Mayor Emanuel opposes federal probe of city law department

Whoever has read this blog is not shocked at all by this nonsense.  We know that the fish stinks from the head in Chicago, and that means, if the White House has promised a prompt and thorough investigation of all judical, police and legal wrongdoing, all aspects of the violations of laws must be looked at. The feds must examine the City Law Department, talk to the judges involved and the attorneys involved in the courtrooms and ask their opinion about how videos of police murders and brutality are suppressed for many long months by the city.

For sure, if I were a federal investigator, I for certain would want to pull every complaint and grievance filed against every police officer, every judge and every lawyer in Chicago and determine how and why these complaints are routinely lost, dismissed without an investigation from the following agencies:   CPD grievance intake, Illinois Atty Regn and Disciplinary Commission and the Judicial Inquiry Board, and the city of Chicago Inspector General.  I would also pull records from the Mayor’s office, the Chicago FBI office, the CPD and letters to the Presiding Judge Timothy Evans and all Federal District Court judges complaining of judicial wrong doing and wrong doing by attorneys practicing there.

I am not surprised the Mayor said “please don’t investigate our lawyers at the City of Chicago” because that’s probably where the fish stinks the most.

I am certain that honest citizens have filed numerous complaints over police wrongdoing and brutality, and that lawyers at the City figured out ways to cover these issues up.

I have no doubt that James Larkin and perhaps others at the ARDC were consulted with to avoid any public backlash when the City lawyers were worried about such topics as 18 USC sec 4 or misprison of felony, obstruction of justice and spoliation of evidence.

For example, during my trial, Judge Stuart changed her testimony on whether or not she chained Gloria Sykes so that Gloria had to hand her funds over to her mother’s Guardianship Estate so the lawyers there could be paid some $150,000 in fees.  At first she said absolutely not, she had never chained anyone before.  Then later when I asked her how many people had she done this to, she said, “you know this was the first—- let me change that—I have never”.  It was a Perry Mason moment for me which was short lived when the crooked court reporters (whom I had admonished not to change the transcript) did in fact change the transcript and those words were missing from the transcript.  No matter, 6 weeks later she “suddenly retired” for her misdeeds.

In the Ramona DeGante estate, counsel for the Guardian asked for an Order of Possession from the court to kick out Ramona’s 80 year old wheel chair bound husband, and Judge Dole handed it out, no questions asked, as if it were a piece of halloween candy and the attorney–Rod Mollison, had just said “trick or treat.”  Never mind the fact that the Husband, Carlos Sr was entitled to Notice, a Complaint for Eviction, discovery and a hearing.  None of that happened.  Accordingly his civil and human rights were clearly violated.

But not to let that stop her from doing this again, I just received another case,  a certain DS complained that Judge Dole has done it again and has handed over funds held in a joint back account, between a husband and wife, where the wife was guardianized, the Temp Guardian was allowed to dip into funds in a joint account between husband and wife, without Notice, Discovery, a Petition to Partition and a Hearing on the merits.  No need for that, the judge and the Temp Guardian just dipped right in and slammed the woman into a nursing home against her will.  The husband is not allowed to see her.  When the police repeatedly tried to remove them from a $1 million surburban home the OPG has targeted for their own coffers, consent to a guardianship, the couple steadfastly refused, and in the process, both were bruised, so what did APS and the OPG do? Charge a loving, kind husband with domestic violence and slap him with a criminal complaint–at age 80, no less.  The whole mess is an appalling lack of justice and smacks of seniors for cash, which is what Probate in Illinois, and Probate on the 18th floor of the Daley center actually has become.

Now that’s TWICE Judge Dole has handed out orders without due process and has violated an 80 year old man’s human and civil rights.  The feds should look into those cases too.

And if you complain to the ARDC or the JIB you hear nothing but excuses back.  In the last letter I published from the ARDC a senior counsel said she “did not know” what Attorney Ethics Violations would be for felonious violations of state and federal laws.  Amazing.  Now the ARDC admits they do not go after attorney felons, just like Lisa Madagin (a/k/a Murray, daughter of a criminal atty that represented drug king pins in New York) –“does not do corruption”, and neither, apparently does Inspector General Diane Saltoun, or states attorney Anita Alvarez, who has also been asked to step down in the wake of the MacDonald-Jones-Legrier mess of 27 bullets pumped into innocent Chicago citizens.

The upshot?  If Mayor Emanuel says “please don’t investigate our saintly city attorneys”, that for sure is the best reason to go there.  And the ARDC too please, investigate how they routinely violate the human and civil rights of Chicago Citizens, including Denison, Ditkowsky and Amu.  Don’t skip that one.  It’s an easy one for them.  No brainer.


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