Time to make all of the Attorneys General in Illinois Do Their Job or Else…..

Refund their salaries to the Illinois Taxpayers!  Yeah!

Read on below.  I think I made a mistake in not faxing them, emailing them and calling them as Ken has shown us the way.

Maybe if we were incessant and relentless, Mary Sykes would not be dead today (narcoticed to death), Helen Rector would not be dead (narcoticed to death).

Let’s make a stink that flooding the elderly with drugs to hold their estates ransom will not be tolerated in the US.

refund their salaries to the Illinois coffers.

see below.

To: Diane Saltoun
Executive Inspector General
fax 312-814-8444
cc: Lisa Madigan,
fax 312 814-3806
Anita Alvarez
fax 312-603-4708    From:                    Admitted Ill., N.  Carolina and Patent Bars
JoAnne M. Denison,     Pat. Atty.  Reg.  No.  34,150
Justice 4 Every1, NFP    FAX 312-553-1307
5940 W Touhy Ave, #120    CELL PH 773-255-7608
Niles, IL 60714    PHONE 312-553-1300
JoAnne@DenisonLaw.com or http://www.DenisonLaw.com
Federal Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights
Illinois’ Most Dangerous Blogger, suspended 3 years in Illinois for telling the truth about the Sykes case and corruption in probate!

For transmission problems, please call 312-553-1300
A confirmation copy       WILL   ✔   will NOT be sent.
Pages in fax, including this coversheet – ( see fax header )
July 14, 2015

Re:   In re Estate of Mary Sykes, 09 P 4585 and other probate cases involving
Endangered senior citizens

Dear Diane;

It is with a heavy heart and with sincere apologies to you that I may have inadvertently mislead you in the above case, that I write to your offices today.

Mary Sykes died late May 2015, narcoticed to death, and a quick secret burial followed–no announcements, no obits, just quick and secret.

You may recall that in July, 2012, I wrote to your offices with a warning that the above case was proceeding without jurisdiction, that Mary’s home was to be sold, probably for pennies on the dollar by a corrupt probate court and probate attorneys that only desired to drain Mary’s estate to line their own wallets and purses, (to the tune of $300,000) and you wrote me back and said your offices “don’t do corruption”.  I had also advised the offices of Lisa Madigan and Anita Alvarez that this type of corruption was ongoing in probate, day in and day out with attorneys lying in order to take undeserved attorneys fees from estates, selling homes for pennies on the dollar, intentionally putting properties into foreclosure, hundred of thousands of dollars of assets missing or falling off the books, innocent family members who care about the disabled being defamed, insulted, false lighted and libeled in court, as well as being isolated from the disabled so that the disabled is drugged, held in nursing homes against her or his will, and then killed off (narcoticed to death in “hospice”) when the money runs out.

I’m sorry I stopped writing to your offices and those of Ms. Madigan and Ms. Alvarez because now it has all come to fruition with the Estate of Mary G Sykes.  Namely, Mary is dead. She died last month narcoticed to death:

1) Mary G Sykes was guardianized in a “deal” between the proposed guardian and the GAL’s.  She was never served with a Summons and Complaint nor read her rights, as required by the Illinois Probate Act.  She never received a hearing with competent medical evidence (a brain scan or MRI showing her brain either malfunctioned or was diseased).  Is it too much to ask that before a person is stripped of all their rights and treated worse than a prisoner that there is some scientific evidence, just  a bit, that the person is actually suffering from a mental disease or defect and not just the BS of some tied in doctor that is paid handsomely to ensure the target is squarely hit and skewered with lies and deception?  We have MRI’s now.  We have brain scans.  Science.  Why is science throw out on the 18th floor in favor of BS.  For most people, jive walks and evidence talks, except Probate.

2) Mary G Sykes was then whisked away to Naperville, a place where she did not want to be to live with an estranged daughter.  Her last POA for health care was to her younger daughter Gloria Sykes and it clearly stated in her own handwriting she wanted to live in her own Home until the day she died, and was to be cared for there by her 2 daughters.  The elder daughter, Carolyn Toerpe ignored all that, made a deal with the GAL’s to declare Mary incompetent, sell off her belongings and pay attorneys fees.

3) Mary’s home was appraised in January 2012 for $750,000. At that time it was likely worth $1 million being on a multi use zoning lot approx. 50′ by 200′.  Two months later it was sold for $213,000 and the Realtor’s family name was Mell, as in Richard Mell and it was sold to a Real Estate investment company, Lion and Magpie LLC.  Properties sold in probate are not supposed to be deals sold to real estate investment companies.  I live in the neighborhood, drive by that property all the time, and no one ever appears to live there.  Richard Mell, a Realtor, was involved in the sale (son of Dick Mell)

4) When all the assets were sold and they even took the younger daughter’s insurance proceeds of $200,000 which were from improper repairs after ice damming and mold flooded her own home (and the home is still in disrepair today), Gloria was the one with the insurance policy on the home, it was in her name, she paid all the bills, only her property was in this house (6016 N. Avondale), but the GAL’s got it all.  In the end, as I tried to warn you back in 2012, they would sell all of Mary’s property, it would all go to attorneys fees (it has, but they always told the judge it would go to “Mary’s care”) which did not happen at all.

5) In June of 2014, myself and 3 other witnesses found Mary at Sunrise of Naperville.  Carolyn (the Pleanary Guardian) found out and called the police.  The police called GAL Stern and upon information and believe, Stern told the police to have me delete a 40 minute video in which Mary was competent, asking complex questions (did Carolyn sell my house-yes, does she have the money-yes, and we can’t use it to start over Gloria, right?-yes.)  Over and over she asked one thoughtful question after another and continually told Gloria everything would be okay that they could start over and would Gloria please try to come and get her out as soon as possible-yes.  She clearly at that time did not have Alzheimer’s or any form of dementia. While approximately 20 other seniors were place in front of a TV obviously heavily drugged.  Mary assured Gloria she was in perfect health, ate vegetarian every day still, she did her one hour of walking every day and she would wait for Gloria to come get her.  Only one other woman was up and walking and Mary and her were great friends.

6) End of May 2015.  Gloria is called by Carolyn and told she has one hour to come and see Mary, Mary is dying.  Gloria comes and notes that Mary is heavily drugged and asked the reason why and she is told that Mary has dementia (she does not) and is in hospice.  Mary never wanted hospice and wanted to die at home.  She asked that her life be prolonged with all possible means.

7) Next day body is taken to Suerth Funeral Home the family funeral home and Carolyn (the Plenary Guardian) tells the funeral director to embalm Mary on the spot, no one is to be told she is there, she to have no obituaries, no death announcements, no funeral or wake. She is not to have an autopsy or any other tests.  She is to be buried as quickly and quietly as possible with no one knowing about it. Secret burial.

So I apologize for not reminding you that Mary was on the typical probate track of “target-isolate-medicate-drain the estate and quietly eliminate.”  I was hoping you were reading my blog on the case, http://www.marygsykes.com and would intervene before they killed off Mary.

I am requesting at this time that you investigate 09 P 4585 (one Judge has already had to “suddenly retire” over this case because she lied about chaining Gloria and threatening her pets with euthanization on the stand in my ARDC case over this entire probate mess.

So I am begging you and imploring you to stop this trail of death on the 18th floor. Right now, Al Frake is at great risk of death.  Ms.  ALV (call for name she fears for her life)  (a probate victim) now her money is gone in her estate–she is at risk too.

Recently, Ms. Lipiniski’s mother was narcoticed to death.  Ms. Lipiniski’s mother begged her not to go, there was a court order against Ms. Lipinski seeing her mother, so she had to leave (this is despite the fact Ms. Lipinski’s name was on the title to the home), and within 2 weeks, her mother was also dead, narcoticed to death.  The other daughter quickly cremated the body.

Probate and the 18th floor of the Daley center is nothing but a cesspool of lies, deception, missing assets and death and destruction for many familes.  Many, many family members have been terrorized by the attorneys there and have been defamed, false lighted, libeled and slandered when they try to protect their loved ones.

In the Sykes case nearly $1 million in valuable coins disappeared and the ARDC quashed discovery repeatedly in my trial, and of court the Probate Court also quashed any discovery of these coins–tho later the Plenary Guardian paid off her daughter’s college loans, started sporting a 2 carat diamond ring, but she has never been served with any subpoenas or has had her deposition taken regarding where hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold and silver coins went to.  The probate court quashed all of that repeatedly. The GAL’s told the judge repeatedly the coins were imaginary–without serving any discovery!  A safe deposit box bearing Mary’s and Gloria’s name was drilled out within a few months of Carolyn Toerpe being appointed guardian, and the judge was not told. The GAL’s admitted on the stand they never told the judge.  Discovery was repeatedly quashed on the video tape showing who emptied the box and did not inventory it.

Two attorneys, myself and Ken Ditkowsky have been suspended for 3 to 4 years over this case and we tell nothing but the truth.  No discovery was had.  Mary is now dead, and $300,000 went to attorneys in one of the most shameful cases on the 18th floor (that I know of).  Mary was narcoticed to death and Carolyn acted in such a manner she was trying to cover up a crime or series of crimes.

And please don’t respond this does not impact upon the State of Illinois and its coffers.  In fact it does. The federal tax penalty for crime is 75% (see below)!  The penalty for avoiding filing taxes in Illinois is 100% of the tax due or 3.75%x 2 or 7.5%. That means the State of Illinois and the US govt, in not investigating and going after attorneys Stern, Farenga, Schmeidel and Waller and the string of Judges on this case–Connors, Stuart and MacCarthy is passing up $1 million tax penalty for the theft of the coins, $750,000 for the artificially depressed sale of the home and $300,000 given to attorneys in fees for not performing valid legal services for an estate but rather concocting crimes against the public and the state and federal governments.

There is now a boat load of money to get from the above entities for the State of Illinois and the US Government.  Criminals that do not pay taxes cost us all in the long run.

I am imploring you once again to honestly investigate the 09 P 4585 case for criminal activity.  Mary Sykes didn’t have to die if the perps thought they would have to pay 100% of the proceeds to the IRS and State of Illinois of fees, fines and interest for tax evasion.

In addition, since it is within the purview of your offices to collect for fraud on state agencies, you should have all along been prosecuting corruption in Illinois.  It is no secret that Illinois and Chicago are either the top corrupt state/city or in the top 5.

Since many others have reported your offices refuses to investigate and bring to justice corruption cases, it would seem that you are not entitled to 100% of your salary since you took office.  I would argue if you are only doing 50% of the job, you should refund the other 50% of your salary for all those years you have been in office.  Likewise for Ms. Madigan and Ms. Alvarez “don’t do” corruption, then I see no reason why the citizens of the State of Illinois are paying them 100% of their salary. They should be paid the percentage of the job they do and the rest should be turned over to an attorney that takes her or his oath seriously and “does do” corruption in Illinois.

I emailed each of Alvarez and Lisa Madigan way back in 2012 when I saw that there had been a string of crimes committed. Everyone was warned that unless they did something about the mess on the 18th floor of the Daley center, Mary Sykes would die a horrible death, alone and in a place she did not want to be.  Her home would be sold for pennies on the dollar, even her younger daughter’s assets would all be taken from her.  100% of her estate would go to attorneys fees–some $300,000.

No one did anything.  Except myself and Ken and a handful of honest citizens outraged at the treatment of Mary.  We were threatened, hounded and prosecuted for merely protecting a 90+ year old widow in grave danger of conversion of her assets and murder.

In the intervening years, Chicago Magazine wrote an article on how Lisa Madigan “the people’s lawyer” doesn’t go after corruption.

I dropped all of bugging you with faxes and emails figuring you all could read my blog and see where this is going.

Again, I apologize.  Mary is dead.  You were all warned.

Now, please exhume the body of Mary Sykes and give Gloria her estate back–some $1.3 million you owe her because you and Madigan “don’t do” corruption.  Plus, the miscreants can pay the State of Illinois and the US government the back taxes they owe.  $1.3 million to the IRS and some 10% to the State of Illinois, or $130,000, plus the transfer taxes on the home sold at a discount of some $60,000 to the state, city and federal government.

Then, and only then after Gloria has her money back, you can go after the miscreants over at the ARDC that tried to shut down my blog that told the truth–Jerome Larkin, Melissa Smart, Sharon Opryszek, Stephen Splitt and the Tribunals and Hearing Boards that violated mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s first amendment rights in trying to save Mary Sykes and people like Mrs. Lipinski’s mother and Dorothy Baker. Those cases had judges and GAL’s that knew what was going on–target the senior, isolate, medicate, drain the estate and quietly eliminate all witnesses to the crimes.

If this is not what you thought you signed up for, then just return all your salaries and turn over your jobs to someone that will do them properly.

Some of us take our oaths as an attorney seriously.  I did my job, Ken did her, a group of honest citizens and relatives of Mary stepped forward and have created a rukus.

Now it’s your turn.  Stop the thefts, drugging and murder in probate.

Very Truly Yours,


JoAnne Denison

JoAnne M. Denison

cc: Ken Ditkowsky and http://www.marygsykes.com blog.
Chicago FBI via email, Lisa Madigan and Anita Alvarez

From the IRS website:
Civil and Criminal Penalties – Abusive Tax Schemes

Investors of abusive tax schemes that try to escape their legal tax responsibilities are still liable for taxes, interest, and civil penalties. Violations of the Internal Revenue Code with the intent to evade income taxes may result in a civil fraud penalty or criminal prosecution. Civil fraud can include a penalty of up to 75% of the underpayment of tax attributable to fraud, in addition to the taxes owed. Criminal convictions of promoters and investors may result in fines up to $250,000 and up to five years in prison.

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