Do Cheaters win over Truth and Justice?

From Ken Ditkowsky:

Subject: Re: Using Legal Entities to Protect Assets CLE – Final Chance for Early Bird Discount –
Date: Dec 31, 2015 11:00 AM
Continuing Legal Education is an oxymoron for the lawyers who have reviewed the actions of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission pursuant to the administration of Jerome Larkin and several other Lawyer disciplinary Commissions.    You cannot have Continuing education when you have void as to the basic tenets of the law.    For instance, in light of Rule 8.3 and 18 USCA 4, coupled with Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution, the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution and the recent SCOTUS First Amendment cases – including and not limited to Alvarez, how is it possible that any lawyer could be suspended from the practice of law for reporting corrupt judicial officials and/or authoring a blog what outs corrupt Judges and Lawyers.
You cannot make this stuff up.   Larkin and his gang of incompetent and corrupt co-conspirators actually claimed that JoAnn Denison’s blog “MaryGSykes” was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.   The blog discloses criminal activities that more not so different from the 1930-40 Holocaust.    For instance, one of most shocking things about the Holocaust was the propensity of the bad guys to kill hundreds of victims and then harvest the gold that was found in their filings!    In the Alice Gore case that is exactly what happened.    Indeed, reporting the horror was so shocking that Larkin wrote to the Supreme Court of Illinois that such was akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater.   I guess he felt that his co-conspirators who are raping the medicare program with $10 – 15,000 a month charges for their participating in the exploitation the elderly and the redistribution of their assets would lose business.
America has had its share of miscreants, con=men (Larkin is reported to teach ethics in CLE classes), and outright infamous criminals.    They are legends!   Some people even write books about them.   Today’s Wall Street Journal has the following article.

Here is the article Ken is referring to:

which is a book review of “My Adventures with YOUR Money”

Also available in Kindle.

I am not going to publish the book review because it just gives energy to con men and trains people like the miscreants we see in court even more, but you can get the gist of what Ken is saying from the book review:

“To the American Damphool Speculator, surnamed the American Sucker, otherwise described herein as The Thinker Who Thinks He Knows But Doesn’t—greetings! This book is for you! Read as you run, and may you run as you read.”


By T.D. Thornton
St. Martin’s, 320 pages, $27.99

Jacob Herzig was born in 1870, the son of well-to-do Jewish immigrants in New York’s Lower East Side. As a young man, he stole money from the family’s furrier business. Sent to a reformatory, he befriended an elderly con,Willie Graham Rice, whose name he appropriated. For the next 40 years, his life was a whir of scams, fortunes quickly made and lost, and run-ins with the authorities.

Estranged from his family, Rice found himself, in the spring of 1901, short of money in New York. An acquaintance gave him a tip for a dead cert in an upcoming race. Rather than betting on the horse, he spent his last dollars advertising the tip in the papers. The horse came in, and Rice’s race-tipping service, Maxim & Gay, was born. Within a year, the firm was said to have earned $1 million. Rice started a racing paper, developed a large client database (aka the “sucker list”) and opened a mail-order betting service. The service tipped winners in fixed races and heavily advertised its successes by using, in Mr. Thornton’s words, “insider terminology and a cloak of secrecy to forge a compelling narrative.”

Good times didn’t last. Within a couple of years, the feds had cracked down and the paper folded…….

You get the idea.  Ken is noting that probate is full of cons and scams, just as this book is, and when it’s real peoples’ lives it becomes disgusting, especially when it involves licensed attorneys and when you complain that the attorneys are engaged in crime, you get a famous letter like this one back from the ARDC insisting that they can’t figure out the Ethical Rule that applies to attorneys engaging in crime, and besides (like L. Madigan and Alvarez), they just “don’t do” crime or corruption:

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