The Chicago Police Investigations–your window of opportunity

Don’t let this window of opportunity get away.

Now that Washington has promised that it will conduct a thorough and honest investigation of the Police, the Police Inquiry Board, the Mayor’s office, Judges and Lawyers who cover up evidence of police brutality, videos and other information which belongs to, and should be readily accessible to the public, for all of you out there who have been abused by the police, know that the police acted in conjunction with APS (Adult Protective Services), the OPG (Office of Public Guardian) or any other tied in agency to file false police reports against you, be sure to refile your complaints against the police, because an FBI investigatory team will be looking for false police reports, police brutality.

How many cases has this blog seen already of the OPG colluding with the police to deny Civil and Human rights to probate victims and their families?

Cases in Illinois where the police colluded with state agencies to fleece the estate of the elderly that I am aware of:

  1. the Wyman case.  The Rockford police had NO right to keep Carol Wyman in one of the worst nursing homes in Rockford where she eventually escaped and was near death at the time, down a pint of blood. She was beaten and sexually abused nearly every day and kept a diary. GAL Sharon Rudy and Judge Fabiano were involved.  The police had no warrant, no court order to keep Carol Wyman there, but they did anyway.
  2. ML case.  The son was false arrested, falsely charged with battery on a police office (video footage at Lutheran General conveniently disappeared) so that the son had to get back to his mother as sole caretaker because she had no one else, he was forced to plea to a felony so he could not be Guardian of his mother. The OPG, Rehab Assist all were involved in this Fraud on the Probate Court.
  3. In a recent case, the police and APS harassed an elderly couple for weeks and then dragged them out of the house–without court order or warrant when they finally locked their door–and then when the police dragged them out the house they beat them in the process and then blamed a family member who was then falsely charged with Domestic Violence.  A visiting nurse organization, APS, the police and the OPG were all involved in this case, and the offices of Anita Alvarez.
  4. In the case of MLV, she was harassed for months, breaking her windows, harassing the guy cutting her grass, the home was boarded up, the yard filled with weeds, then she put in peep holes and they taped those over, she removed the tape, they spray painted it over, they cut her phone lines, she got a cell phone.  You name it, the OPG and the police did it to her.  The OPG and the police came out all the time to harass her to leave her home, consent to a guardianship, go to a locked down nursing home (where she would eventually escape, live on the streets and beg for money from the OPG–who would not even take her calls).  Finally, they broke in to the home and dragged her out with 11 people.  She was bruised and traumatized.   It was all collusion with the police and the OPG to fleece her estate and in a few years she was broke and forced into a nursing home because she had no where else to go. They drained nearly half a million from her estate in 5 years.  Prior to OPG involvement, she had a paid up home and car and nice bank account.  After OPG involvement, she is near homeless and broke without a dime to her name.
  5. Frake case.  A good sister, Jean Semrow was falsely accused of running over the foot of her brother (which did not happen), when he became enrage against her and ran to her vehicle to physically attack her.  The police were called and she was charged (falsely) with domestic violence when in fact, it was SHE who was caring for her brother, it was she who discovered the theft of millions of dollars of funds and equipment from her brother, and it was she who request prosecution of the thief in question.  Instead, in probate, the probate court worked with the police to false charge her and get a protective order against her.  That issue has still not be resolved, but she has told all the attorneys involved she was falsely accused and further, the probate attorneys have not made the thief make any restitution. They removed Mr. Frake from his home forcibly and put him in Sunrise of Park Ridge (the one with the sign that you get $2,000 for every senior you place there) where he is currently heavily chemically restrained.  The judges and probate attorneys know this and do nothing about it.

I am certain there are more cases out there where the police colluded falsely with APS, GAL’s and other probate attorneys to fleece seniors and disableds.  If you know of any cases where the police colluded with state agencies to deny disableds and senior citizens rights in the Chicago area please come forward to report them.  Please file with the Judicial Inquiry Board, the ARDC, the local Police Grievance Boards and send a copy to the Dept of Justice at  Write me for the private FBI email address for violations of Civil and Human rights.

Ken and I care and don’t want this to happen any longer.  The ARDC and Jerome Larkin and James Grogin now write me and say if a crime occurs, they don’t know what Ethical Rules are violated and they will take no action until sometime after a lying, thieving, knivving attorney is convicted.

But when you blog about corruption, they go after you right away to shut you down.  Just like the Chicago police management that has to “study” video evidence for months of 16 bullets for one poor black child, and another bullet to the neck for a 55 year old activist woman. (Of course, they claim her being an activist and a bullet through the door to her neck is a coincidence, but that’s just a little too much for anyone to swallow).

What is happening in Chicago is an absolute disaster.  Blacks and minorities in poor neighborhoods are now being used for target practice.  The OPG, APS and police collude on a regular basis to drag senior citizens and the disabled out of their homes and then they file false police reports against honest citizens caring for their aged parents.  All these miscreants want to do is fleece estates and put Seniors and Disabled in nursing homes, a/k/a ghettos and slums for the elderly and disabled.  They will be tied to wheel chairs and beds, forcibly implanted with feeding tubes if they take too long to eat or need assistance, they will never see the light of day or take a breath of fresh air outside.  It would be better if they just committed a felony and went to prison.   And all of this is so a state agency can take $250 per hour in tied in attorneys fees and grossly inflated tied in agency fees for case (mis) managers, (anti) social workers and visiting nurses (of death).

So keep on filing your grievances.  Keep on sending a copy to the FBI.  Ken and I will be glad to help you and you know you can call me any time for assistance.  The ARDC has left Ken and I with plenty of time to help victims, write their stories for the blog, file complaints with the authorities, and write books on what really goes on in “Crook” county.

Let’s take the “crook” out of “crook” county.

3 thoughts on “The Chicago Police Investigations–your window of opportunity

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    • I agree. People are comparing notes and organizing on the internet. They are fed up with the string of felonies in many of the courts. It will end as long as there is a hue and outcry

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