Nursing Homes-slums and ghettos for the elderly

Okay, that was a quote from Har Justice on my FB.  Good one!  Although when they don’t take time to cut and feed meals the elderly lovingly but instead (falsely) deem them an aspiration risk and put in a feeding tube against their will, add a few chemical restraints to it (illegal) and then tie them to a bed or wheel chair because they’re a fall risk, I think slums and ghettos are better places.  You can get out of them alive.  Not so in a gship nursing home placement.  From what I’ve seen most die and many are murdered and none are investigated.  Once the gship is started, most wards will be forced into a nursing home and will never see the light of day again or breathe any fresh air again.  Ever.

And I wonder if that’s where the probate courts get their list of nursing homes for wards forced to go there.  Nah, they already have a list of nursing homes with the best paybacks.  (See prior post on sign from Sunrise of Park Ridge with a $2,000 bounty on any elder’s head making them a target for probate courts and Guardians)

From the website:

The country has a problem! Over 90% of Nursing Homes in the United States have had some kind of violation or confirmed complaint in the last 3 years. Some of these issues are minor and some are life treatening. So, how do you know which nursing homes you can trust. As you are browsing nursing homes on this site, check the reviews at the bottom of each listing as many have warnings about potential problems. We have created administrative reviews for nursing homes with outstanding issues. Many of these problems may be minor so please check or your local Ombudsmen for the latest information.

The nursing homes on this list were flagged as some the worst facilities in the country. The original data set was derived from and then was expanded based on data from the state web sites and from other public resources. The list is relatively short so there are plenty of other options to chose from. If you need to find an alternative to a nursing home on this list, use our advance search to find ALL the nearest services in your area ( we list 98% of all the available facilities). After you find a set of facilities that interest you, call your local Ombudsmen or state inspection office to get the most current information about these options. You may be surprised.

There are over 15,000 nursing homes in the US. This list of bad nursing homes represents only a very small percentage of the total options available (less than 1%). Here are the worst nursing homes in the country, you can find options to these facilities using our advance search (Upper Right).

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