New fax challenge to the ARDC–test for your psychopaths/narcissists and sociopaths, please

ARDC Attys:
Jerome Larkin, ZJames Grogin, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, Leah Black Guiterrez, Steven Splitt

Fax 312-565-2320    From:                      Admitted Ill*., N.  Carolina and Patent Bars
JoAnne M. Denison,      Pat.  Agent.  Reg.  No.  34,150
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we speak for Truth and Justice when the court system cannot

December 19, 2015

RE:   ARDC v. JMD 13 PR 001
Public demand for testing for the ARDC staff, Tribunals and
Review Board personnel  being psychopaths,
narcissists and/or sociopaths.

Dear Counsel;

It has come to my attention in speaking with PsychD’s and Board Licensed Psychiatrists that you may be at risk for psycopathy/narcissim/sociopathy and that is the reason you unjustly prosecuted and persecuted me, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu–and we have all spoken the Truth that there is corruption in the court system.

You repeatedly dismiss valid citizen complaints (see my blog for manifest injustice).

In the case of Lanre Amu, he spoke out against Judge Lynn Egan, and subsequently Crain’s Chicago Business investigated and found the allegations to be true.  Then, the corporations involved discharged her from her position on the Board of Directors and publicly apologized for the breach of ethics and corruption.

The ARDC has not done the same. It shows no remorse for public corruption, lying and deceptive practices by corrupt attorneys and judges on a repeated basis.

Now Chicago is embroiled in the Laquan McDonald case where dozens of attorneys, judges and politicans obviously cover up the death of an unarmed child of the wrong skin color shamelessly gunned down by protected police officers in our streets.

The ARDC is suddenly silent on the issue.  It shows no remorse. It has opened up no investigations, nor has the JIB.

I want to know why.

I am herewith demanding that the following individuals have a brain scan, MRI or pet scan to determine the pathology of the brains involved that repeatedly show no remorse, no compassion, sypathy, empathy or concern for grossly unjust actions by public officials paid to protect the citizens of Illinois and uphold the US and Illinos Constitutions:

JMD case:
ARDC attorneys,
attorney Melissa Smart,
attorney Sharon Opryszek,
attorney Steven Splitt,

SRDC Tribunal Chair (Nov. 2014)
attorney Sang-yul Lee,
attorney Ziad Alnaqib,
doctor Eddie Sanders

ARDC Review board corruption, (May 2014)
attorney Johnny A. Fairman II,
attorney Robert M. Henderson,
attorney Gordon B. Nash

I am also demanding that former Judges Jane Louis Stuart and Justice M. O’Connor receive the same test for psycopathy/narcissims/sociopathy

and from the Ken Ditkowsky case:

Prosecutor Leah G. Black

Tribunal: (May 2013)

Jeffrey S. Torosian
Donald S.B. Hilliker
Fran M. Williams

Review Board: (Dec 2013)
Johnny A. Fairman, II
Robert M. Henderson
Anna M. Loftus

and from the Lanre Amu case:

Irwin S. Solganick, Thomas R. Chiola, Francis J. Dolan and Lynn M. Egan, Judges who would not testify when subpoenaed.

ARDC atty for Larkin: Thomas Verrando

Tribunal: (May 2013)

Debra J. Braselton
Andrea D. Rice
Donald D. Torisky

Review Board (Dec 2013)

Robert M. Henderson
Anna M. Loftus
Keith E. Roberts, Jr.

All of the individuals need to take the brain scan, pet scan or MRI for psychopathy/narcissim/sociopathic behaviors. There is also an additional blood test for alleles that can detect tendencies toward anti-social behaviors.

I and the public are demanding these tests and that the test results be published.

The citiszens of Illinos demand that every attorney in court be declared free of any anti social or psychotic tendencies.

The lack of emapthy, sypathy, compassion and human emotions is a national scourage and the public demands better and more accoutability from the Illinois ARDC.

Very Truly Yours,


/joanne m denison/esignature/

Joanne M. Denison

cc: blog

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