Time to make fun of the people who say “take me off your list”

Now for a bit of comic relief.

I have never actually understood anyone who says “take me off your list”.  I don’t have an email list.  I have a blog.  I like my blog.  So why do they write me. They have no evidence in fact I have them on an email list.

So for all of you out there today that get these annoying insulting emails like you give a rat’s tail about them, here is your response.

Please feel free to just save, cut and paste:

To:  My favorite recipient that actually thinks they can get off an email list.  To the truly delusional.
Subject: Re: Getting Off Email List–thank you so very much for your annoying, useless email–which being a comedian, I am now going to make fun of you for
Date: Dec 16, 2015 4:36 AM
just to let you know you are not on any of my lists.

actually, come to think of it, I don’t even have any email lists.

Should I have one so that people will know me and complain?

I love these emails.  I never, ever have had a single list, and if you’re trying to stop me from being lazy, you have not succeeded with your email.

And don’t take it personally, I am sure you are a great person, and very kind and very concerned about public affairs,

It’s just me.  I am a list slug.  Good luck with those that actually care to have a list.

I bet they never let you go.

I bet they actually have “human list trafficking list” .  Okay that was funny.

Sorry, I don’t like you enough to have you on my list, which I am too lazy to have in the first place anyway.

merry christmas anyway.


PS–If you ever think of having a list and put me on it, don’t bother.  I’ll just make fun of you anyway.


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