Judge Quinn and her associates still deny free speech and the ADA to probate victims.

This Protective Son has not talked to his son in 2 months and has not seen his mother since April of 2006!  The conduct is absolutely reprehensible.  Quinn still continues to appoint people that deny human rights, civil rights and the Americans with Disabilities Act to the Elderly.

This woman has told the Protective Son who took care of his mother from 2008 to 2015 when the guardianship began he cannot talk to his mother as follows:


Per your request, here’s the list of off-limit topics to avoid while talking to your mom. This list was compiled after speaking with your mom’s guardian about topics that upset your mom and I am relaying the message to you. The list includes:

-Your girlfriend/fiancé
-court dates
-Chicago – moving there, being with you in Chicago, where you’re living in Chicago, or anything along those lines.
-Dawn or her sister
-Dawn’s family
-Florence’s house
-the will
-any complaining or negativity

I’ve been instructed to end the call if Florence begins to get upset or cry or if you don’t stick to the list. I know this will challenging for you and I’m sorry for this. I’m doing my best to try to coordinate this call for you so you can at least talk to your mom while accommodating the requests of her decision maker.


This is her email.  She is from court appointed agency as shown:


Midwest Care Management Services.

please email her and advise her that she is violating the ADA, the First and 14th amendments of the rights of this Protective Son to see his mother, visit with her and talk her about anything the Mother wants to talk about.

There is no court gag order issued.


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