Guardianship abuse runs rampant in LA! From the LA times

A disability-rights group has filed a federal complaint alleging that the Los Angeles County Superior Court has systemically violated the civil rights of intellectually disabled residents who are under limited conservatorships by failing to provide effective legal assistance through its court-appointed attorneys.

The class-action complaint, filed with the U.S. Department of Justice in Los Angeles on Friday, claims that court-appointed attorneys routinely violate the Americans with Disabilities Act during limited-conservatorship proceedings.

The complaint alleges that the court system has failed to provide adequate training to attorneys in how to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, has failed to train the attorneys on how to effectively work with a client who has developmental disabilities, and lacks qualification and performance standards.

The court also places a conflict of interest on these attorneys, the complaint says. The court requires attorneys to advocate for the client while also assisting the court in resolving the matter, violating the client’s right to due process, the complaint says………..

While Catherine Falk is running around the US getting her “Parental Alienation” law passed so children can visit ailing parents without interference from body guard attorneys and miscreant judges, LA Time is finally reporting the truth in guardianship.

It’s as if over night the mainstream media has picked up on these stories and is finally going strong.

Gloria, Ken and I all filed Civil Rights suits and ADA complaints regarding the gross civil and human rights violations of Mary Sykes.  Those suits went no where in the Federal Northern District Court of Illinois which currently shields Guardian abusers together with Jerome Larkin of the ARDC

.  Without any significant disease–heart disease, internal organ disease or dementia (see the Vimeo video if you doubt the mental facilities of Mary Sykes, and based upon reports from this blog last year, she was walking, talking, reasoning, assuring Gloria all would be well despite the sale of her home, the theft of the sale proceeds by CT and company, the paying of attorneys hundreds of thousands of dollars, she still wanted to get out of the nursing home with Gloria, and “they would start all over again.”  THAT tape was destroyed by, upon information and belief, Stern.  Then the money runs out, and Mary is drugged to death.

Then Mary is ushered off to a Funeral home and the director is told no obituary, no announcements, no one at a service please, just a quick funeral and don’t tell anyone where she is buried?  Oh, and no autopsy, no tox screen.  Just embalm her quickly and bury her quickly.

And the police don’t get involved?

How many clues does CT have to leave about her behavior before one of the myriad of Keystone cops gets a clue about Mary, and then there’s Mrs. Drabik, Ms. Tyler, Ms.Wyman was nearly murdered by probate and company, Mrs. Baker, the list goes on and on.

So for all of you attorneys and judges out there from probate hiding from the truth, fixing deals everywhere, the public and HONEST attorneys are demanding truth and justice and that major media publishes the same.

Cash for kids went on for 6 years before the feds stepped in and dismantled it and put the perps in prison. For good.  The litigation out of that one is huge and horrendous and the 2nd circuit has already declared:  no immunity for these judges, for the attorneys involved.  Your licenses are now worth toilet paper to protect you.

The guardianship cases are the same.

Check out the Catherine Falk Organization for more info on allowing adult children visitation to see their ailing parents.  Good for her.


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