Hallelujah! Andy Ostrowski lawyer activist has been released and we have video conference he is okay


some comments from Ken Ditkowsky:

AT this point in time Andy has been free – below is a link to his interview with John Adams   – it is worth a listen – at least in part.
On Friday, September 29, 2017, 8:10:01 PM CDT, Brian Fedorka <bfedorka82@gmail.com> wrote:
You can go to his page for a live video interview (crappy audio) earlier today with John Adams. If you don’t trust the link below then to repeat, simply visit Andy’s facebook page, ‘Andy Ostrowski’.
It is now clear that we are in fact all in danger.    As an attorney Andy had the training to know what he was facing and to deal with it; however, had the miscreants been able to drug him — he would have been a candidate for “elder cleansing!”  
Now that the ordeal is over, Andy indicates that he wants to get on with his life – however — the wrongful mental health arrest of Andy is a warning for every one of us — Democracy is not a spectator sport and in a flash – any one of us, including some of us who feel immune, can be hauled off to the Gulag and the next time any one sees us – they see a zombie!    A dose or two of the right chemical and  – bingo!   You are none person!     
Mary Sykes was a vibrant elderly lady.    She was kidnapped by her older daughter and presto/chango – after she was stripped of her assets and humanity (over a period of several years) she achieved her final reward.     Some miscreants showed up with about 3 million in Mary’s assets (including a million dollars in gold coins) and it was time for Mary to die.   She did.   The miscreants are protected!    Jerome Larkin, the administrator of the IARDC, has in his possession an evidence deposition from the jurist who was ‘fixed’      He diligently tried to ‘cover up’ the fraud – he stopped any honest investigation and thus the booty is safe = for the moment – Mary is dead!     Inspite of 18 USCA 371 – Larkin still roams the street and he and the miscreants have not paid a dime of the taxes due on the booty – HOWEVER, Illinois tax payers got a raise in their taxes.
Lawyer Ken Ditkowsky,
Susended by the ARDC for 4 years in Illinois for writing letters of protest regarding
court corruption in Cook County Illinois
From Joanne;
Listening to the video, main points
  • Andy was taken into custody without a court order or arrest warrant
  • He suffered a wrist injury during arrest, despite the fact he was not resisting arrest, he was fully cooperating with the police
  • His laptop is stolen or missing and has not been located yet. This is the laptop where he videoed his own false arrest live on FB streaming, and stated he had done nothing wrong, he knew of no warrant for his arrest and he appeared to be not just competent and rational, but fully engaged in complex, higher level inellectual discourse regarding a dire situation (false arrest and imprisonment)
  • His video went immediately viral with over 20,000 hits in the first few days
  • The psych hospital staff, was, for the part, respectful and helpful to him.
  • He signed no documents and admitted nothing, other than he participated in the group therapy they imposed upon him.
  • he won his incompetency hearing and was released.  this is a rarity.
  • he has done these hearings before for others as their lawyer and has helped many with them.
  • he rejected the public defender assigned to him because he knows, as many of you have experienced…..
  • he is well aware of the fact he is an activist, has named names of very clouted people and he knows they wanted him institutionalized, locked away and drugged.
  • the cops got a key to his back door from a friend or neighbor (turncoat).  (Do we need slider locks and chains for our doors?  Rape chains)
  • he insisted on looking at the paperwork before he got into the ambulance and determined the paperwork wasn’t complete, it was defective and it looked like the judge was going to hold a hearing and sign it later that day.  Doing a FB live video on another issue of corruption, prompted an early arrest.
  • Andy did comply with everything, except signing documents admitting anything.

Please go to Andy Ostrowski’s FB page and friend him and show him your support.

We all have to band together and take care of these activists that promote and protect our human and civil rights.

And Andy needs a good laptop with a camera and microphone to do his live streaming, so if you have an extra laptop, desktop, tablet, etc. please get this to Andy so he can continue his very blessed work in fighting for optimal human and civil rights.

Blessing to all the light workers out there.


6 thoughts on “Hallelujah! Andy Ostrowski lawyer activist has been released and we have video conference he is okay

  1. Thank you, Joane. What a true blessing you, and the many thousands of others, were to me in this ordeal – you all saved my life – literally. Of course, I will never stop talking, and sharing our experiences with what we all know is wrong in this system, and will continue to speak freely, even though, based on communications received even as late as this morning, I am still at serious “risk” of being abducted again at any time. I use the quotation marks, because I know that Truth is Power, and we really risk nothing, and gain everything by standing on the truth, no matter what any power any men, or group of me professing to have some measure of worldly power think they possess. Many thanks to Janet Phelan, and to the national treasure known as Ken Ditkowsky, for all of their support.

    God bless, and if you do not hear more from me within 24 hours, you know the drill.


    p.s. I still do not have my laptop, and am looking for an August 30, 2017 letter I submitted to the Wilkes Barre Police Chef, which I did widely disseminate.

    • When You Slay Dragons things get very TENSE. I was subjected to the same Andy back in 1985. I’ve also experienced several false arrests. I hope You got some REST and a clearer Vision on how to proceed. When You are a Dragon Slayer every so often the FIRE GETS TO YOU. JW

      • Thank you for your kind comment. I hope Andy sues over this so false psych holds will stop

        I just heard of another one a few days ago, and we are working on getting records and an attorney to sue over this.

        Prayers for being a dragon slayer and light worker.



  2. This information is woefully inaccurate. Andy said himself in recent posts that his exgirlfriend Karen and his neighbors – relatives of his landlord, provided a key to enter his apartment. His 302 was legitimate and a warrant was provided. Additionally, Andy had until last Friday been posting FB lives of his home, saying he was being evicted and additionally that his ex girlfriend Karen had all the stolen possessions. Sorry no conspiracy or government out to get you theories are correct. Just a guy with mental health issues and a crazy ex who lives 2 doors down. Not News!

    • Where do I even start with all of this, it’s soooo wrong on so very many level.

      Andy, on his FB video was clearly coherent and engaging in very high level thinking. He is clearly not incompetent.

      First, they refused to show him the court orders. Then, when he saw them they were unsigned and incomplete. If this is untrue, please email me a copy of the earlier dated warrant.

      No one’s interested in Andy’s love life.

      Second, if this really was a mental health issue, you send an ambulance with trained psych nurses who convince the patient he needs help at a psych ward. You don’t arrest them. The probate court can issue a “must appear” order first and the judge just talks to a person.

      Sorry, but in the US we do not arrest mentally disabled people with police officers crawling into the back yard.

      We first send people to talk to them and offer them help. If that fails, and they do not know the date time place who the president is, then they can be guardianized, but that’s a very high threshold, nothing like what you are talking about.

      If you know who gave the police the key, plmk and I’ll let Andy know.

      He’s got a whopper of a civil rights law suit right now.

      I am not surprised that after the key was given to police, his apartment was cleared out, this is common for Targeted Individuals whom the government does not like because they expose corruption.



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