New Petition on White House website calls for reform of corrupted US judiciary

And while I continue my campaign to ask that Jerome Larkin and James Grogin take tests (brain scan, pet scan or MRI) to determine if they and any staff members at the Ill. Regn. Atty Discipline Comm. are psychopaths, narcissists or sociopaths, people continue to protest the judicial tragedy of Laquan McDonald in Chicago, both online and in the streets.

No one who is a good person wants anyone else to get hurt. The pols, judges and lawyers involved must resign.  Those who continue in office should volunteer to take a brain scan/MRI/pet scan for psychopathy and resign if they have it.

People in Chicago are tired of all the corruption and cronyism that makes life hell here when innocents are gunned down in the street and crimes are covered up.

We now have a group of 25 lawyers across the nation who have been suspended/disbarred for outing corruption, cronyism and a string of judicial criminal activity.  We have RICO and the mob now as part of our court system, and the Ill. ARDC just covers it all up.

From Ken Ditkowsky:

Every word that JoAnne has published is privileged and protected by the First Amendment and Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution.    The attempt to silence her blog – MARYGSYKES is reprehensible beyond belief as well as illegal and a violation of her Constitutional Rights.  
It is true that the IARDC and Mr. Larkin, its administrator, are unhappy that she can expose their criminal actions, but, the IARDC attorneys and Mr. Larkin all took an oath to defend the Constitution.    Defending the criminals who are committing elder cleansing and assaulting the Constitutional Rights of citizens is in derrogation of the oath taken by attorneys and public officials.     Labeling this blog as akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater is ignorant and wrong.    More seriously it indicates that the lawyers involved in making such a statement or acting on it by suspending Ms. Denison lack the intelligence to practice law.    
Here in Illinois a  pre-teen desiring to enter high school must take a Constitution test –  it is apparent from Ms. Denisons IARDC hearings et al that not one member of any of the panels including the Illinois Supreme Court could pass the pre-teen Constitution test.   Even children are aware that the SCOTUS in Alvarez pointed out that content related and political speech cannot be censored or interfered with.
Any honest investigation in addition to looking into fraud, bribery, cover up, must also address the issue of “how Jerome Larkin ***** got their licenses to practice law”     Illinois has had scandals concerning the Bar examination – one of Chicago’s mayors was alleged to have had a proxy take the test for him.    It would not surprise me one bit if such was no uncommon and the public has been left to the mercy of unqualified lawyers!     Larkin’s examination should be revised along with that of every person involved in determining her suspension.
Ken Ditkowsky

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