From the ABA Journal-city lawyers rebuked for suppressing evidence

Apparently there is one federal court judge that is doing his job in rebuking city attorneys for withholding evidence in a jury trial.

In his opinion, Chang ordered a new trial after finding that city attorneys had engaged in misconduct by intentionally withholding a recording of a police transmission that took place before the shooting. The officers had claimed that the transmission in question had alerted them that a car matching the one Pinex was driving had been involved in a shooting earlier that night. According to the Tribune, lawyers for Pinex had requested the recording prior to trial, only to be told that the city couldn’t find it. During the fourth day of trial, however, the city revealed the recording of the transmission, which talked about a different car that was not tied to a shooting. The presence of the recording forced Pinex’s attorneys to scramble for a new theory to present to the jury during the middle of the trial.

The Mayor has asked that the feds not investigate the City of Chicago lawyers.  He asserts they need “better training and supervision”–an absolutely ridiculous assertion for an individual that has 7 years or more of college, has to take a bar exam and also has to take 40 hours of CLE every 2 years.  Seems to me all these City Lawyers have learned to do is better manipulate a situation.

These attorneys, Jordan Marsh and Thomas Aumann, despite costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay the costs of a new trial, will likely go unpunished by the ARDC, but this blog, that tells you the truth has to be shut down for doing just that–revealing the Truth.  Now the Truth always comes out in the end, but Jerome Larkin’s job (together with Chief Counsel James Grogin appears to be to keep it hidden for as long and possible and hope that judicial and lawyer wrongdoing is forgotten or just goes away despite the high cost of corruption to the public–now approaching some $100 million according to recent articles when you add in Burge’s torture scheme.

I want to know what is the difference between “forgetting about”, withholding and suppressing evidence and the lack of jurisdiction over Mary Sykes in her case, repeatedly quashing discovery and refusing to open an honest, thorough and complete investigation of 09 P 4585– a case where Mary was narcotized to death on May 23, 2015 when Judge Aicha McCarthy was presiding and the probate miscreant attorneys–Stern, Farenga, Schmeidel, Waller and Soehlig have never been investigated by the ARDC for missing assets, lack of jurisdiction, invading a safe deposit box without court order, seizing Gloria’s $200k when it was in Indiana when it was clearly her money from a lawsuit, then invalidating her Power of Attorney without Notice, filing a Petition for Partition, Hearing and Discovery?

Explain to me, Attorney Larkin and Grogin, how suppressing evidence of the loss of nearly $1 million in valuable coins and having the court repeatedly quash discovery (we still need to get the vault video tapes of what Carolyn Toerpe came in and out with, the bag of coins was sizeable, and I’d like to talk to the lady who signed her in and out of the vault area, and the banker who told Mary to get a Protective Order when Carolyn swiped $4,000 out of her account without authorization.  How does the ARDC get away with this?

And how is it that Thomas Aumann and Jordan Marsh have no disciplinary complaints lodged against them for suppressing crucial video evidence in a wrongful death trial, but Denison and Ditkowsky do for reporting on a string of improprieties, breaches of the law, quashing discovery of crucial evidence.

If there is anyplace the feds MUST investigate, it MUST be the ARDC and Jerome Larkin and James Grogin. What is going on there?  Numerous court decisions (Alvarez, Citizens United, Virginia State Bar v. Hunter Hogan, In re Sawyer, In re Weddingen and Rosemont v. Markham make it clear the authorities cannot discipline a professional for what is written in the news, but the ARDC is adept and skilled at changing black to white and white to black.

So here’s some clues for the feds: 1) take a look again at Peter Schmeidel and the people who died in the 2003 fire at the OPG in Chicago; 2) go and look at how my Chair Sang Yul Lee manipulated my proceeding and “fixed it”;  3) go take a look at Anna M Loftus* and if she fixed the proceedings of both Ditkowsky and Amu and then was awarded with a judgeship for that.  In each of the Denison, Ditkowsky and Amu cases where lawyers told the truth about judicial and lawyer wrongdoing, in the end black became white and white became black.  The judicial improprieties were proved in the end, but those revealing the Truth were disciplined for it.

The feds MUST investigate the city lawyers and MUST investigate the ARDC.  it is not doing its job, and because the ARDC is not doing its job, seniors in probate are being killed without investigation, and the city is being drained to the tune of over $100 million for a system of wrongdoing and improprieties that result in the deaths of innocent citizens because wrongdoing officers and management “know” they will be protected, valid citizen complaints may be lost and evidence destroyed and suppressed.

This must end.  Chicago deserves much better.

*Anna Loftus was on both the Ditkowsky and Amu cases.  She is a friend of Ann Burke on the Illinois Supreme Court.  Sang Yul Lee’s business partner is Matyas–a relative of Lisa (Murray) Madigan who “doesn’t do corruption cases” in Illinois, together with Anita Alvarez who is now under fire for her “I don’t do corruption cases”, and Diane Saltoun who sits on the same side of this argument.  Unfortunately that lets wrongdoing run amok, everyone knows they will not suffer any consequences (see ARDC lack of discipline for Seth Gillman, and now Aumann and Marsh) and it has cost lives in Cook County’s probate division and in police brutality liabilities of more than $100 million to date in settlements and judgments against the city which can ill afford these amounts.  A huge chunk of the city’s children live in poverty and routinely go hungry, often are homeless and without hats, gloves and mittens.  This is not even to mention the lack of  a good education where class sizes must be much smaller to give more attention to distressed children.


2 thoughts on “From the ABA Journal-city lawyers rebuked for suppressing evidence

  1. Yes, indeed. And so many are being damaged by family court corruption. My child and I did not deserve to be victimized by this corrupt system and a child rep who did not represent my child, only her bank account and a system that encouraged it.

    • Agreed. Too many times GAL’s and child reps and court appointed attorneys and non attorneys and case (mis) managers, (anti) social workers get appointed in a case and all they do is stir up trouble and grief and churn the bill. There is no practical place to complain, the ARDC won’t listen to bill churning, lying attorney complaints and they routinely dismiss them for clouted attorneys. If an attorney is honest about the system, they claim s/he is lying and discipline them, suspend them or disbar them.
      There is no review system for these thugs and goons. Family members cannot choose the best qualified person, or bargain for the best price, even if the budget is low or non existant. However, every child rep, GAL, case manager, social worker, etc. should be reviewed and this should be posted on the internet and the family should be able to select the best qualified person at the best price. Currently, there is no system for that and the court system could care less. There should also be a system for complaints and to remove court appointees that are not doing their job. It’s a mess.
      Btw, the ARDC disciplined me for saying that these court appointees often stir up trouble in the family to churn the bill, even though every one knows its true, including the ARDC. Its just more of a code of silence that does not work.

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