From Ken Ditkowsky-what to do about the pervasive elder cleansings

Who are the elder cleansers?    
Answer:   By in large the people who are appointed by the corrupt jurists and judicial officials.   It appears that these are the very individuals who during our school years most of us ignored or trampled upon as non-entities.   They were the “would be bullies” who just did not have whatever was required to be bully.  Thus, we largely ignored them and went they attempted their bullying we meted out an appropriate remedy.
When CF entered the hearing room during my IARDC hearing both I and my attorney had the same anti-social reaction to her appearance and demeanor.    Others had the very same anti-social reaction.  We were both embarrassed a bit, but no one seemed to notice and no issue was made of it.   Most of us recognized her and what she stood for!  We knew exactly who she was and just as we…

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