From TW: The Williamson case just get worse and worse–Tonny and Penny Williamson arrested at noon for Financial Elder Abuse when in fact they were the only ones caring for Fred Stegall the last year of his life

We all know how vindictive probate and guardianship court can be and we know how horrid the attorneys and judges can be, but this is beyone the pale.

Here is the link to the Record on Appeal for Case No. 22 PR 12, the decedent’s estate plus some sort of arrest receipt.

Fred Stegall was a 90 year old former veteran, and and Tonny and Penny knew him as a dear family friend for years and years since they were young girls. Over the years they kept in touch.

Until one day when some persons in town drug him to a lawyer and insisted he leave all his property to the Catholic Church and Galesburg Rifle Club. While the reasons for this are unknown, often charities are used to hide the theft of smaller amount of money that can be taken more easily and surreptitiously.

In this case, Fred had acres of timberland on his farm that could easily and secretly be logged for hundreds of thousands of dollars and no one would know and the lumber would just be gone one day. But that’s not what Fred wanted with his land. He loved his wooded areas and felt they should be preserved for the environment.

In addition, the Galesburg Rifle Club had been squatting on his land for years and years and never paid Fred one dime of rent, although the Club made thousands of dollars for holding hunting events and setting up for hunters. At one time they put Fred on the Board of Directors so he was part of what was going on, but in the last few years, they removed him and he was very angry about that.

In January 2022 a probate proceeding was opened up because Tonny and Penny were worried about their friend Fred. They had been threatened that someone got Fred a protective order and so they could not longer go near him; but when they went to see him in January 2021, not only did they find out that was false, but Fred was living in a severe state of self neglect with no good food to eat, everything was filthy and rotted and he was dirty and had not bathed in weeks. Immediately Penny and Tonny bought Fred the good food, got him fed, washed and cleaned the home and did so up until his death in January of 2022.

Over that year, they spent $115,000 on caring for Fred and they filed for reimbursement with the Probate Court. During 2021 the probate court and Fred’s “guardian of the estate” F&M Bank did not get him a dime of his own $500k cash estate to life off of. The Williamsons spent their own funds on Fred to make sure he had his necessities–food, clothing, supplies and utilities.

Now, Tonny and Penny have been charged with “Elder Financial Abuse”–despite the fact for over a year they were the only ones doing the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and laundry and paying for everything–on their own accord!

Who does this? Who are these evil prosecutors? I am told it is Jeremy Karlin and Ashley Worby. Call them and tell them what you think.

And now here is the proof we have all been waiting for–you can see from the Record on Appeal in the 22 PR 12 Estate case that the charges are false and the Williamson Sisters have done nothing wrong. They cared for Fred when no one else did. And for their loving and kind care, they suffered a false $600,000 punitive damages judgement in 21 MR 21–a case cocked up and manipulated by Paul Mangieri and John Robertson and with alleged “oversight” by judge Curtis L Lane. All 3 of the cases involving Fred Stegall and the Williamson Sisters were a sham by Knox County–21 MR 21, the guardianship 21 PR 10 and the Decedent’s Estate 22 PR 12.

State’s Attorney – Knox County,Illinois › states-attorney

State’s Attorney: Jeremy Karlin Phone #: (309) 345-3880. Fax Number: (309) 345-0126. Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:30PM.

I will fax the states attorneys and invite them to leave any comments for this sordid situation and if they reply they will be promptly published in the comments section.

But as far as I am concerned, it’s time to remove Judge Curtis L Lane and get rid of prosecutors Jeremy Karlin and Ashley Worby. Instead of arresting Penny and Tonny Williamson, they should be investigating and arresting all of Paul Mangieri, John Robertson and Judge Curtis L Lane for their outrageous disgusting behavior toward teh Williamson Sisters.

We know that Mangeri, without any court authorization took $346,000 out of the estate and other attorneys were paid from the estate without a court order.

Both the Decedent’s Estate case 22 PR 12 (Decedent’s estate $346k missing without court order courtesy of Paul Mangieri) and the 21 MR 21 case (false judgment of $600k) are up on appeal.

Please pray for the Williamson sisters, that justice be done for them, finally!

The states attorneys need to investigate all of Judge Curtis L Lane, Jeremy Karlin and Ashley Worby, Paul Mangieri, John Robertson and Jacque Dare and John Hessler. Those are the real elder abusers in all of this.


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