Tell Texas that their plan to murder a conscious person is an outrage

And from the land of Texas abusive guardianships, we have this story:

A former police officer and Homeland Security, the man had no health insurance. With a mass in his abdomen and a need for air, food and nutrients via hospital technology, the hospital wants to shut it all down and seeks a guardianship to do it.

This should be a national outrage.  Is this where we have come.  How is it that a hospital has the right to take in and then terminate life through a court system?

Everyone involved in this outrage at the hospital should be immediately tested with a brain scan/pet scan/MRI for psychopathy/narcissism/sociopathy and removed from this case.  No one like that should be involved in a guardianship.  They should be removed, and this includes the lawyers and judges, doctors and nurses.

Who does this to another human being?

Apparently the authorities in Texas think it is okay.

In the land of Illinois, we have seen the likes of Jerome Larkin, head aministrator of the Ill. Regn and Atty Discipline Comm. watch and do nothing as Mary Sykes was stripped of $2 million in assets, $1 million with repeatedly quashed discovery, no investigation (when the ARDC could have investigated when asked by Ken Ditkowsky and myself, but instead it covered up nefarious activities of Illinois licensed lawyers because they–Cynthia Farenga, Adam Sterm, Peter Schmeidel, Harvey Waller–all those who profit from abusive gships like the one Mary was in, asked the ARDC to do so.  The ARDC then complied with days of kangaroo court testimony, a ruthless persecution of Ken and myself and others who dared to buck  money making and money grubbing system of grief, despair and terror heaped upon families in the court system.  In my case, the family and dozens of supporter were there for me to fight an abusive system.  Only the money grubbers showed up for the ARDC to protect like vultures the rich dead flesh the court system allows them to feist upon)

Then we have LaQuan McDonald where likely dozens of city attorneys were PAID to cover up a brutal police murder of a child–a 17 year old boy.

The corruption in Illinois is endemic.  We now have the internet, we can now easily find and investigate ourselves.  We have videos of Mary acting competently, begging the court system for help, begging Judges Stuart, Connors, MacCarthy for help, and none helped her.  Ever.


This has to end in Illinois.   Demand the Illinois ARDC file its ethics reports. Demand that attorneys who engage in cover ups be tested for being psychopaths/sociopaths and removed from office.

Chicago must purge this insidious and pervasive corruption from its ranks.

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