From the ARDC–No ethics by the ARDC and a head on a post.

I just found this on the internet.  I had heard about it, but didn’t find anyone publishing it yet–I  know I would.  To the ARDC, you can run, but you cannot hide.  Someone will rat your out. When the ship is sinking, the rats sing.

I gotta tell you I am proud that they did so many many pages on me.  A nobody blogger, no money, mother of 4, I live on donations, up against a $17 million enterprise and they are CLEARLY AFRAID OF THIS BLOG.

Recently Lawyer and Activist Barbara Stone was told she could avoid 30 months in prison by giving up her “blogging co conspirators”. Too funny. I am told she said “shove it” and “bring it on”.

Me too ARDC.  the Sykes Case has not been investigated. Judge in probate have not been disbarred or even investigated.  $3 MILLION IS MISSING AND UNACCOUNTED FOR IN THE MARY G SYKES ESTATE and you publish this nonsense and waste tax payer/attorney money on this crap you call CLE.  I note you don’t mention the fact you have not investigated the Sykes case, you quashed all discovery and so did the Judges in the Sykes case and you don’t mention $3 million in assets MINIMUM are missing from all inventories filed.

Not so Smart, isn’t that?

Shame on you.

Go get some ethics yourself.

I am not giving into your lack of moral compass and neither is Barbara Stone, Kenneth Ditkowsky or Lanre Amu.

You want to make us martyrs and put our heads on poles in front of your offices, go right ahead.  Us bloggers of truth and justice are here and we are NOT going away.

You can jail us, take away our licenses, malign us in your fake CLE on (lack of) ethics and we don’t care.

You can’t buy us off or bury us, so why not take the safe harbor and relicense us and admit you were wrong.  I am demanding your apology for the 100th time.  And then go investigate the Sykes case. I will be glad to help you and draft those subpoenas. In fact, I’ll do it again on this blog for you.  Just file them, please.

Sooo many people are begging you and imploring to investigate corrupt probate cases where people are MURDERED and their estates looted by judges, attorneys and court room vendors and you do NOTHING but send out form letters telling the bereaved widows and orphans to get f’ing lost.

Go look here to see what the ARDC is so afraid of: (pages 47+)

And btw, you DONT’ have my permission to use my image, my blog or anything for you alleged “training session.”  All of that is copyrighted.  And you have now absconded with my image rights.  (As for my home address, which you pretended to censor, I don’t care, it’s 5700 N Natoma Ave in Chicago. Everyone loves me there).

And here’s a rule for you:  you’re all a bunch of shameless liars, thugs and goons.  Go FORGET yourselves. And you can quote me on this ENTIRE POST with a date in your CLE. Why do I have to require a date?  because I don’t know if you have changed my text, you have no morals or shame about what you do to MURDER and KILL and COVER UP.

I have absolutely no need to get a license or get back a license from a bunch of shameless psychopathic  goons and thugs.  I’d rater slit my own throat.

15 elders died in an abusive nursing home in Hollywood Fla.  I bet plenty of those patients at that nursing home were in guardianships and forced to live in that slum and ghetto for the elderly.  That’s the type of housing the ARDC protects for senior citizens. They allow judges and attorneys to force disabled persons into nursing homes, loot their etates and then narcotize them in the end.    They write horrid letters to victims’ families that they don’t care. (Sykes, Gore, Drabik, Brouckmeersch, Frake, and many others–all abused in nursing homes and murdered there, ARDC complaints all dismissed–complaints on this blog never investigated)

Joanne Denison.



Activist Alert–Lawyer Activist Barbara Stone complains about judges and lawyers abusing the elderly in guardianship and get arrested and disbarred.

From another website, here is the complaint (probably one of many) that got a bunch of judge/lawyer whitie tighties in a bunch and got her jailed and disbarred with a great big rubber stamp

Please help and report – my mother is being murdered by a judge

Barbara Stone
244 Fifth Avenue # B 296 New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212.994.5482 Fax: 212.994.5481

Chief Justice Jorge Labarga; Justice Barbara J. Pariente; Justice R. Fred Lewis; Justice Peggy A. Quince; Justice Charles T. Canady; Justice Ricky Polston; Justice James E.C. Perry
Florida Supreme Court 500 South Duval Street
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1925

Re: Attorney Whistleblower of Corrupt and Criminal Activity of Judges, Prosecutors and Attorneys that are all Members of the Florida Bar, Retaliation by The Florida Bar against Whistleblower Member of the Florida Bar and the need for whistleblower protection

Dear Chief Justice Labarga and Judge Pariente, Judge Lewis, Judge Quince, Judge Canady, Judge Polston and Judge Perry:
As a Florida Bar member, I am mandated under Rule 4-8.3 to report misconduct by attorneys and judges. Under the Jud icial Canons 3, Judges have the same duty and obligation.

With this letter, upon information and bel ief, I am summarizing the vicious retal iation to which 1, as a Member of the Florida Bar have been subjected as a resu lt of my acting as a whistleblower and exposing the rampant corruption in the probate I guardianship enterprise in the court of Michael Genden and the horrific abuse, terror and torture to which he and the highly corrupt “guard ian” enterprise he has installed to humanly owned my mother.B stone phots

The attached letter documents the crimes perpetrated against my mother by Michael Genden, ajudge in the probate comt in the 1 1•h Circuit and member of the Florida Bar and Roy Lustig, an apparent criminal disguised as an attorney and other Judges and attorneys who are Members of the Florida Bar who hold my mother hostage and subject her to unimaginable cruelty and crimes against humanity to stop me and retaliate against my mother and against me, a mandated reporter of wrongdoing as an attorney and a member of the Florida Bar from reporting and exposing the heinous criminal activities and racketeering ring engaged in human trafficking, money laundering, wire and mail fraud, extorting the assets and personal property of elderly adults who are being preyed upon by this criminal enterprise that operates out of the courthouse under the guise of “guardianship.”

image003Media from all over the country are exposing this criminal guardian racket including Susannah Frame, Chief Investigative Reporter at King TV and Janet Christensen Obrien who flew in from Seattle to make a prominent film that received a prestigious IMDb ranking documenting my mother’s story and others.

I am a whistleblower to the criminal and racketeer activity by Michael Genden, Roy Lustig and other judges and attorneys who are members of the Florida Bar. Michael Genden is an accomplice to repeated attempts to pre­meditatively murder my mother by drugging her into a stupor with chemical restraints that carry black box warnings, isolating her by illegal court “edicts” denying me my right to the court and covering u p the fraud, perjury, extortion and felony crimes of Roy Lustig, Jacqueline Hertz, Blaire Lapides and Alan Stone, each who are guilty of felony crimes as set forth in the attached letter.

This will seek whistleblower protection for me and on behalf of my mother and her emergency admission to the hospital as she is in grave danger. I fear for my safety and the safety and life of my mother.

I look forward to your urgent response.

Barbara Stone enclosures

Florida Attorney blows whistle on corrupt courts, judges, lawyers, prosecutors and guardians and covered up by Florida Bar

And if you think that Illinois is any better, all of lawyers Kenneth Ditkowsky and Lanre and myself were suspended for long periods (3 to 4 years) for reporting corruption to the Judicial Inquiry Board of Illinois and the Illinois ARDC wherein they shot the messenger!  That’s right, in Illinois, a lawyer cannot complain about corruption, run a corruption blog or they risk facing a trial where (no kidding) and ARDC lawyer named Melissa Smart will claim that a corruption blog is like yelling “fire” in a crowded theater.

I am not making this stuff up.

I submit it is only possible if the theater is filled with crooked cops, judges and lawyers, but apparently Melissa Smart is saying that’s what we have a plethora of in Illinois.

Demand Lawyer Activist Barbara Stone be released and Judges Genden, Bailey and Labarga and Atty Roy Lustig be disbarred.

From ECG and Stone on Stone, this is what they had to say about the Barbara Stone Case:


I have many times said the U.S. prisons are packed with innocents. Here’s proof.

○ When a real estate attorney discovered her mom was rapidly deteriorating due to neglect at a nursing home, she took her mom out for a meal at Denny’s (where she was arrested) because a prior court order stated her mom HAD TO stay in the nursing home.

Barbara’s saga began in 2013, when, alarmed at the condition of her mother in a facility into which she had been remanded by her court-appointed guardian, Jacqueline Hertz, Barbara took Helen out of the facility and to lunch at a nearby Denny’s. Barbara was then arrested and charged with a multitude of crimes, including custody interference, elder abuse and kidnapping.

Barbara, who was a real estate attorney in New York, had no prior criminal history before she took her Mom to lunch and has accumulated over 500 in-jail days since the “Denny’s debacle.”

SO GET THIS: They let crack heads, car thieves and murdering illegals run amok, and jail a real estate attorney for taking her mom to Denny’s just because a court said she had to stay in a particular nursing home and never leave.

I have said numerous times here that a majority of the people in America’s prisons are highly productive law abiding people that are in there for the sole purpose of feeding work into the prison labor system. They don’t want anyone who is actually worthy of jail in jail because that dilutes down the quality of the prison labor force. So the cities are cesspools and illegals run amok, getting acquitted after they shoot and kill people on a pier or wherever else.


This woman has gone on to blog against nursing home abuses, and is part of a group of bloggers that are trying to change the corrupt situation of abuse in nursing homes, AND SHE WAS TOLD SHE’D WALK COMPLETELY FREE RATHER THAN FACE THREE ADDITIONAL YEARS IN PRISON IF SHE GAVE UP THE NAMES OF THE OTHER BLOGGERS, SO THEY COULD BE JAILED FOR ONLY TRYING TO STOP THE CORRUPTION IN THE NURSING HOMES BY POSTING ABOUT IT TO THE INTERNET

Speaking from Florida, Dr. Sam Sugar, who is the head of Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianships, a grassroots advocacy group, had this to say about the recent actions in Barbara’s case:

○ The reports that a defendant in a criminal pleading was offered a reduction in sentence in return for unmasking the identities of Americans exercising their First Amendment Rights online with comments about abusive guardianship courts are a chilling reminder that the Gestapo tactics of Nazi Germany have found a new home in Miami Dade courts – the real secret society!


The nursing homes have become an industry which seizes the assets of the people who are put in them, (houses and whatever else). They then liquidate those assets, and price their care at astronomically high levels, until the total value of the assets is used up. Once they are used up, they then cause the death of the people they are supposed to care for.

Her mom’s assets ran out, and they were trying to kill her with neglect. So she took her mom to eat elsewhere, and because the court ordered that the nursing home now owned her mom, the police went to Denny’s and threw her in prison. She has now lost everything, including her career as a real estate attorney.

And that, dear folks, is precisely why America has the world’s highest prison population, all the while the real thugs continue to rape rob and murder unabated. They’ll throw a real estate attorney in jail for protecting her mom, and let an illegal who shot and killed a woman on a San Francisco pier be totally acquitted and walk free. There is no question that the real motiviation for this is to feed high quality people into a prison labor system, which happens to be the largest prison labor system in the world. THAT IS EXACTLY HOW THEY GET THE PRECISION GUIDED BOMBS, DRONES, AND CRUISE MISSILES MADE BY QUALIFIED PEOPLE. Those are mostly made by a prison work force. That’s f^**ed UP.

If you doubt this, check this out from Counterpunch <>

Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, and BAE Systems all use prison labor to manufacture military equipment. Prisoners are often forced to labor under sweatshop style conditions, and when they are paid they often receive meager wages like 23 cents an hour.

Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and others ONLY MAKE HIGH TECH WEAPONRY. This quote took approximately 7 seconds to find at Counterpunch <>

Another even more damning report on the topic is HERE-<> and this issue has been a pet peeve of mine for DECADES.

They are jailing high quality people on the most spurious of charges and using them to manufacture high tech weapons. Maybe that’s why all the software companies had to hire people from India – too many of America’s white male engineers were stuffing the prison labor system on horse shit charges usually related to the family court system. That way, the people who are seeking to destroy the United States can wipe out families and the best of people in ONE WHACK – at the same time they get the weapons built which they intend to destroy much of the rest of the world with. And they get that done via virtually free skilled labor. A WIN WIN WIN for disgusting low life tyranny.

Look folks, if they are jailing bloggers for uncovering corruption in nursing homes, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. see this at Activist Post. <>

and in this case, you can find the docket sheets for these cases online.

most popular docket entry for a case?  petitions for fees, hearings for fees and fees, fees, fees granted.  All over the place.


take a look at these docket sheets I just downloaded:

Just about every other docket entry (other than Barbara Stone complaining about how her mother is being abused in probate) is about Atty Roy Lustig and his cash cow firm getting paid.  AND MANY OF THE ENTRIES ARE SEALED.

Now you all know from this blog, the courts are supposed to be open and democratic, nothing is supposed to be sealed unless it is of the utmost dire urgency.  Not even state secrets can be sealed more than a few days after being declared a state secret well, because, that’s just old news someone’s got someplace on the internet.

More important, where is the constitutional requirement that every document be examined and there be a hearing and findings of fact and conclusions of law placed on record as to why the document was sealed and that must be public information on file with the clerk of court.  WHERE THE F IS THAT?

So the real question is, why are attorney fee petitions and fees granted illegally and unconstitutionally sealed in Miami Dade?

Because the judge is corrupt, the attorney is corrupt and both need to be disbarred, that’s why.

Both put Helen Stone in an abusive situation where she ended up with malnutrition, dehydradation, lacerations, contusions and broken bones and multiple infections in ICU for THREE WEEKS.  NONE OF THEM WENT TO JAIL FOR THAT–JUDGE GENDEN, ATTY LUSTIG GUARDIAN BLAIR LAPIDES OR THE 2 HATIAN CAREGIVERS–BUT THEY SHOULD HAVE.

Meanwhile, Barbara Stone is rotting in jail for crimes she did not commit.

Please pray for her and to DEMAND HER RELEASE.





please cut and paste the below and write all these authorities

To the above Miami Dade Officials:

It is my understanding that a trial was recently held in Miami Dade wherein a Ms. Barbara Stone, attorney activist for the poor, elderly and disabled, was held in contempt of court for a wide variety of non cirminal activites.
This is to advise you that any criminal prosecution of her is wrongful and detrimental to the health, welfare and safety of the disabled persons and senior citizens of Miami Dade and across the nation.  Barbara is a tireless advocate for all of them, many of whom have been targeted for abusive guardianships, much like Helen Stone, where seniors and the disabled are targeted, isolated, chemically and physically restrained for months on end, forced to have abusive, dangerous caretakers or forced in to dangerous abuse nursing homes (nursing homes are nothing but slums and ghettos for the elderly/disabled and must be abolished).
Helen Stone’s case is typical.  While Barbara initiated a guardianship proceeding, little did she know how hopelessly abusive they are.  Barbara frequently visited her mother in Miami for weeks at a time every month or so.  She had Mother Helen set up in  condo where she could work out at a nearby health club, grocery shop and socialize.  At the beginning, Mother Helen was in relatively good health and ambulatory and rarely sick.  Then the court appointed an abusive guardian who hired 2 Hatian caregivers who barely spoke English.  By court order, Barbara was moved out of the home and the 2 abusive caretakers moved in where they ate all the food, drank everything, and in 2 or 3 months Mother Helen was admitted to the ICU with the following:  severe dehydration, malnutrition, contusions, lacerations, broken bones and infections.  The States attorneys offices and FBI were immediately alerted by Helen and they did nothing.  Immediately upon release, Mother Helen was returned to the same abusive situation with the same abusive caregivers and guardian by Judge Michael Gender and Attorney Roy Lustig (who should be imprisoned and disbarred for crimes against humanity and the violations of both Helen and Barbara’s civil and human rights).  The probate court then proceeded to put Mother Helen in a string of nursing homes where she did not want to be, she wanted to be back at her condo with her daughter Barbara.
In the end, these seniors are typically murdered by narcotizing them to death and then quickly cremating them to destory all evidence.
Barbara is innocent of all crimes. She needs to be immediately released and treated as the heroine she truly is.
Please advise me of anyone else I can contact to quickly get this matter resolved.  I would like all the emails and fax numbers for all judges and attorneys involved.
They need to be disbarred and indicted.
So far I have: Judge Tim Baily, Judge Jorge Labarga, Michael Genden, and attorneys Roy Lustig
Please advise me of whatever contact information you have and I will post.  They all need to be removed IMMEDIATELY
Joanne Denison

Demand the Immediate Release of Lawyer Activist Barbara Stone for opposing and blogging about Abusive Guardianships in Miami Dade

Please start here.

Go to AG Pam Bondi’s website

Send her this email or a similar email demanding the immediate release of Barbara Stone under the First Amendment.

She has done nothing wrong.

I am writing to you to demand the immediate release of Lawyer Barbara Stone. Her mother was taken from her in an abusive guardianship. During this proceeding, where Judge Michael Genden and Attorney Roy Lustig tried to murder both Helen Stone and Barbara Stone, Mother Helen Stone actually spent 3 weeks in the ICU for malnutrition, dehydration, numerous infections, lacerations and contusions. After she was released she we returned to her abusers by both Lustig and Genden. I and the readers of my blog are demanding the immediate release of Barbara Stone and that Genden be removed as Judge and Roy Lustig be disbarred for his crimes against Helen Stone, violations of her civil and human rights and those of Lawyer Barbara Stone. Lawyer Barbara Stone is an attorney activist and heroine of every probate victim across the nation. Thank you.  You can see how there are numerous blogs about corruption in guardianship  These are very popular blogs:,,, and the nasga blog.

Metro West Detention Center:

13850 NW 41 Street
Miami, Fl. 33178
Information Phone:

To contact an inmate, use the GTL phone system

Inmate Phone System

Families and friends, who wish to start a new account with GTL, should contact GTL’s AdvancePay Customer Service Department for more information about the Inmate Family Prepaid Program.

You can also contact GTL to block inmate telephone calls.

AdvancePay Service Dept.
Department 1722,
Denver, Colorado 80291-1722

Phone 1-877-650-4249 or 1-866-230-7761
Customer Service Hours (Central Time):
Monday – Friday 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

also send this message to

Eunice Sigler, at the Administrative Offices of the Court ( )

Here is the state’s attorney (jerk)

Ed Griffith <>

Here are some more emails to write to:

“Chicago FBI Civil Rights” <>, “Fax to Director Wifredo Ferrer US DOJ Miami FBI” <>, “George Piro Miami FBI” <>, “Wilfredo Ferrer US DOJ Miami FBI” <>, “ADA complaints FBI” <>,

I believe the White House has shut down the human rights and civil rights emails to the FBI, so if you know of others, please email me and I will post.

Another evil judge to remove is Jorge LeBarga, I don’t have contact info for him yet

Judge Tim Baily was brought in from Broward County and is the Presiding Judge there.  He was brought in because Barbara apparently (and rightfully) has ticked off far too many of the Dade County Judges due to her vigorous advocacy of the abused elderly they just wanted to sweep under the carpet (poor babies–go buy a spine and do your jobs!)

I am waiting to hear from Barb’s Rabbi, Ed Farber as to getting his congregation and the local synagogues to write letters of support for this brave heroine of the elderly.

Pray for her and her Mother.

Now that her mother has passed, I pray she starts up all her blogs again.  What these people do is only worthy of a prized child of Satan.


Activist Alert: Barbara Stone in jail, to go to prison for feeding her mother in an abusive gship in Miami Dade Fla–please write and call and demand her immediate release

Today I talked with RS and EB and they informed me that guardianship activist Barbara Stone has been taken into custody and is at the Miami Date Metro Lock up for a probation violation. This is BS, she is an innocent woman.

you can see her information here:,%20BARBARA%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20&IMTLOC=MWDC%20%20%20%20&ALPHA=10118501&GAMMA=4&DELTA=

this woman is a saint and has spent countless hours on the phone helping gship and disabled persons and their families when faced with the highly corrupt Miami Dade court system–a system where prosecutors openly run to the judge’s chambers and twitter ex parte over a criminal defendant.  You can’t possibly get more corrupt than that.

As you may recall, Barbara Stone was an attorney (her licensed was ripped away for blogging honestly and revealing massive corruption in Miami Dade, Fla.).  She worked tirelessly and had to endure the heartbreak as a guardianship was filed (she requested it, little did she know how abusive these were in Fla), then she was told she could not stay any longer at her mom’s house and visit with her (Barbara had arranged a condo for her mom to live in where she could easily grocery shop, go to the health club, socialize).  It was a 3 bedroom condo. What the abusive guardian and Judge Michael Genden did was move Barbara out, move in 2 Haitian caregivers who barely spoke English into the 2 other bedrooms, they ate all the food, and after 2 or 3 months, Mother Helen Stone was found malnourished, dehydrated, with massive infections, lacerations, contusions and even broken bones.  Mother Helen then spent 3 weeks in ICU. What did Judge Genden do about this? Return Mother Helen to the abusive caregivers and guardian until she was again hospitalized for the same (malnutrition and dehydration) then she was put into a series of nursing homes, places where she never wanted to be.

Next, at the first nursing home, Barbara is granted visitation. But Mother Helen is on a feeding tube and diaper.  No matter, Barbara puts her in a wheel chair and they proceed to Dennys to get a burger and forget about the feeding tube.  Mother Helen is estatic because she is always hungry. No one has fed her enough in months.  She has no problem eating and chewing up happily a burger and she loves the shake.

Then they go shopping and check into a hotel for a nap.  Next thing you know, police are at the door charging Barbara with kidnapping and interfering with the care and custody of an elder.  WTF is that?

Barbara then creates numerous blogs and petitions online to expose the perfidy of Judge Michael Genden and Atty Roy Lustig (who is in on the gship scams) and next thing you know, Barbara is hung out to dry.

This was a couple of years ago. I understand Helen has now passed, bless her soul, she loved Barbara very much, and Brabara was and is devoted to justice for her mom.

I am told at the trial, her PD did not put on any favorable character witnesses. But Judge Genden and Roy Lustig showed up with blood on their fangs, ready to protect their precious cash cow–abusive guardianships where people are forced into nursing homes, psychotropic drugs and restraints, a feeding tube at one end and a diaper at the other and when the money runs out, the elder is narcotized to death while food and water is with held. Then a quick cremation.

Barbara did nothing wrong, nothing criminal.  Soon as I can, I will get the emails of people to write to and demand justice for Barbara.

Judge Michael Genden needs to be removed.

Attorney Roy Lustig needs to be disbarred for his role in all of this.

Please pray for Barbara as she languishes in jail for crimes she did not commit.

All she did was expose corruption in Miami Dade.


From MG: Are Legislators really concerned about the patent lack of ethics of Family Law Lawyers and that the ARDC does nothing to stop their charades?

Are legislators really concerned about the (lack of) ethics of Family Law lawyers?  Maybe.  Are legislators concerned about the ARDC’s (Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission) failure to investigate?  Probably not.

Attached is a letter from the then House Judiciary Committee to the ARDC regarding their concerns.  It is signed by EVERY member of the Judiciary Committee.


Yet, what has the ARDC done?  Nothing.  They just ignored it.  Why?  Because Family Law is the biggest revenue generator for attorneys: so no one wants to touch it, even if there is a “call” to look into it.

I know, some can argue that this letter is concerning GALs and Child Reps.  True, but what are GALs and Child Reps?  They are lawyers selected from Family Law Attorneys.  (I have a lot to say about GALs and the GAL program, but that would take another several weeks of emails to get out that I will save that for the time we reintroduce legislation regarding these low-lifes.)

During the time of this letter, what else happened?  Nothing, except the members of the Judiciary Committee feigned concern before the Advocates while they give a wink and nudge to fellow attorneys knowing that nothing would happen.  At least we have this letter to waive around when we are challenged as disgruntled people who are attacking those hard-working attorneys.

So, if you are in a position where you have to speak negatively of attorneys, waive the letter and let them know that EVERY member of the Judiciary Committee signed this letter, and yet, nothing has changed regarding investigation of the practice of Family Law.

Hopefully, with 50/50, we will see a drop in GALs.  When/if we reintroducing legislation regarding GALs, you’ll be hearing a lot more on the subject.

From:  An Illinois Lawyer.  Name withheld upon request.