What has to be the most corrupt case in Illinois right now? Baby Peterson. I challenge everyone.

Baby Peterson was born to a mother who allegedly had drugs (cocaine) in her system and in the baby’s meconium and cord.  However, the Father has done nothing wrong and the State of Illinois has nothing on him, and he is a Verteran and a certified EMT and is trained in medical care.  Further the state never tested for the actual presence of cocaine, they only test for a metabolite, which is easily mimicked by poppy seeds and even quinine water.

Of course, that does not stop corrupt DCFS and a corrupt judge from keeping his baby from him.

At first, the excuse was there was no DNA test.  Well, now the results are back and HE IS THE FATHER.

So, then armed with an Emergency Petition to Return the Child to Father, what does the State of Illinois do?

First all the Public Defenders quit.  No one wants involvement with this case.  Heck no.

The judge and clerk of court say they need 3 DAYS FOR AN EMERGENCY ORDER.  What is that when the abduction was illegal to begin with?

Next, I am told the States Attorney quits.  Smart guy.  He knows this is a case going down.

Then I am told there is a 2 hour meeting between all the attorneys and judges but father is told nothing about this meeting. Even though his new attorney (found in the basement of the building) has a fiduciary duty for full disclosure to his client.  What is that?

I just simply cannot comprehend all this corruption.  The judge knows the kid is his.  He has done nothing wrong.  The attorneys (states and his attorney) knows he is the father and has done nothing wrong.

What is going on in the state of Illinois.  Why can’t this Veteran and father get his kid back and out of a home where the child suffered a spinal injury (state blames mother, but hospital records show no injuries at birth–typical state bs).

Now the state says they have to transfer Baby Peterson to yet a new foster home because the first one wasn’t properly licensed for multiple children.

Will anything happen? Will anyone care?

What is going on and who is this judge that can’t simply grow a spine, take out a loan and buy a spine and send this kid back to his father?

What about father’s rights?  Where are all the father’s rights activists out there?

This post is typically shared with over 800 FB friends, a bevy of new stations, etc. and the White House (never hear a peep from them) and nothing ever happens.

As usual, I have lots of questions and no answers.



1 thought on “What has to be the most corrupt case in Illinois right now? Baby Peterson. I challenge everyone.

  1. Sue them in Supreme Court make that judge go to federal prison at least that’s my goal for thesefuck heads !!! Sorry they need to be locked up with no day light ever!

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