Nursing home abuse in New York caught on camera.

And while the linked in probate attorneys force elders and disableds into institutional care, some nursing home actually have cameras (but only in the halls, it appears), for the worst of the worst:

There are no words to describe how awful it is to see these beloved sick and in need persons be mistreated by staff.

Let’s pray videos like this turn around nursing home management.


5 thoughts on “Nursing home abuse in New York caught on camera.

    • Although I don’t believe in original sin (because it’s not mentioned in the bible with the story of Eve, that story is the allegory of coming to earth according to biblical scholars (Dr. Elaine Pagels), I do believe their behavior is immoral and unethical and the work of a psychopath.
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  1. Dear Jm Denison;

    you don’t know me but I hope you can offer me some information…………….…

    what occurred with my dad after his stroke was a elder exploitation disaster that so far I can’t convince the florida bar or the local district attorney here in south Florida’s Miami Dade county crimes occurred that can be successfully prosecuted. I don’t feel conforable speaking publicly about my dad because I think systemic corruption occurred and I don’t know who to trust except the FBI and they have not called me so far.

    A close friend a woman named Carman F. who knows much and was witness to some of the stuff about what occurred with my dad finds herself at this time with her spouse Bill F. in a coma and she is researching moving her spouse Bill back to homestead from the AZ town he had his subdural hematoma and stroke he suffered during surgery.

    Carman called me today because she knows I am researching elder issues and I advised her to use the florida bar attorney referral service because I didn’t know what legal rights she has right now.

    Prior to Bill F’s recent subdural hematoma and stroke he suffered during surgery, Bill F was awake and had legal work done to allow carman F to manage his care if Bill F. failed to recover.

    Bill F appears to be responding to commands as best he can, but can’t communicate or open his eyes yet and is trying to move when asked to respond. I didn’t have any advice to offer carman because I don’t know her rights and what authority she has or how to transfer Bill from AZ to FL. I told carman I would do some research and get back to her and that I had filed for guardianship in Miami dade and asked for my dad’s estate plan to be used that had been revoked at a time my dad was infirm and I think I would have done better with my dad’s situation had I never hired a attorney to represent me. My dad had an estate plan, but what value is an estate plan if any attorney can revoke without cause when the plan is in use due to stroke and dementia?

    can you recommend anyone that could help carman f. find the information she seeks via on line or human resources. I told carman I don’t know who to trust with her situation and would not recommend the law firm I used to seek guardianship for my dad because they failed to take actions I had requested and failed to discover exparte hearing that allowed my dad to change his estate plan and cut me and mine out of his estate.

    thanks in advance

    dennis Sytsma
    homestead, fl

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    • I try to help everyone, even if I can’t be their attorney. I would suggest you talk to Barbara Stone and Candice Schwager for assistance. Both are attorneys. Barbara is fighting her own demons in Florida, and it’s very corrupt down there. Maybe Barbara knows someone. I would like to get a list in every state of low cost or pro bono attorneys on guardianship cases to keep the elderly safe and secure, but it’s hard finding competent, caring attorneys. If you can’t find Barbara Stone’s email, please email me.

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