Articles on Attorney dissent and Bar Associations crushing dissent continue to go viral

I just got about the 3rd or 4th email this week that an article by renown reporter Janet Phelan (who escaped to Mexico to avoid persecution for her work in the US on corruption in the courts), is still, after about two months, going viral on the internet.

If you have not seen this famous article, you can do so now at:

No one can believe that US Bar associations still continue to persecute and prosecute attorneys that speak out against corruption in the courts and spill the beans on what Atty Ken Ditkowsky calls “a string of felonies” covered up by clouted miscreant attorneys, judges and justices in our US court systems.

Previously, I have published much information on how the mob controls the puppet strings of the court system, official court reporters routinely changing transcripts and even the court of appeal in Illinois covers up attorney crimes and elsewhere with numerous states attorneys offices infiltrated by the mob.

I have been the victim of changed transcripts and testimony during my “kangaroo court” at the ARDC.  I have published the information and evidence of how my chair, Sang Yul Lee fixed my case.  I have sent it to the FBI.  I am certain that after enough time and witnesses, they will prosecute him.  I am also certain that the person fixing my case at the Review Board level will seek the same fate.

And with respect to Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu, also outspoken for corruption and fixing in the Illinois and Chicago Court system (renown for corruption on just about every valid nationwide survey there is), we now know that the fixer is a certain judge Anna M Loftus that sat on their Review Boards, was then promoted by Ann Burke at the Illinois Supreme Court to Judge in Cook County after she took out both Ditkowsky and Amu, upon information and belief (my belief) by fixing their cases, and now she is a new Cook County Judge with questionable property records.  What else is new.

I am certain that the FBI is working on all of this.  If anyone knows a cheap or free investigator to pull the bank records of all the miscreant judges, attorneys and others involved, please write me.  If anyone is looking to really change this system, the banking records of all attorneys and judges in Illinois should be freely discoverable by anyone alleging corruption. That will fix a whole lot of problems in Illinois.

I operate on a shoe string.  I am dedicated to stopping corruption in Chicago and in Illinois.  In a land where a good pol and cronies are those that once bribed, stay bribed, I am the most dangerous blogger in Illinois. Every day I get evidence of new corrupt cases, of more information on the miscreants I have listed on this blog as the “usual suspects.” But I am dedicated to you, my public who demands truth, honor, justice and loyalty thereto.

We will not be stopped in all of this. We will prevail.  Chicago has to come clean, the legacy of pols before us is not our motto or our desire.

As I write this memo, the strong and unyielding good people of Chicago every day take to the streets and demand that those who suppressed evidence and committed felonies (all the judges and lawyers involved) in the 16 bullet death of Laquon McDonald  immediately resign. They shut down streets every day in downtown Chicago, they shut down the Chicago Board of Trade frequently (resulting in losses of millions of dollars per hour), they go to the Chicago Police Department headquarters and shut that down.

This is clearly democracy and protest in action. Support these people.  Call write and fax the leaders of these protests (if you must go to work) and tell them that you support them.

Democracy, freedom and protest cannot and should not be stopped. By anyone, even the Mayor, the head of the ARDC (Jerome Larkin who routinely dismissed the complaints of those who complain about suppressing evidence in a court case for 14 months were a child is shot to death maliciously with 16 bullets) and a corrupted police department and “investigative” (cover up) unit.

Demand that these people be tested for psychopathy, narcissism and sociopathy. Demand that these pols and their cronies be removed.

Dr. Hare wrote in his book on psychopathy that there is a high level of psychopathy/narcissism/sociopathy among pols.  I bet Chicago runs much higher than any national average.  We have to.  We are no. 1 in the corruption surveys of all top news mega media and the ivy league law schools.

This must end.  Now.  Today.  Chicagoans protest in the streets and on the internet in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands.

We are the good people. We care about truth and justice and fairness and we want to stop the death of hundreds, if not thousands of seniors who are forced into guardianships in Illinois and across the nation, against their will, drugged with illegal chemical restraints, and then narcotized to death when money runs out for the clouted attorneys and others in guardianship cases.


We will not be stopped. We will not be silenced.

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