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From FB: Warning: with the New World order if you pray and fast you are now subject to guardianship from which you will never, ever escape.

Woman Confined by Force to Psychiatric Ward for Praying and Fasting

Worshiping God

Health Impact News Editor Comments

The use of psychiatry to “diagnose” people with “mental” illnesses and restrain them against their will in psychiatric wards is not new.

Psychiatry is not a medical science based on biology. There are no laboratory tests that can detect “mental disease.” All mental illnesses are defined by psychiatrists according to behaviors and then voted on to be included in their “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” (DSM). The latest version, version 5 (DSM5) is very controversial, labeling what many see as common behaviors as new “disorders.” New “disorders” are added with each revision, making it legal to prescribe dangerous and addictive drugs for these published mental diseases. (See: Everyone Opposed to Creation of New Psychiatric Disorders Except Those Who Stand to Profit from Them)

The Courthouse News Service has published a news release regarding a case filed in court where a 56-year-old woman was forcibly confined to a psychiatric ward against her will for praying and fasting.

Medical tyranny is alive and widely practiced in the U.S. today. And there are signs that the role of psychiatrists will increase under Obamacare.

It’s Prayer, not Psychosis, Woman Says

Courthouse News Service

CLEVELAND (CN) – A self-published spiritual author sued a doctor and hospital, claiming she was involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric ward after becoming “confused and disoriented” on the 15th day of a “biblical fast,” and that hospital staff misinterpreted her prayers as psychotic tendencies.

Jane Doe sued St. Vincent Charity Medical Center and Dr. Saraj Brar, in Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas.

Doe, 56, describes herself in the complaint as “a Pentecostal Christian and a self-published author of books about God and spirituality.” The lawsuit continues:

“As part of her religious devotion, she periodically observes a biblical fast during which she abstains from all foods and consumes only water. In the early morning hours of July 10, 2013, Doe was on the 15th day of such a fast. While at a BP gas station in the city of Cleveland, Doe became confused and disoriented, and she contacted her mother for assistance.”

Doe says she was taken to the emergency room at St. Vincent’s and then involuntarily admitted to the hospital’s psychiatric ward. “Blood tests taken at the time of Doe’s admission revealed low sodium, potassium and electrolyte levels, indicative of water intoxication and hyponatremia,” the complaint states.

“Notwithstanding the results of Doe’s blood tests, Dr. Brar diagnosed Doe on admission as suffering from bipolar disorder with psychotic features.” Doe claims that while she was at the hospital, “Dr. Brar and other St. Vincent’s staff characterized Doe’s religious devotion as evidence of mental instability, making repeated references to her ‘religious preoccupation’ and noting Doe’s Bible reading and audible praying as evidence [of] mental illness.”

She claims that “when Doe refused to take anti-psychotic medications prescribed by Dr. Brar, defendants sought continued involuntary commitment through the Cuyahoga County Probate Court.”

Doe says Brar refused to let her leave the hospital after nearly five days of observation, and “instituted an action in the Cuyahoga County Probate Court seeking Doe’s continued involuntary detention.” She claims that “Dr. Brar’s affidavit was incomplete and misrepresented to the Probate Court that defendants had complied with their obligations under Ohio Rev. Code 5122.”

The Probate Court scheduled an initial hearing for July 25, but Doe says the hospital refused to provide copies of her medical records until the day before the final hearing, scheduled for Aug. 9. She claims that “based on the evidence presented, the Probate Court granted Doe’s oral motion to dismiss the proceedings and ordered Doe’s immediate discharge.”

She seeks punitive damages for false imprisonment and violations of patient rights. She is represented by Angela Lavin, with Wegman, Hessler, and Vandenburg.

Read the Full Report Here.


From Joanne

Note her age. At 56 the quest starts to guardianize anyone with assets or who can be a patient traded on the open market between hospitals and nursing homes for the profit of their health insurance or Medicaid.  Be aware, be very aware and afraid, very afraid.

Avoid probate gship at all costs.  Do not get into a hospital and let them claim you have any mental illness or condition.  Do not admit to any drug use, even ditch weed, the US govt has even outlawed a common plant.  If you are targeted try to find an honest attorney that will go up against the system (good luck, most get disciplined or disbarred).

We have to fight this. People are not a profit center for miscreants and psychopaths in suits and with professional licenses.  Those who target the elderly, those over 55 and those that are disabled are the scum of the earth.

Even though the courts don’t care and let it happen anyway


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