From AO and CS–this is what the failure of Democracy looks like–false arrest for mental health evaluation

From Cynthia Stevens and Andy Ostrowski;

(Btw, AO is a suspended Pennsylvania lawyer who ran for Congress in 2014, won the primary, but lost in the general election.  He specialized for 20 years in Constitutional Rights, and was very outspoken about corruption in the Pennsylvania court.

He has filed litigation for the rights of the people, he has been outspoken on all types of social media, from Podcasts on Twiggs Cafe radio, to Facebook and Facebook civil rights groups and Twitter for human and civil rights.

Today, he was arrested while he was doing a Facebook Live video and hauled off for a mental evaluation when clearly he was calm, collected and competent.

Mental health evaluations were the processes by which Russia threw hundreds of thousands of its dissident citizens in dangerous gulags, China dissidents (if not shot in Tienanmen Square) also had “mental health” centers for “reeducation and training.”

While I doubt this will shut up Andy Ostrowski, a  highly intelligent lawyer and writer, it is scary that this can happen in the US to a former candidate for US Congress.

Read on and watch the video.  At the end, AO gets hauled off by two cops threatening him with Tasers.


BTW, this video has already been pulled off numerous posts and some of the videos have been stripped of audio, so if you can’t hear, try another link.  As soon as this happened, the video was sent out to hundreds of friends and their hundreds of friends.

From: Cynthia Stephens <>
To: kenneth ditkowsky <>; Robert Grundstein <>; <>; Jeffrey Norkin <>
Sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 5:45:42 PM CDT
Subject: IMP! Hi Everyone, It appears Wilkes-Barre, PA police came in and arrested Andy Ostrowski prior to his going on FB Live at 3:00pm
Andy, had sent out an email saying he was going live at 3:00pm today, around 2:09pm according to my email system.  He states in the video linked above he went on early because he saw the police, I think he said coming over a fence and more and I believe he said another was with them.  Those in the background who Andy says are Wilkes-Barre, PA police say they are arresting him for  a mental health evaluation!  He asks if they have a warrant, etc.
This is outrageous and a violation of his rights, isn’t it!  Just because he is telling the truths and doing something about it?  People, innocent and victimized people deserve a voice and especially if it a system designed and that exists to protect innocent people. but being used to victimize the everyday person because it is financially beneficial to them.  We pay our elected officials and those in the courts to be those who impart justice and fairness, but in areas of PA this system has run amok and criminals rule!  Look at Monroe County and the organized HOA crime syndicate operating there.  Just an example, but Andy speaks out on much more then HOAs!
He has recently been talking about the “Kids for Cash” judge who is seeking to be let out of jail due to a technicality and other issues?  Why is it a problem for him to voice his opinion?  This is crazy!  Is this the way they control people?  This could be anyone!