From Ken Ditkowsky-what to do about the pervasive elder cleansings

Who are the elder cleansers?    
Answer:   By in large the people who are appointed by the corrupt jurists and judicial officials.   It appears that these are the very individuals who during our school years most of us ignored or trampled upon as non-entities.    They were the “would be bullies” who just did not have whatever was required to be bully.  Thus, we largely ignored them and went they attempted their bullying we meted out an appropriate remedy.
When CF entered the hearing room during my IARDC hearing both I and my attorney had the same anti-social reaction to her appearance and demeanor.    Others had the very same anti-social reaction.  We were both embarrassed a bit, but no one seemed to notice and no issue was made of it.   Most of us recognized her and what she stood for!  We knew exactly who she was and just as we had during our school years – laughed at her appearance and demeanor!  We considered her adolescent attempts to “bully” us as pathetic!   However, this time because of the Conspiracy with Jerome Larkin and the corrupt judicial officials we were vulnerable to her – and she took full advantage of it.  Indeed when she found by reading the Blog Probate Sharks that JoAnne Denison and I were calling for an HONEST INVESTIGATION she notified Lea Black and Jerome Larkin and disciplinary action against us commenced immediately!     The concept of an HONEST investigation was beyond the pale!    A call for an HONEST INVESTIGATION by attorneys intolerable.
Since my brother’s recent illness, I’ve been struggling not to dwell on the illness and consequences because I totally lack control.  I look in vain for a way to turn the energy into something more productive.     
Therefore I’ve started looking into the WHY of things.     Let’s look at the salient facts.    The assault on my First Amendment Rights caused me pain for several reasons:
1)     It was an official attempt to make me a second class citizen
2)        The effect is to allow a small group of national socialists temporarily in power to create a bad precedent and maybe in the future hurt my family, my friends, and those people I care about.
In point of fact reduced to its lowest common denominator a bunch of terrorists were targeting me in an attempt to bully me.     This is not the first time someone has attempted to bully me!  In the past I acted – I did not react!    Usually, I do not react – I act in a productive and proactive manner.
  My previous MO was to make an analysis, work out a plan, and deal with the situation.     This time I struck out blindly, and did not start with the usual objective analysis.    The analysis came in midstream when I realized that there was no level playing field and every aspect of the battle had been pre-wired.   To my dismay, I’ve noted that everyone in my situation had had the very same reaction to strike out first and worry about the consequences and the effectiveness of the action later.    The usual marshalling of assets and unity was lacking.
The flow of acrimonious e-mails between certain members of the group to each other is a gross example of the reaction that each of us is guilty.   We all as a group forgot that “this is not high school.”  This is the real world and the threat to our core values is real.
Indeed, I cannot run up to AS or PS put my nose in his face and scare the pants off of him so he runs away.    Both AS and PS know that with the help of the corruption in the Courts they can bully me and they have taken away most of the remedies that society has built in to protect me, you, and those people we care about.     We know that her in Illinois the IARDC hearings and the appeals all were ‘wired!’  Thus, we know that a trip to the Courthouse is going to yield absolutely no relief!
Indeed, everyone knew going in that the Rule of Law was whatever Jerome Larkin’s whim and caprice was and his minions and co-conspirators would make happen.
Integrity, honor, honesty, truth, and freedom from perjury and graft were non-existent concepts.     Avarice ruled and the miscreants were not going to tolerate any diversion from their goal of redistributing the wealth of the elderly and the disabled into their own pockets.   When Judge Stuart (during the JoAnne Denison proceedings) admitted to a criminal violation of Gloria Sykes’ civil rights in her courtroom, and perjury – reported by Court watchers – Larkin and the Conspiracy just doctored the Court transcripts to eliminate the embarrassment!   Law enforcement did nothing!
M****E*****, one of the Nursing home operators and his prodigy M**** S***   was asked by Beverly Cooper,

“Why are you doing this to my mother?”  

The answer received was: 


            “ Because I can!” 


Alice Gore, like the six million innocents who in the mid -20th   century fortuitously happened upon this mentality to her detriment and the endless pain inflicted on her family and society.    Because Hitler could and law enforcement was impotent (either intentionally or otherwise) the ancestors of our current national socialists were able to prospect for gold in the mouths of the innocent and harvest the booty.     Outrage was just as non-existent as it is in this War on the Elderly and the Disabled.    FDR’s administration refused entry to refugees who sought asylum and they were returned to extermination camps and the holocaust.    Law enforcement and our government today refused asylum to the elderly and the disabled as they are systematically isolated, abused and exploited.    The lawlessness of the Mary Sykes, Alice Gore, Helen Stone ****** cases received blind eyes.   

The bottom line is that the current day elder cleansers, like the bad guys of the 20th Century, are enjoying the gold that they harvested from the teeth of Alice Gore without repercussions, paying the taxes, or fear of the RULE OF LAW .   In fact as Larkin has demonstrated – HE IS THE LAW and he and his co=conspirators can and do thwart the FIRST AMENDMENT of the United States constitution and Article 1 of the Illinois Constitution at Will.  Indeed – this is the ultimate FIX!   
Hell!     Even though America owes 18 trillion dollars and is almost bankrupt the Department of the Treasury has made little effort to collect the income taxes that the conspirators who are preying on the elderly and the disabled owe!      The State of Illinois is ‘bankrupt’ and not only continues to make certain that the conspirators (and especially Jerome Larkin and his minions) receive funding to continue their assaults on America’s core values and basic freedoms but it ignores the millions of dollars of State income tax owed including the interest and penalties.   
Why is our government fostering the criminal enterprise of ‘elder cleansor?’    Why is law enforcement intimidated so that not only is the public not being protected, but, trillions of dollars of Federal and State income taxes are not being collected?   Thus, the conspiracy is rewarded and encouraged by our government making it ‘tax free’ to abuse, exploit and isolate the elderly and the disabled in direct violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, the United States Constitution and the Illinois Constitution!    
Is JL bullying Governor Rauner and Attorney General Madigan in the same manner that he tries to bully JoAnne Denison, Lanre Amu and yours truly?    Or- ***** (you fill in the blanks!)
Looking at me with the magnifying glass that for the past half century I’ve looked at others I sense an outrage at me (by me) because I reacted rather than acted.   I regressed to my “school days” reaction to a bully rather than marshalling my forces and dealing with the ‘fix’ on day one.     Yes, I am also not very happy with me (or you for that matter)!     In my mind it is forgivable that I failed to professionally address this corruption and reacted rather than acted.   The acrimony that is expressed in some the e-mails circulate is thus a lack of self-control in keeping silent as to self-disapproval. 
We all know who the enemy is!     Our forefathers in their infinite wisdom created a mechanism for dealing with our 21st Century bullies and miscreants.  The aforesaid forefathers knew who was going to be our public servants and that some were going to be corrupt.  Jerome Larkin and his co=conspirators were anticipated!    During our school years we broke a few noses and kept them in check.   Now we have to address them in a more subtle manner.  In the Blago affair, the United States of America took a ‘bully’ to the woodshed.       What clout does Jerome Larkin have that he can prevent an HONEST investigation?   
That should have been a number one inquiry!   It is not too late – even though it feels like it!     As the conspiracy of Larkin with AS,PS,MS, CF **** creates joint and several liability for not only the damages but the United States Federal Income Taxes and the State of Illinois taxes the funding for the HONEST INVESTIGATION is right on the table.     The termination of Larkin and his co=conspirators from public employment is not a problem as he and his co=conspirators are ‘AT WILL’ employees!   The Elected official is a public servant!     If an elected official is part of the problem (a co=conspirator) or disinterested getting defeated in the upcoming elections may be an incentive to ‘level the playing field’ and join the fight to protect the civil rights of the elderly and the disabled in fact – rather than by insincere statements and protestations!
If this was not clear – let me spell it out – our number one inquiry is to objectively determine who our friends are and who our enemies are.   Anyone who is allied with Larkin and the corrupt jurists, corrupt judicial officials and political figures is not a friend.   Meaningless words and campaign slogans are also our enemies.    
A Half Century ago in the little town of Selma a ‘statement’ was made by a bunch of brave citizens who stood up to the Jerome Larkin and his conspirators of the time.    Jerome Larkin cast a stone at those citizens when he and his minions assaulted the civil liberties of Citizen Lanre Amu and denied him Equal protection of the Law because of the color of his skin.    Larkin encouraged by the fact that he got away with his nefariousness then and there denied entry to a public hearing to one of the heroes of Selma!      He got away with this atrocity without even making the usual insincere apology that a miscreant whose hand in caught in the cookie jar utters!   Our friends are those people who actually do something about the affront to Mrs. Diane Nash and Attorney Lanre Amu!   Our friends are those people who will not tolerate what happened to Alice Gore, Mary Sykes *****.  

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