The only question is, why don’t they march on the ARDC that protects corrupt attorneys and judges.

Protestors march around Chicago shutting down businesses and income to Chicago for protesting the death of an unarmed child with 16 bullets.  Young Laquan McDonald.

Why don’t they ask the Illinois Atty Regn and Disciplinary Committee how many corrupt attorneys they protected?  Why are they asking the Illinois Judiciary Inquiry Board how many judges that they protected?

Where are the 13 other videos the city attorneys and Mayor refuse to turn over?

I know how this all happened and so does Ken Ditkowsky.  If a lawyer speaks the truth about corruption in Chicago, they disbar or suspend them.  But if a lawyer covers up, obstructs justice, destroys or suppresses evidence, they ignore it with a letter of dismissal.  Mr. Lanre Amu spoke out against certain judges, the media investigated and confirmed the corruption and the judge involved resigned her position at the corporation and the corporation apologized to the public and shareholders, but not the ARDC.  Nope, they were in league with this corrupt judge. Crains Chicago Business published the truth, but not the ARDC, they cover up the truth.

See below:

This is how the ARDC responds to valid citizen complaints. They pretend they can’t prosecute or open an inquiry. They pretend that crimes and felonies are insufficient to prosecute lawyers.  But, then they prosecute THIS blog, block all my witnesses, make one witness stand up during my Review Board hearing and declare to the entire world that what I say on my blog is true, and the Review Board does not mention it.  They claim I lied (when I did not) and they prosecute me.

My Review Board hearing was filled with my supporters and those who protested corruption in the Courts. They made sure that crucial witnesses (Diane Nash, an original Selma Marcher) could not get in and relay the story to the mega news media (Ophra Winfrey and Hollywood).

When are the protestors going to demand that the Mayor resign, the judges resign and the chief of the ARDC that protects the lawyers resign (Jerome Larkin and James Grogin). They should also demand the chief of the Judicial Inquiry Board resign for protect the crimes and cover ups of Illinois judges.  The crimes and the mob are endemic to our court system (see prior blogs).

I hereby demand that Jerome Larkin and all those that persecuted myself and and Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu be tested for psyopathy/narcissism and sociopathy and publish the results.

The public demands this.  We want uncorrupted officials for the the $200k per year per public official we spend to have these people commit a string of felonies upon the public.


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