Tragic Video from Skokie IL shows woman battered

This video is endemic of problems in the Chicago area related to corruption.

Mayor RE in Chicago covered up the murder of LaQuan McDonald for 14 months, and covered up the fact that myself, Ken Ditkowsky and Lanre Amu publicly objected to corruption in the court rooms by suspending all of us for simply telling the truth.

Judge Stuart left the bench for lying during my trial, she has not written to the ARDC to apologize and ask I and Ken be reinstated to correct her Karma, Lanre Amu reported on corruption, Crian’s Chicago Business picked it up, investigated and confirmed that a brother of a judge appeared before Judge Lynn Egan and she ruled in his favor multiple times.

What Skokie did to this poor woman was horrid. The two cops coming afterward and comforting the woman should be promoted.  I hope the reported the cop before them, then they should be given a “corruption outing” medal.

All cops, lawyers, judges should be tested for psychopathy/narcissims/sociopathy. The results should be published.


I called for this at the ARDC last month because their management knows they must Ethics Report under the Illinois Eithi c Re[porting Act of 2009 and they refuse to do so.

Please tell Mr. Larkin and Mr. Grogan to file Ethics reports for all managers, attorneys and staff.

The Illinois Legislature is being snubbed by the people who are required to enforce the laws–the Illinois Atty Regn and Disciplinary Comm.

With all of the Ethical breaches in Chicago, the following people simply have to take and publish their MRI/brain/pet scan for psychopathy/narcissism/sociopathy:

  1. all lawyers and managers at the Illinos. ARDC
  2. all Justices of the Illinois and Appellate Courts
  3. all Judges in the Cook County Court Sytem.

I am claling on the authorities to get this done.


Time to forge a new, ethical and honest Cook County, Illinois.

2 thoughts on “Tragic Video from Skokie IL shows woman battered

  1. You are so right . Dr Hare explained well these people among us that do not feel unless they inflict pain or see pain . They have practiced since young who to appear sympathetic but it is only to cover the lack of any feeling . Power gives them a rush. Inflicting pain satisfied their inner urges . To punish the good people and ally with bad is their m.o. They consider goodness and niceness to be weakness . They get themselves in positions of power do they can hurt more people . They align with others like them to join them or play on the ignorant to join with them or the greedy to join them , all to get their mission done.

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