court System and the State court system.

Anthony Phillips paid attorney Joanne Bruzgul some $20,000 and then got paid in full by probate and refused to provide an accounting and refused to return the overpayment. The ARDC dismissed his complaint. Anthony Phillips complained and his complaint was dismissed.

Recently, attorney Sharon Corse took some $17,000 out of her IOLTA trust account, without a court order, but a court order was required, and she too was told to return that money and she refused.

Today, Judge Michael Forti told Esther Zepeda that she could not reopen a fake $5,800 judgment from the law firm of attorney Tiffany Hughes who handwrote on a client retainer account that she could charge $200 per week until the bill was paid off. The client found more witnesses that TH offices does this frequently and the client found new case law that Illinois Courts cannot be a party to such fraud, and a 1401 proceeding could be used to open a fake judgement even years later. Judge Forti ignored all this and told poor Esther to “be sure to file your Notice of Appeal timely”. What a jerk!

By the way, here is the case, if you have to open up one of the many, many fake judgments issued by these corrupt judges and courts:

Clark v. Lay, 2022 IL App (4th) 220101 (Ill. App. 2022)

Recently, in the Williamson case in Knox County, the (lying) jurors came back with a verdict against Tonny and Penny Williamson to clear the way for a fake judgment that the Catholic Peoria Diocese and Galesburg Rifle Club could take some 150 acres of farmland and timberland away from them, again, in a corrupt probate proceeding. Numerous jurors lied on their juror forms that they had not been arrested, when in fact they had been arrested. One worked for OSF Hospital in Galesburg, an entity that was part of the corruption because OSF allegedly was sending out visiting nurses to care for elderly Fred Stegall, but during that time he was actually found filthy, had not bathed, there was no decedent food in the home, the bread was moldy, the milk sour, meat weeks old, flies everywhere–in January, old trash everywhere. So why did Judge Lane turn down a request to exclude her for cause?

The jury deliberated 5 min and turned over all that farmland to the plaintiffs. No discussion needed apparently.

Next the jury awarded $600k in punitive damages despite the fact that all Tonny and Penny Williamson did was take care of Fred Stegall the last year of his life. They actually spent over $60k on him when the probate court never gave him a dime of his own money for living expenses. The accounting on that case is a funky as weeks old hamburger filled with flies found in his refrigerator and the rotting bags of trash in his kitchen filled with flies.

As the investigation continues there is a lot more to come on that case.

But if you want the courts in Illinois cleared up, start with the ARDC and demand they remove everyone invoved in my case and the cases of Nejla Lane, Ken Ditkowsky and Lare Amu. The list of honest attorneys in Illinois is assuredly dwindling.


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