From Gloria Sykes and Ken Ditkowsky–remembering Mary Sykes

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From Gloria Sykes

Dear Friends and Foes,

This is a reminder that I’m not falling to the wayside — nor can those who hope I get discouraged– am I discouraged, rather feeling more empowered than ever. So much so, I’m making the date of my mother’s memorial and celebration public — well, the date anyway.  For those who did not receive an invitation via FACEbook or other social media, and are FRIENDS supporting this cause, and want to attend, please email me at for the information.

FIRST I want to remind all of you that on JUNE 9, 2016, we will be memoralizing my mother, Mary G. Sykes, and in doing so, celebrate life and our abulity to pursue the evils that caused her premature death, the premature and wrongful deaths of other elderly and disabled caught in unnecessary guardianships–and hopefully prevent other premature deaths.

I look forward to meeting the many people who I’ve only met through FACEBOOK or email, or other social media and seeing the other people who have been so supportive my mother, me and other men and woman who were wronged.

NEXT….This is Jan 3, the third day in the year of 2016,where now with 20/20 hindsight I look back and acknowledge some of what was taught in the now gone year of 2015. Abundant in things to grieve over with violence smeared on every screen along with exhausted anger pulsing in the majority if faces I encounter daily, 2015 was a year of being lost and found. I lost the love of my life, my mother, Mary G. Sykes to the horrors of financial exploitation, discrimination,discrimination and elder abuse all sanctioned by the Cook County Probate Court (Judges, Connors, Stuart, and MacCarthy)  — and then, over medication, suffocation, and as Dr. Bennett Blum explains it, “MURDER”. I found love and ate its bounty heartily trying to stave off grief and further finding humility in its presents and eventual absence and the knowledge that the courage to move forward is now even more heightened. I’ve become more acquainted with unique frequency of rage, distrust and loathing that’s been with me for many years making the interplay between people often difficult for me and I recent last year, learned to practice letting it go. In “letting it go” I was able to forgive, but never forget, which has given me a great positive outlook on life, and humanity, yet the people who did my mother harm, are but entities — and I no longer fear them or hate them. These people, lawyers, judges, relative(s) are non existent, like a roach eaten wooden chair, sprayed with poison and tossed away, forgotten. Letting go of any attachment in this life is very hard even when what you hold may be poisoning you, you may just be holding tighter to feel the embrace of something or anything in a tempest that is doing its best to uproot you and truly make you forget what it was like to be held, acknowledged, and cared for. In sum, life is good and I will never forget the blessings that have come my way, and often, overwhelmed me with the love, which I spoke of earlier. And such love, though often gently felt, provided the nexus for courage.

I will remember it all as the last six years are embeded in my brain like a carving so deep there is no filler that will hold. I want to remember you the lovely people, men and woman, young and old, most I’ve never met in person or even spoken to, who are reading these words and caring enough to hear these thoughts and to share your life in the moments it takes you to do so. I’m hungry to tell you I love you because it’s not such a scary thing to feel and the forces that preach to that standard probably do so because it’s real and there is nothing scarier than real life. It is beyond doubt, that I have, like many of you, been living a reality so horrible that even the greates of minds like Stephen King, could not create the experiences my mother — and I–have endured: A real life where a species beheld in open light of life literally, elderly and disabled people, ripped from their homes and good lives, placed under guardianship with the encouragedement of a Cottage Industry of attorneys who are presumed to be telling the truth to the elderly and disabled financially exploited and emotionally and often, physically abused — to the collateral damage, adult children who stand tall in the face of unfit and ignorant judges, who laughing at their deaths for their personal financial gain of the lawyers who stood/stand before them. These people are the enemies on their own chosing: and the law enforcement and other state institutions who failed to investigate, or aide an elderly or disabled person, there is also a sense of love in my heart for all of you. None of us can hide from God, or the Universe and there is no political power who can protect your from your upcoming(s). In this uncertain world, this I am certain.

We must remember, here in Cook County, especially Chicago, it is the very policing agencies I and other adult children seeking protections from the “enemies” sought, who believe that 16 gun shots into Teenager McDonald, or 7 gun shots killing Betty Jones and Quintonio LeGrier…..

On January 6, 2008, I too was roughed up by 5 Chicago Police Officers, who threw me to the floor of my home, handcuffed me and accused me of calling the Indiana State Police and telling them I had a gun and was going to kill myself.  Then I was dragged down a flight of stairs, tossed in the back of a police wagon, and after driving me around for 30 minutes, hoping I would cause them reason to do me more harm, they pulled me into a local hospital psyc ward.  Here, two CPD threatened to “take off” my clothes if I would remove the (tennis outfit) I was wearing.  I recall it with great horror when one jumped on top of me and held me down, while another ripped my tennis shirt off of me, and then held me down while a nurse injected me with some medication — while I yelled rape and begged them not to give me any medications.  I recall with greater horror when I awoke and the doctor said I could go home.  I was without my phone, identification, money, let alone a coat, and it was 17 degrees outside.  Then I recall the false police report the CPD entered, and attached was a medical record stating that I abused “an unknown prescription drug”.  Hell, the only drug I ever used in my life, was Tomixfin, a drug to prevent another breast cancer which I ingested by doctors prescription for five years!  This same medical report was used to discredit me in the probate and other courts, and the same police officer who held me down and stripped me of my tennis clothes, was the same man who LIED to the States Attorney and told them that Fred Toerpe didn’t beat me up and got the State Attorney Linda Alveraze to dismiss the charges against him in 2013.  The Independent Police Review board not only received a certified letter from the Indiana Sheriff’s department that I never called them, and that they never called the CPD, but also the evidence that proved I never called and I was never suicidal, and yet, after two meetings with me, and I signed the affidavit, all the documentations were lost and the five CPD were never ivestigated.   In sum, these are the same officers, or police department I and so many other adult children have reached out to for help, and law enforcement refused to help us and or help our loved ones.  THE CHICAGO POLICE as other policing  agencies, THEY ARE NOT HERE TO SERVE AND PROTECT US…. It makes no difference whether you are black, elderly, disabled or adult children trying to save lives.


 I wish those police officers, the Judges, States Attorney(s), and Cook County Sheriff who did wrong no harm in 2016, as I know, call it Karma, or Kismet, but what goes around clearly does come around.  Let us adult children be alright this year of 2016, let those that suffer in silence be heard even if it’s just a slight whisper and those that are isolated from their loved ones thtough unlawful and wrongful guardianships receive many kisses to every a bit of you that air touches and we all sleep more, love more, dream more, think more, care more, help more, and keep our constitutions held fast for ourselves and loved ones. 

You have a friend in me and when you are lost remember that in yourself a friend is always there to be found. And we all have a friend in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, right now, where the appeals of disabled people are finally being heard and he or she  WILL prevail. 

To a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year and enjoy 2016 with all its possibility and without any reservations of past years gone by: as the police have a Wall of Silence, show that we have a WALL OF STRENGTH.  It’s why you and I are strong because we kept/ keep our power and no one, not even the most corrupt of judges  or gun happy police officers who need to kill in order to show their power — can break us down: in ore individual struength, we find unitiy and we will prevail.

I hope to see many of you on January 9, 2016, in memory of my dear, loving Mother, Mary G. Sykes and together we will celebrate life.  Together, we will show the enemies that we are united far greater than the thousand of protesters who are demanding the resignation of Mayor Emanual, States Attorney Alverez, et al.  .This is what January 9th is all about: my mother lost her life while under guardianship — as so many other elderly and disable who were “murdered” before — in order that US adult children can save lives.

Now that, saving lives, is a mighty reason to enjoy 2016.

God bless,

Gloria Jean Sykes


To: list
Subject: New Year Greeting and prayer

The government has prosecutable discretion and therefore can ignore the ‘elder cleansing’ scandal even though thousands of senior citizens and their families are systematically  being exploited, abused, isolated, and deprived of their liberty and property.    Indeed, the government does not have to bother with the income tax liability of the political and the judicial elite even if not collecting the sums due lead to the bankruptcy of the State.    We give great discretion to our public officials as we wish them to be independent.  
Therefore even though veteran’s grants, and other monies are being wasted by corrupt VA officials, the government can turn the other cheek and do nothing.    In fact the following article indicates that is exactly what is happening.

US Attorney declines prosecution of former VA execs

Federal prosecutors have decided not to press criminal charges against two former executives at the Department of Veterans Affairs who were accused of manipulating the agency’s hiring system for their own gain.
What remedy does the public have?      We have the power of the ballot!    Of course that is an impotent remedy for obvious reasons.    Here in Chicago if the Good Lord ran as a republican he would be defeated by any of the current office holders.     The nursing homes would bring home almost 100% of the votes for the dominate political party and the Good Lord would go down to ignominious defeat.    (I’ve previously reported the 50th Ward Election results).
However, if you read 18 USCA 371, 18 USCA 4, and 18 USCA 242 not pressing criminal charges may be a discretionary situation, but that fact is not exculpating.      Let us take the case of Jerome Larkin.     The family of Alice Gore reported to Larkin and his band of co-conspirators some of the most horrendous violations of Alice Gore’s person, property, civil rights, and human rights.     Not since the Nazi hordes systematically railroaded Jews in the death camps has any individual been subjected to the indignity and violation of human rights to Ms. Gore was subjected.      The court appointed criminals allowed their greed to over-come basic human compassion as they harvested the gold from 29 teeth from her mouth and inserted a feeding tube against her will.      Such benign neglect and inaction was a total abuse of discretion.
In the Mary Sykes case, Mr. Larkin not only did not act when the family of Mary Sykes complained, but actually attempted to ‘cover up’ the criminal activity associated with the theft of what is estimated to be three million dollars in thefts by a bunch of attorneys and the court appointed guardian.     Larkin and his minions covered up the fact that the Court never obtained jurisdiction and never held a hearing to ascertain if Mary Sykes was incompetent.      Worse yet, Larkin and his minions tried desperately to attempt to silence any attorney who complained.     Larkin was aware that my call for an HONEST investigation was protected not only by the First Amendment, but Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution and the Rule of Law as determined by SCOTUS.      Larkin was aware that the MaryGSykes blog not only called for an HONEST investigation but published videos of Mary Sykes that demonstrated that she was totally competent.     Indeed the videos – which are still available on the MaryGSykes blog and on other sources of the internet this day demonstrate that Mary knew the objects of her bounty, the extent and nature of her property, could formulate a plan and was clear thinking.     (This is the reason that the two guardian ad litem, the attorney for the guardian, the corrupt judges, Jerome Larkin, and those who acted in concert with him have claimed that the MaryGSykes blog is akin to crying fire in a crowded theater- indeed, in a proper environment a hue and cry would develop and Larkin and all his cronies would by lynched!)
In just about every case that is cited directly or indirectly on the various blogs, to wit: probate sharks, MaryGSykes, NASGA **** the same scenario appears.      Like the travesty that occurred in the 1930/1940’s the collective blind eye is creating an indefensible holocaust.      The crime against humanity that the corrupt public and judicial officials are promulgating or condoning is a complete abuse of discretion that amounts to a crime in and of itself.    So serious is the offense that here in Illinois and in most other jurisdictions before a single scintilla of right can be taken from a citizen (senior or disabled) the person seeking such deprivation must prove by clear and convincing evidence exactly what specifically disability has created a right for a guardian to be appointed and the most reasonable manner of addressing the same so that the ward can enjoy the greatest utility and enjoyment of his/her American citizenship.     The Sykes, Gore, Wyman, Tyler, Stone **** gotya approach is so improper as to amount to an 18 USCA 4, 18 USCA 241 and 18 USCA 242 violation.
This situation is particularly acute and is well documented by the GAO and the blogs.     It is respectfully submitted that there is NO PROSECUTIAL DISCRETION in these elder cleansing cases.      The criminal conduct is so acute and aggravated that benign neglect in these cases is a per se 18 USCA 371 violation.       Few situations and few crime are so wrong that this standard is appropriate; however, government and in particular law enforcement cannot legislate a special class of citizens who are immune to not only American law, but international law as well.     After World War 2 the world held special trials to punish public officials who did exactly the same thing that the miscreants in the Sykes, Gore, ***** cases are doing today.      Alice Gore is dead!     Mary Sykes is dead.    Carol Wyman is dead!  *****    They were old and would have died anyway, but, it was not the province of the corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials and corrupt public officials to hasten their deaths.   (NB.    No one can live forever, but, under America law taking a life of another – including that of a senior citizen is still a homicide).
The cover-up of the elder cleansing scandal that is not running rampant in the Probate Division of many of America’s courts and in particular the Courts of Illinois and Florida is outrageous and cannot be tolerated in a free society.      The racism that Jerome Larkin exhibited in the Amu case and in barring civil rights icon Diane Nash from the kangaroo hearing featuring JoAnne Denison is another example of his inexcusable and inappropriate elitism (and criminality).     
The call for law enforcement to step up and enforce the law is not an idle demand – it is basic to America’s heritage and future.      America cannot tolerate a ‘special class’ of citizens who are above the laws that govern the rest of us.    Equality before the law is not only important, but demanded.     America’s senior citizens are not 2nd class citizens open from the predatory whims of corrupt judges, corrupt lawyers, corrupt judicial officials, and corrupt public officials.    (See the Americans With Disabilities Act).     At the very least – civil prosecutions to collect the taxes due from Jerome Larkin and his 18 USCA 242 co-conspirators should commence instanter.   Larkin and each of his coconspirators should be required to pay every penny of tax, interest and penalty.   Let him pay it in the gold that was stolen from the mouth of Alice Gore.

3 thoughts on “From Gloria Sykes and Ken Ditkowsky–remembering Mary Sykes

  1. If the life of even just one elderly victim of greedy attorneys and GALs has been saved by Mary’s and your brave efforts to get the word out and demand that justice be served, then Mary will not have died in vain. And I get the impression that many such lives have been saved. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Everything said about Cook County applies to my mother’s horrid, dangerous situation in Baltimore Maryland. And Gloria Sykes who has gone through such evil is thanked by me for her beautiful and thoughtful feelings and wishes for us. My mother, I am afraid, wil be the next IN MEMORIAM. An innocent, hard working, immigrant woman that good people have always admired and liked is imprisoned and drugged in a dementia unit. She did nothing wrong but work every day of her life, since young, in Europe, and came to America and blessed each day she and my father could wake up and work and make it so that no one would ever have to take care of them. Instead, my father died, my mother was drugged,lied about and thrown into a place with howling , screaming, violent people..She never needed nor took any drugs except blood pressure pills in her life and has been pumped with dangerous drugs that CAUSE senility when taken by people that do not need them. Gloria Sykes had gold teeth taken out of her mouth, straight out of the nazi playbook. I am afraid my innocent good mother and a good woman will not lake it much longer with what has been done to her.. Please PRAY that Paula Kryszpel can be made free . PLEASE pray that Paula Kryszpel lives through what has been don to her . You victims are our family.. We want well for you and hope it will come true very quickly. Happy and good new year and we bless you all. Frania

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