Please pray for and offer assistance to this Mother and Daughter abused in Probate Court

This page tells a harrowing story of guardianship abuse with a tale of fleecing this woman’s estate by churning the charges, drugging her with chemical restraints, forcing her to live in a small assisted living room when she already has a 4 bedroom home she loved, etc.

Please pray for this mother and daughter.

There are photos of her writing “I do not want to be here.  I am not a criminal.”

This woman begs to go home and says she was “slammed dunked” into this guardianship for her money and property.

The woman calls her daughter every night begging her to figure out a way she can go home again.

The court ordered the Mother to live in a tiny cochroach infested room rather than her own 4 bedroom home.

Mother’s hair did not get washed for 3 weeks under a court order guardianship.

She did not get to see her grandchildren on Halloween because visiting hours were only 1 to 5 pm (many guardianship activists are petitioning for access 24/7 to their loved ones.  It is an act of discrimination under the ADA to force restricted visiting hours.  In the elder’s own home, they could stay up late watching movies with the family.  Nursing homes often don’t do this, and as a result, they discriminate under the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.)