From KKD: Letter warning Sheriff Dart of Wrongful Eviction of Dean Sallas, age 86 and in frail health



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Sheriff Dart
Cook County Sheriff’s Offices
Cook County, IL
via email

RE: Wrongful Eviction of Dean Sallas 4110 Suffield Court, Skokie, IL
Illinois Appellate Case No. 1-22-1111

Dear Sheriff Dart;

I am currently receiving many complaints from ordinary citizens and taxpayers that your offices recently wrongfully evicted Mr. Dean Sallas, age 86, from his home in Skokie Illinois, where he has lived for decades.

This is apparently part of a loosely organized criminal scheme operating out of Probate Court with Judge Boliker as one of the principals, and Elizabeth Cassanova, and attorney from the Office of Public Guardian–an agency well known to take advantage of Illinois senior citizens, force them into nursing homes against their will and then to loot their estates (e.g. case of Lucille Valentino). The history of this agency is extremely poor, and the Probate Court is not much better.

The Record on Appeal together with the brief clearly shows a pattern of ignoring the rights of Dean Sallas and his wife Amelia Sallas and that the eviction which your employees performed under your direction and control, resulted in the false eviction of this man in the dead of winter during freezing temperatures.

The record on appeal and brief can be found at the following link:

The harrowing story in detail of what happened to Amelia and Dean Sallas in Probate and Foreclosure is repeated in several posts on the above cited blogs.

I am herewith demanding that you:
1) provide immediate suitable housing to Mr. Sallas
2) fix up the home of Mr. Sallas at 4110 Suffield Court and return him there as soon as it is suitable clean and ready for his and his wife’s occupancy.

Very Truly Yours,

Joanne Denison,
Executive Director,
Justice 4 Every1, NFP
cc: Chicago FBI, blog and blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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