More than 5 dozen Judges in Georgia step down in disgrace

Many of these judges resigned after paying prostitutes, accepting bribes, fixing cases, exparte communications (taking to one side but not the other and a wide range of misconduct.

Cochran, a Murray County magistrate for eight years, was convicted of orchestrating a plot to plant drugs on a woman shortly after she publicly accused him of propositioning her in his chambers.

When Angela Garmley, of Chatsworth, appeared before Cochran in April 2012 on a routine legal matter, Cochran said he’d grant her a favorable ruling in exchange for sex, prosecutors said.

Garmley previously told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that Cochran told her he wanted a mistress he could trust and asked her to return to the courthouse the next day wearing a dress with no underwear.

All told, the magistrate was convicted of six counts, including one that he sexually assaulted a county employee over a six-year period.

This type of conduct apparently went on with impunity for years, if not decades. Prosecutors routinely would refuse to go after judges committing crimes.   Bar associations did nothing.   Complaints were routinely ignored, as with the letter I published a few days that if the lawyer is involved is powerful, the intake attorney suddenly “does not understand” what criminal codes are violated when crimes are committed against the public.

Another attorney, suspended in another state for revealing corruption and crimes in the judicial system there and pushing for the authorities (FBI, states attorneys, bar associations and disciplinary boards) to take action when judges were involved in corruption there.  He assembled together a long list of the crimes and ethical rules violations in his letter to the Florida State

Just weeks before Cochran was sentenced to prison, a Fulton grand jury indicted former Chief Judge Amanda Williams from the Brunswick Judicial Circuit on two felony counts. She is charged with giving a false statement to the Judicial Qualifications Commission and violating her oath of office.

In 2012, Williams resigned from the bench after being accused of running her courtroom under tyrannical rule and indefinitely locking up drug court offenders. One defendant, Lindsey Dills, was sentenced by Williams in 2008 to indefinite detention in solitary confinement with no outside contact

Dills, previously flagged as a suicide risk, slit her wrists after 61 days in detention.



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