From US News Report–pictures of protestors lying mid Michigan Ave 12/24/15

And this is apparently before the double shooting on Dec. 26, 2015 involving a disabled man and a 55 year old activist woman.

I tell you this has shut down my appetite for shopping the Mag Mile EXCEPT for the store supporting the protestors and inviting them in for tea, coffee and cakes.  Maybe some crow for Rahm Emanuel.

In any case, some have formed  Coalition for a New Chicago.  Let’s hope it involves Truth and Justice for all in the City. 2016 is a new year.  If the feds get in there and look at the Police Department, the Attorney Registration and Discipline Commission, the Judicial (do nothing) Inquiry Board and all the judges and lawyers involved in cover up and supressing evidence of innocent deaths in the City should be investigated and removed. First step.  And then they can take a look at how the corruption festers and flourishes because anytime a lawyer speaks out the ARDC and Jerome Larkin and their cronies and henchmen go right after them and take away their licenses–and these entities, when the corruption is published and is shown to be true in major publication, do not rectify the wrongs and harms they have created and show no remorse (Sykes case, myself and Ken Ditkowsky, Judge LE, for Atty Lanre Amu).

Chicago clearly needs a Civil Rights overhaul. The problems with police, law enforcement, the courts, attorneys, judges and politicians has risen to a crisis level.

Gov. Dan Ryan went to prison because he ignored/covered up a massive CDL license scam that eventually led to the death of 5 innocent children when a piece of truck broke off and lodged under a family mini van.  The jury agreed that a properly trained and licensed CDL truck driver would have inspected the truck and not let that happen.

The systematic denial of Civil Rights to activists (Bettie Jones was one, what a coincidence she was shot thru her door in the neck), their harassment in the street by police, the destruction of my video indicating as late as July, 2014, one year prior to her death, Mary Sykes was function on a very high level and clearly not incapacitated, show the incredible level of corruption and cover ups in Chicago coupled with denial of basic First Amendment rights (this blog).

Let’s hope and pray the feds investigate Civil Rights complaints against the police, pols, lawyers and judges that support corruption in Chicago and get the bums out of office.

4 thoughts on “From US News Report–pictures of protestors lying mid Michigan Ave 12/24/15

    • Rahm was put in place because he was Daley’s spin doctor and knew about all the skeltons and how to put make up, fake skin, high heels and a dress on them. Of course they were still stinking dead, but looked better with the cover up job.
      No doubt he inherited a mess of corruption, but I can’t see he has done much about it. He has not kicked butt. The courts are corrupt (see prior posts), the ARDC is corrupt (ditto) and the police often use blacks for target practice I am told and their “inquiry board” is a joke leading to a mass of federal lawsuits. If you complain, nothing is done.
      I have no idea what he will do. His current plan appears to hide in his cave and growl. I don’t see the voters standing for that approach.
      In fact, it’s so bad, I see the ethnicities of Chicago calling upon the Aldermen to pass an Ordinance the mayor will be subject to recall by 2/3 vote of the registered voters in Chicago.

    • No, the nursing homes in Chicago get drugged drooling people to turn over absentee ballots and then a guy from the party comes over to fill them out if you’re slated. That’s how it works.

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