China arrests over 100 lawyers and human and civil rights activits in a clamp down

One law firm that represented many activists was deemed “a major criminal organization.”

Jerome Larkin would be proud.  And my favorite is one commentator’s quote of Mark Twain who understood this argument well: “It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either”.

In a country where cell phones and police web cams are giving us shocking footage of how the police really act when out on the streets and the adjustments that need to be made,  I am certain the international backlash to the arrests will be overwhelming.

Today the seniors still at risk and who are not currently defended by independent counsel are:  Janie Thomas of Chicago, Alan Frake at Park Ridge Sunrise Senior Living and Ms. X, who is too afraid to even provide a name, they drained her estate, took every dime she had, left her with a huge judgment like branding a cattle, and now she has nothing but fear, fear they will scoop her up, put her in  a locked down nursing facility, then forced hospice and she will be gone.

All of these seniors are at grave risk.

Neither mine nor Ken Ditkowsky’s law license have been returned to us even after Mary Sykes was narcoticed to death in forced hospice as we warned everyone.  All her assets sold, the home sold for a fraction of its value to “an investment real estate corp.”

Last year, Ms. Helen Rector begged one daughter not to leaver her alone with the other evil daughter, a guardian, because she would kill her, but there was a court order of no contact in place and so Ms. Lipinski had to stay away from then on.  Mom was dead in 2 weeks, narcoticed to death, the body quietly and quickly disposed of when the money ran out and Mrs. Rector became an inconvenient witness and piece of trash to be tossed aside.

I have no idea what the ARDC or SCOI is thinking when both Ken and I were most tragically right in the end.  They persecute and prosecute us for lying about draining the estate, giving $300,000 to favored, clout heavy attorneys, which has now happened, $1 million is still missing from the Sykes estate and now she is dead.

And anyone that spoke out against the system, myself, Ken Ditkowsky, Mr. Lanre Amu, and the honest, caring family members, have been ostracized, denigrated, false lighted, defamed, libeled and slandered in some of the most horrific manners possible.  Gloria Sykes in particular was terrorized by clout heavy attorneys at every possible turn for 5 years of an insufferable and illegal guardianship over her mother.

They never protected Mary G Sykes.

Instead they covered up a string of felonies.

Attorneys involved:  Cynthia Farenga, Adam Stern, Peter Schmeidel, Deborah Jo Soehlig, Fischel and Kahn and Harvey Waller.  Judges involved:  Justice Maureen Conners, Judge Jane Louis Stuart (removed from the bench) and Judge Aicha MacCarthy

It’s simply time to call for the installation of a federal monitor on the 18th floor to protect all these seniors, the disableds and their families.

We have to stop ignoring the obvious–target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and secretly eliminate is one of the most despicable, unjust and inhumane systems flourishing in the Daley center and elsewhere.

It must end and it must end now.  Too many seniors and disableds are still at risk.


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