From Ken Ditkowsky–Esformes is related to the 8+deaths in a nursing home where the a/c failed and no one was timely evacuated.

From Ken:
This morning the Miami Herald disclosed the relationship between Esformes and the management of the facility in which a number of elderly persons died.  By a separate cover I forwarded the article.
This event, whether Esformes is innocent as the fresh driven snow or NOT is one that even the greatest amount of clout cannot sweep under the rug.    The article reveals a long history of neglect and profiteering.    Fraud reeks from every aspect of the nursing home elder cleansing scenario along with massive political corruption.    This is one of those situations in which you can run, but you cannot hide.
As you know, the government rarely loses the criminal cases that it prosecutes and in the Philip Esformes matter it appears that they have him nailed six ways to Sunday.   A conviction is almost as certain as predicting that tomorrow is Friday.
If you have any lines of communication with Esformes please urge him to run – not walk – to the FBI investigators and provide them with a complete candid and honest disclosure of the entire ELDER CLEANSING and Medicare frauds from top to bottom.    He personally has nothing to lose – he is going to prison for the rest of his life – candid honest co-operation may give him some chance of still having a few years on the outside, and most importantly it will force HONESTY and Honor back into the world of health care.
As I said before I believe that Philip Esformes is small potatoes in the health care fraud industry, but he knows all the players and where all the bodies are buried.    If he does not know – his father does.    The actions of Esformes and his associates cannot be justified or even rationalized – they are beyond reprehensible.   No rationalization is can even be contemplated – HOWEVER, it is not too late to make a clean breast of the criminal enterprises and their associations.    Paying the Piper now is the only honorable avenue open.
I know from experience that honest advice is not readily acceptable – however, Esformes has played the antisemitic card successfully for too long.   The humongous fraud and inhumanity is this time going to defame every person who has any Jewish background as a monster.   The opportunity for the antisemitics  to stir up HATE against Jews   is scary –
I do not know if you can do anything – but whatever you can do to short circuit the orgy that is coming down the pike – *****
Thank you!

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