From BTR/MO: Mass murder in Montgomery County, Penn. in Probate and the authorities look the other way

Guests: Coz Whitten-Skaife, Mary Whitten and other family members

This is a show you do not want to miss!

Pennsylvania appears to be about to exceed Florida and Tennessee in its abuse of the elderly by corrupt probate courts, for-profit guardians, unethical attorney’s and their constant companions…the participating nursing homes. In what has to be one of the most extreme cases of probate abuse with the intent to exploit the estate, Harvey Whitten is that case.  Highly educated and successful, Harvey became a prime target for the predators in Montgomery County, PA due to a stroke.  Harvey never had a chance to recover.

F. Harvey Whitten who suffers from vascular dementia, is being chemically restrained with Haldol.  This was done without the family’s knowledge.  Haldol is not appropriate for use on those over 60, nor those with dementia.  F. Harvey Whitten is a veteran of the Korean War, and now a victim of Montgomery County Orphans (probate) court.  Deborah Klock, a nurse, was named to replace Harvey’s companion who had passed away, as co-guardian on November 16, 2012 by Judge Stanley Ott, of the Orphan’s Court of Montgomery County. Ott dismissed Whitten’s request for his own counsel and ordered Diane Zabowski to act as his counsel and it was she who named Nurse Klock as co-guardian.

Both Mary and Coz told RebelPundit that Klock exhibited problems right away. Mary Whitten especially has written numerous complaints against Klock in which she alleges: Klock impersonated a family member, made herself the emergency contact, and changed the medication without notifying the family.

The Whitten family has fought a long and bitter battle to save their uncle from the ravages of the probate system.


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