Guardianship Abuse runs Rampant in Texas, according to Rebel Pundit

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After speaking to victims, lawyers, and activists, the investigation reveals that the probate court in Harris County works much like a good ole boys club where judges receive campaign contributions from lawyers who then receive favorable rulings. In a court with little oversight, several victims suffered physical and mental abuse and were left to effectively be euthanized.

Sherry Johnston told RebelPundit her mother was one of those victims. Her mother died in September 2014, weighing less than thirty pounds her normal weight. She provided Rebel Pundit with a series of photos which showed bruising, bed sores, and she made a You Tube video of doctors and guardianship professionals refusing to provide her mother with treatment, instead choosing to send her to hospice care to die.  (Sykes, Gore, Drabik, Richards, Wyman (attempted murder), etc.)

Johnston said her ordeal started when a family dispute led to an order placing her mother, Willie Jo Mills, in guardianship. Rather than choosing a family member to be her guardian, Judge Christine Butts, appointed David Dexel to be the guardian.

The judge also appointed a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) and an Attorney ad Litem to oversee the case, all at the expense of the estate. Rather than allowing Mills to live with Johnston, as both wanted, Dexel placed Mills in the Silverado Nursing Home in Kingwood, Texas, in the spring 2009.

The estate was charged $7,000 a month for the care.

“At Sliverado she was abused, isolated and neglected,” Johnston told RebelPundit.

Sound Familiar?

Barbara Monaghan charged elderly Sophie Reichert $2400 a month and took excellent care of Sophie, so excellent and the house was so clean and neat, Catholic Charities and the OPG both claimed, they saw no evidence anyone was caring for her!  The judge agreed and took away Barbara Monaghan’s POA.  Now the OPG hasn’t paid the mortgage on a $2 million piece of property and they take the rents and pay THEIR caregivers, now a nursing home to care for Sophie, who has had numerous health problems since being isolated from her family (Barbara, Ronald, Ryan and Martin) for months on end. You think there’s not a connection. So Sophie is in a nursing home.  Her son who lived with her for decades is in another nursing home and both are upset they are being separated from one another.

Does the OPG care?  Heck no.  Supervised visitation for everyone!

Barbara went to Sophie’s home three times or more per day bringing her home made food, did the cooking, the cleaning and laundry, then went to the building, dealt with tenants and repairs and the City–all for $2400 per month.

The OPG takes the rents and pays 2 caregivers $8,000 to $9,000 per month.  They find a “building manager” for 8% of the rents or another $1,000 or so per month.  They then stop paying the mortgage on a $2 million income building–to force it into foreclosure so a friend will buy it up cheap.  I’ve already received calls from “interested lawyers.”

How is this happening that the OPG’s $10,000 per month is better than Barbara’s $2400 per month bill?

How is this happening that the OPG does not have to pay rent?

How is it that the ARDC does NOTHING about this outrageous behavior of the attorneys involved–Epstein, Franciskowicz, Fung and Stilton, letting them lie, lie, lie.

They falsely accuse Barbara of stealing, but it is they who are stealing and churning the bill at about $7500 per month and not paying the mortgage.

The Judge does nothing and should be reported.

The FBI should investigate the lot of them all–Epstein, Franciskowicz, Fung, Stilton, Judge Quinn and Dr. Shaw–who finds every wealthy widow/er incompetent who has no interest in the time, date or President, but sure can run a TV remote just fine, thank you.


1 thought on “Guardianship Abuse runs Rampant in Texas, according to Rebel Pundit

  1. …When we accept the fact that we can do anything if we exert the right amount of energy, we can make the smartest choices about what’s truly worthwhile. Choosing wisely is half the battle; following through is the other.
    ..Our primary purpose is to be true to our-self and honest with others.
    God help us all.

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