From FB and Karen Sinclair–what a nursing home dinner is all about–disgusting


An actual nursing home dinner:

I brought mom back to nursing home for dinner. I was blown away by what they were serving. This is what we all have to look forward to in our senior years. It is total BS that this neglect is allowed by the state while the billion dollar nursing home company serves slop to my 87 year old mother. I wonder what the administrator, DON and owners had for dinner tonight. No response from state representatives that addressed these issues in their campaigns. It is sad that Americans accept this neglect, abuse and disrespectful treatment to our loved ones. Sometimes we have no alternatives. We need to stand together. Please share and get the word out on Genesis Nursing Facility called Las Colinas. Thanks. FYI I went and bought her dinner tonight.

Karen Sinclair.

I want to thank Karen for her willingness to share what is really going on in nursing homes across the US.

Many have said that nursing homes are nothing but slums and ghettos for the elderly.  I believe that is correct and this is proof of that.

The elderly are left lingering for hours in the hallways, some half doped up, others begging to go home.

What kind of a country do we live in?

Apparently a country where every day, judges write court orders to put the elderly and disabled in facilities where this type of crappy not real food but  called food is served.

Prisoners have to receive better fare and at least 2,200 calories per day for an adult male.

The nursing home business has to end.  Unless and until there is absolutely no place for grandma and grandpa to go, they should stay in their own home with assistance from the state until they pass into glory.  If a child wants to take in a parent, that should be allowed, with assistance from the state.  Right now, none of that is happening, as our nursing homes fill up with unhappy elders at $5,000 or more per month paid by Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insurance and the cost to care for and house is only $1,000 per month.  The industry disgusts me.

What the US does, both in and out of court, is nothing but a shocking scandal of greed, graft and corruption.

April Parks-262+ indictment for being a “professional guardian”. Count 1 is racketeering.

I want to than DF for sending this along about April Parks and her overbilling, over charging, invading and draining Trust assets, selling homes, throwing homes into foreclosure, forcing seniors into nursing homes against their will.

You all know the routine:  target, guardianize, medicate, drain the estate, then narcotize to death and cremate.

Well, April Parks just went down big time.

Here is the 262 count indictment

The charges range from Racketeering (RICO), Theft, Exploitation of an Elderly Person, Exploitation of a Vulnerable Person, Offering False Evidence for Filing or Recording, Perjury, etc.

You can and should read this 125 page, over 200 count indictment, but it’s the same pattern Ken and I were finding everywhere–target, guardianize, medicate, drain the estate and then narcotize to death when the money runs out.

The amazing thing is, it involved so many people and yet there is no end in sight.

We desperately need this to end and start protecting our seniors and thee disbled irght here Chicago Illinoi

From JPStillwater–The US spends Trillions on wars to “promote democracy” but years, even decades later, US citizens still can’t go there. Why is that?

This woman asks some very interesting questions. Sooo much money blown up and squandered.  Why can’t we now travel to these countries?

Reposted with permission

The US freed Libya. So why can’t I go there?
     In 2001, all we ever heard about in the media was how America was going to “free Afghanistan for democracy.”  Sixteen years and several trillion dollars later, Afghanistan should be as free as a bird now, right?
     So I went to and clicked on “flight + hotel” to Kabul.  Nothing came up.  Afghanistan is so very free these days that American tourists can’t even go there.  Hell, even war correspondents can’t get in there either.  Hmmm.
     But what about Iraq, the country that America spent approximately five trillion dollars freeing from that evil dictator what’s-his-name.  Plus when I was a kid, I had always dreamed about being an archeologist when I grew up and going to see places like Babylon and Ur.  Now was my chance!
     So I went on and clicked on “flight + hotel” to Baghdad.  Sorry but American tourists aren’t free to travel to Iraq either.
     Libya?  Same old story.  America spent a trillion or so dollars on liberating Libya from Qaddafi “for humanitarian reasons”.  Well, things are so humane over there right now that not even can get you a “flight + hotel” to Tripoli.
      Where else has America been liberating stuff?  Ukraine?  Let’s plug that one into and see what comes up.  Nope,  Nothing there either.
     Yemen?  America just sold the Saudis billions and billions of dollars worth of deadly weapons in order to “liberate” Yemen’s oil.  But wouldn’t touch Yemen with a ten-foot pole.  The Saudis have already dropped 90,000 bombs on Yemen so far.  Yemenis are resisting the Saudis’ offer of “freedom” just as hard as George Washington resisted the British during the American Revolution.  But then King George III hadn’t dropped 90,000 bombs on Betsy Ross’s head either.  No nice hotel in Sanaa for me.
     How about Palestine?  America is paying 30 billion bucks a year to help Israeli neo-colonialists “free” Gaza.  But if you type “Gaza” into, your whole computer might just blow up.  No freedom in Gaza either.  They are not even letting reporters into Gaza.  “Closed military zone.”  Being a war correspondent sucks eggs these days — let alone being a tourist.
     Syria?  Let’s click on  The only place we can safely go there is to Damascus and Aleppo, where Syria’s so-called “evil dictator” is still in charge.  But no one can go to the parts of Syria freed up by the freedom-loving USA and their allies ISIS and al Qaeda.
     And now the American Deep State and its puppets in Washington are talking about “liberating” Russia, China, North Korea and Venezuela.  Pretty soon American tourists will consider themselves lucky if they can even safely travel to Tijuana.
PS:  According to William Engdahl’s new book, The Gods of Money, World War I and World War II were welcomed and even encouraged by the US corporatocracy in order to weaken Europe. American leading circles around the Rockefellers and Wall Street had resolved among themselves that all potential European rivals for power would have to grind themselves down in a mutual slaughter.”
     Now that same corporatocracy is currently plotting World War 3 in order to weaken Russia and China.  “Hey, it worked before.  Let’s try it again.”  And you know what this means, don’t you?  After Russia and China are finally as “free” as Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Honduras, Somalia and Libya, there will be no more trips on the Orient Express railway for American tourists either.
PPS:  I’m going to be an American tourist myself this week — going to New York City, staying at the legendary Jane Hotel, eating rice pudding at B&H Dairy on Second Avenue and attending the 2017 BEA Book Expo.
     And guess who will be speaking at the Book Expo?  Hillary Rodham Clinton!  Yes, the darling of the Deep State herself will be telling us in her very own words about how “free” Libya became on her watch and just how much she would love to bomb Russia.  
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From JPS–Money Laundering in New York City

And as if this is not going on in Chicago

Thanks you Jane for granting permission to cross post


The real estate boom in NYC: Money-laundering’s finest hour
     What!  You say that you’ve already been to New York City dozens of times and yet you’ve never eaten rice pudding at B&H Dairy on Second Avenue?  Well.  That is a fatal lapse in your education.  Fix it immediately or else.
     Back in 1965 when I was a poverty-stricken idealist living in an apartment on the Lower East Side that rented for $28 a month and when LSD was still legal, I used to save up my pennies and treat myself to a bowl of B&H’s fabulous rice pudding every few months.  So when I went back to NYC for the Book Expo recently, I met up with an old friend at B&H and we talked.
      “There is new construction going on in Manhattan everywhere you look these days,” she said.  “Everyone wants to invest in real estate in New York City.”
     “And in Berkeley too,” I replied.  “There are currently 10,000 new high-rise apartment units going up in my home town as well.”  http://www. 2017-06-09/article/45790? headline=Speak-up-on-Tuesday- for-affordable-housing-in- Berkeley–Becky-O-Malley
     “Actually, it’s happening all over the world,” said my friend.  “Even in the Middle East, construction is going on like crazy.”   Humph.  That’s just so not fair.  Look at me and look at you.  Can any of us average Americans afford to run out and build high-rise condos worth billions of bucks?  Hardly.  It’s all we can do to keep from being homeless.
     So where are all these billions — trillions — of construction dollars coming from?  “War profits, drug money, oil barons and sheiks.  Hedge funds.  Shadow banks.”  Shadow banks?  Now there’s a scary thought.  Aren’t our regular banks shadowy enough as it is?
PS:  From my vantage point up on the High Line Park the other day, I counted 24 different new high-rises going up.  And from the top floor of the Whitney Museum I counted five more.
     Ah, the Whitney.  Its Biannual Exhibit was amazing.  And one whole section was devoted to works by artists who were deeply in debt.  That’s scary too.  No condo-high-rise ownership for them.  Seems like you either gotta murder babies in the Middle East, pollute the world with oil emissions and/or sell drugs to school children in order to play at being Bob the Builder in New York.  Being creative in America will only smash you headlong into debt.
PPS:  Here’s a quote from Larry Fink that I stole off the artists’ wall at the Whitney:  “The two greatest stores of wealth internationally today are contemporary art and apartments in Manhattan.”  Fink is the head of Black Rock.  Black Rock is the world’s largest shadow bank, is worth 5.1 trillion dollars and is almost personally responsible for the 2008 financial crisis with its mortgage-backed security scam.  But, hey, at least Fink is supporting the arts.
PPPS:  The media is always talking about RussiaGate. But what about SaudiGate, IsraeliGate and GlobalCorporationGate — the guys who launder money by buying property in Washington DC, primarily on Capital Hill and Pennsylvania Avenue.
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From FB/Brandon DiPasquale–State of Indiana to pay $25 million for false DCF reports in removing 2 children from home

State Of Indiana Forced To Pay $25 MILLION To Couple After Making Their Lives A Living Hell

The state of Indiana made life a living hell for the Finnegans,  Roman and Lynnette.  First, their child died after a doctor accidentally prescribed what turned out to be an overdose of her medications.  The coroner confirmed how she died.  Their daughter Jessica was born with heart and seizure disease.  She was on several medications, when her doctor took her off one medication and then doubled her dosage on a second.  After jennifer died, the Department of Children’s Services charged them with neglect, even though the coroner’s report cleared them completely.  They have now been fully cleared and Indiana has agreed to pay them $25 million in damages.

 Jessica was born with a heart defect and seizure disorder and had numerous open heart surgeries, including one that left her with a two-chambered heart instead of the typical four.

She was also taking multiple high-risk drugs include Coumadin, a blood-thinning medication; Digoxin, a blood pressure support drug; and Dilantin, a seizure medication.

On December 20, 2005, Jessica Salyer was found dead in her Francesville home. She had stayed home from school that day because she was feeling ill.

Her mother, Lynnette, found her around 2pm, lying face down by her bed, not breathing, and with a small amount of blood by her mouth and nose.

It was eventually discovered that a doctor had doubled her dosage of Coumadin and had taken her off an anti-seizure medication, causing an accidental overdose.

The Finnegans were arrested and charged with neglect in Jessica’s death and two of their three children – Tabitha and Katelynn – were removed from their home and placed in foster care.

DCS officials later ignored evidence including the coroner’s conclusion that a prescription error resulting in overdose caused Jessica’s death, according to Indianapolis attorney Rich Waples.

He said investigators tried to frame the couple by falsifying documents sent to a state fatality review team.

‘It was beyond the pale, and the jury understood that,’ Waples said, noting that the coroner testified for the plaintiffs.
Charges against the couple were eventually dropped.

After the parents were charged and the children removed from their home, Roman Finnegan was fired from his job at the Department of Correction.

The family lost its home and was forced to sell off nearly all possessions.
‘It literally destroyed the family,’ Waples said.

‘They’ve been essentially destitute for the better part of nine years.’

Roman has since been rehired by the DOC.

After the charges were dropped, the Finnegans sued three of the DCS’s workers, an Indiana State Police detective and a doctor in 2008.

A jury sided with the family in 2015, finding that officials sabotaged investigations into Jessica’s death and awarded the family $31.3 million. The Indiana Attorney General’s Office appealed the verdict last year.

State officials continue to deny any ‘fault, wrongdoing or liability,’ Chief Counsel of Appeals Stephen Creason, of the attorney general’s office, told The Indiana Lawyer.


Urgent request–seeking Lilly Tonkinson

If you know where this mildly disabled woman is, please lend a cell phone to her and let her call her mother, Mary Catherine Ford.

Mary Ford is desperate to talk to her daughter–and the evil Guardian won’t allow her phone call or emails or tell her where her daughter is.

The mother is heart broken.

Lilly Tonkinson is likely being housed in a facility without any educational opportunities, medical or dental. She has been beaten and abused in these facilities.  The court won’t listen to the mom or dad who have pleaded to get rid of an abusive Guardian and return their daughter.

It’s all about the money and I bet the “Guardian” (of pain and suffering) is getting some sort of kickback.

Please help her and spread the word.

We were able to do this once before.  I know there are kind, caring souls out there who do not believe in the abuse and isolation of the disabled.


Great new series on Netflix-“the Keepers”

Either watch this 7 part series on Netflix, or get to a friend’s home and watch it.

Back in 1969, a nun and a 19 year old woman were brutally murdered and their bodies dumped in a sleeping surburban town that saw little or no crime.

Keough was the Catholic School where hundreds of teen girls were abused by 2 Priests and their friends and buddies–with the girls suffering brutal repeated rapes.

One priest was raping boys at another school, the mother found out and demanded the school do something and they did, they transferred the priest to Keough!

Why do I recommend the movie?  The case received unprecedented attention, a massive “investigation” was undertaken, thousands of documents recovered, scores of people interviewed, the state, local and county governments collected information and documents and even the FBI (the murders occurred on military installations for training soldiers so the FBI had jurisdiction there, but quickly turned over the case to state and local authorities).

Thousands of documents were created.  Dogged investigative reporters follow the 2 murders.  But is is only two ordinary women–both of whom knew and loved Sister Cathy, who developed the most information, conducted an in depth, highly detailed investigation over the years, and came up with completely amazing evidence of who done it–turned it over to the authorities, only to find out via FOIA of a massive cover up and document dump.  The police, the states attorneys, etc. were all involved.

this is my link, but it might not work.

If anyone has a better link, please send it along.

And if anyone has any insight on how to get the documents to these ladies faster from the FBI, including suit, plmk.

And blessings to all of those concerned citizens that revealed this cover up.  The archdiocese should be dismantled for all the evil they did to so many young men and women growing up.  Many were involved.  No one did anything.