Lisa Nadig in brutal battle for child, please pray for her

Lisa Nadig is a highly acclaimed bel canto (opera) singer.  Her son was ripped from her nearly two years ago when she asked her son to put away his laptop at 3 am because he had school the next day and he attacked her.  She called the police. The police recommend that charges should be filed so that the child may get court ordered therapy.  However, the judge in her divorce case ruled that since he ordered that mother cannot call the police on her son (what judge has jurisdiction to rule that?), she violated his recommendations and therefore custody passed to the ex-husband 100%. She became under a “no contact” protective order because she called the police and showed them bruises on her arms from an attack by her son because he did not want to shut off his laptop on a school night at 3 am they told her to press chargew so son could get free therapy. What  divorce judge does that?  Apparently Cook County Circuit Judge Levinson does.

Lisa N. believes this physical attack was programming from her ex-husband who has told the child repeatedly that mother is crazy, not to listen to her and the son can beat her at any time because no one will listen to a woman in court.  (Ex husband’s background is Iranian, and that should tell you something.)

The ex-husband is clearly a psychopath (someone with anti social behaviors, as reported to the court by court appointed evaluators). He attacked Lisa on a basis repeated and unwarranted during their marriage, both emotionally and physically. Now he is on a terror campaign to keep custody of his son with both the judge (Levinson) and the child rep (Natalie Koga) on his side, knowing that the ex-husband suffers from “anti social” behaviors, which is a nice term for a socio path, or someone that has no good feelings of love, tenderness, caring, empathy, sypathy, etc., but whose feelings only become ehightened when experiencing terror, nastiness, inhumanity, violence, war, anything destructive, etc.  This is what the court appointed evaluator wrote in his report.

Lisa has now lost her child to a known sociopath.  Please pray for her and for her court hearing on Wednesday.

Lisa needs to next file a motion to have an MRI or Pet scan on her ex to clearly show he is either a psychopath or sociopath, but first she needs to regain custody.

Natalie Koga and Judge Levinson support psychopaths.  Both need to be removed as judge and as child representative.  Permanently. Support the testing of both judges and attorneys, GAL’s (guardians ad litems) and child representatives for PET and MRI scannings and pretesting for MMPI’s for psychopathy. DNA testing can also reveal alleles for problems such as lack of remorse and violent tendencies.

We now have the science and technology. Let’s use it to get psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists out of our lives.

Her pleadings to read are here:





PS – here are quotes from Mike Volpe, a renown investigative reporter and author:

Michael Volpe

Dec 11 (4 days ago)

to JoAnne, JoAnne

“It’s not surprising to hear that there was so much communication between Ms. Nadig’s ex-husband and the child representative. It’s often the case in corrupt relationships with court professionals that the communication between the court professional is entirely one sided between the professional and the party they favor.”

‘The child representative was the third or fourth court professional to be assigned to this case and besides making an already complicated matter even more complicated having so many court professionals holds no logical purpose. Furthermore, it’s never been made clear why the child representative’s opinion has been held with such deference when each of the other court professionals concluded Ms. Nadig was the parent who should have physical custody.”

“Energy rightly applied and directed can accomplish anything.” Nellie Bly

22 thoughts on “Lisa Nadig in brutal battle for child, please pray for her

  1. Joanne , excellent description of sociopath: psychopath/ narcissist. These people get themselves in psi toons of power so they can hurt more people . They are only for themselves but will get together with other ones like themselves to complete a goal , a mission . They do not truly feel anything so look like they are steady stable , up to the task, don’t lose their cool , now affronted easily , steadily climb the ladder and not look like they are stepping on anyone ,know the buzz words needed to have “the lowly stupid ” people do their bidding , are first to show fake compassion , to celebrate others victories publicly .,….. All this because there is no core of humanness inside , take an apple and cut out the core from top to bottom . Now look inside the apple . There is nothing . Empty. Just as a cook fills the core of the apple with sugar or cinnamon or raisins or syrup to give it taste donut is not empty , bland , nothing . So do the sociopaths fill their emptiness with fake sugar , anything to fill that empty whole

  2. Dear JoAnne: “I’m not allowed to see my grandson either and I miss him, a whole lot. I came to five of my daughter’s hearings and Judge Levinson talked to me as I sat out in the courtroom. He said how important grandparents are. He seemed to see that my daughter is a good mother but my former son-in-law was doing everything he could to hurt my grandson’s relationship with her. I came to their home in 2007 and saw for myself what it was really like there. My son-in-law had fooled the entire family including me. But one day my daughter called and begged me to come and I could tell by her voice she was afraid of him. I drove 200 miles to their house. I saw and experienced for myself what her life was really like behind closed doors. He came home from work and when he saw I was there to help my daughter he turned on me like a wild badger, cornering my daughter in one end of the house, then chasing me, insulting and threatening me, then running back repeatedly to drag my poor little grandson out by the wrist to force him to watch his grandmother being abused and mocked. It took the sheriff an hour and a half to find their house there, in the woods. I sufferered nightmares for over a week. But now that he finally managed to take my grandson from my daughter he won’t let me see him either. Interesting thing though, all through the years my son-in-law relied on my help with child care and giving him money. But now he won’t even allow me to give my grandson a card. The last one he crumpled in an envelope and mailed back to me. My grandson is being isolated from not only his Mother and me his Grandmother, but the vast majority of our family. My ex son-in-law has a few friends in our family that he has used for financial gain while lying to the court, claiming my daughter is a family outcast. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. He has manipulated in order to isolate, control my grandson and exploit our family financially all at my daughter’s and grandson’s expense. Sincerely, Betty A. Gahm

    • Thank you very much for the post. I am just watching a documentary on psychopaths and I’m trying to figure out how to introduce the topic in court rooms and get these psychopaths out of the lives of these children. has some very good information.

      I might want to start a study of psychopaths, even in the court rooms. I think I know more than a few.

      I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that justice and truth be done.

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  4. If you can forego your Starbucks just for one day, it would help so much! Please grant this boy a Christmas with his beloved Mom! Lisa’s legal bills are staggering, even just to help with the court reporter would mean so much – It costs over $250 each hearing but we all know how crucial that transcript is to challenge the constant lies and deceit!!!
    If you have room in your heart, please Click the link below to donate today to Lisa’s legal defense fund – Thank you!!!

    • Borderline personality disorder is commonly transmitted from mother to daughter, as it has been in this case. Some look beyond your warped accounts ********.

      • There is absolutely no evidence at this point that psychopathy, sociopathy or narcissism is an inherited trait. We are all souls attached to flesh. If someone needs to be tested, file a motion and I will publish that motion. I do believe at this point that the earth is about 2/3 dark and negative so that may be where your anecdotal information is coming from.

  5. I have news sweetheart. ****** has *******. Ever hear of THAT? Guess what? There is LOTS of established proof, from medical diagnoses, to pictures of the physical **** she has *****.
    “******* needs to next file a motion to have an MRI or Pet scan on her ex to clearly show he is either a psychopath or sociopath, but first she needs to regain custody.

    Natalie Koga and Judge Levinson support **********. Both need to be removed as judge and as child representative. Permanently. Support the testing of both judges and attorneys, GAL’s (guardians ad litems) and child representatives for PET and MRI scannings and pretesting for MMPI’s for psychopathy. DNA testing can also reveal alleles for problems such as lack of remorse and violent tendencies.”

      • I have had a lot of trouble lately with DCFS sending clients to “wired” psychD’s where the psychD says the person is a psyhopath, but when they take online tests, no problem. I’m very leery of those diagnoses for a reason. If DCFS is paying the psychD, I wonder how they are going to fudge the results. What they really need is the PET scan for psychopathy, but I don’t see testing centers for that in Illinois yet.

    • This individual was quoting on the second half. I dont think they agree with the individual author. Its funny because I read mrs.nadigs blog and she inconsistently slanders and quotes various mental health professionals such as daniel p fisher. Initially she quotes them, then she contradicts herself.

      • My blog is not her blog and I don’t edit her blog. We don’t allow on this blog indiscriminate statements of libel, defamation or false light. If you have a pleading, I will publish the pleading, with an opportunity for the opposing party to respond. Dr. Fisher is a court appointed vendor. She has a first amendment right to be critical of him. I don’t know what you are complaining about so I can’t respond. I will protect the public and litigants from false light, defamation and libel, but judges, attorneys and court appointed vendors may be freely criticized under the First Amendment to the US constitution and Article I of the Illinois Constitution. Go read the In re Weddigen case (4th App. Cir. Ill.) published online and on my blog for further information.

  6. I have a phd and am a professional in the field of neuropsychology. Your ideas about identifying mental illness amoint to pseudoscience. While we are at it we might as well test both parents in these kinds of cases and see who is really mentally ill.

    • The levinson test online is a good screening device. the PET brain scans are in fact the first scientific test we have for psychopathy and there is a very high correlation between these brain patterns and a diagnosis of psychopathy. Other tests can be fooled, but they say the MMPI cannot.
      Fortunately, most psychopaths admit they are psychopaths and have no tender feelings for any one, no tenderness, love, kindness, empathy or sympathy. They find those emotions to be superfluous.

    • I agree. Generally the courts do order that both parents be tested. But right now I am having problems with people being tested by DCFS and having horrible diagnoses, and then when they take the Levinson online test, no problems. I know the MMPI is the best test, but many of these people have to have cheap online testing to fight the lies of DCFS. Suggestions? I also don’t have a testing center for the PET scans for psychopathy for diagnoses by a neuroscientist.

    • Also, I can’t find your license number on the IDPFR. Are you licensed by the state or can you take a picture of your Phd for posting on my blog, or do you have a website with your degrees already posted. I have my licenses up on my facebook photos page. Thanks. I would welcome your help with all of this

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