An Apolology, Blood on their Hands and Out Damn Spot

Dear Readers;

I really do owe all of you an apology.  I thought by only writing to the authorities that were interested in these cases would be the best way to proceed.  I thought Ken’s 500 emails to the Police Chief in Naperville wouldn’t help because the guy was obviously hitting the delete and/or archive key when there was theft, conversion and possible murder afoot.

Now Mary is gone, narcoticed to death in hospice, following in the footsteps of Helen Rector, Lydia Tyler, Alice Gore, Dorothy Baker, Rose Drabik, Carol Wyman was attempted murder and she escaped in the nick of time.  Currently at risk and are probably the most endangered of all endangered species are Al Frake, Janie Thomas and ALV (she escaped and fears for her life any day she can be scooped up, held down, shot up and killed narcotics with starvation and dehydration in any nursing home in Illinois and no one would care).  She’s right.  No one.  Not do nothing Lisa Madigan, Diane Saltoun, any police chief throughout the state.

In the State of Illinois, if you are over 70, you are garbage to be tossed aside and looted for your goodies, just as Ebenezer Scrooge in a Christmas Carol (that Dickens was a smart writer).

So, Mary, today I apologize because I did not fax and email Lisa Madigan and Diane Saltoun a gazillion times.

Maybe you’d be alive with Gloria today.

Ken was right.  500 emails, 100 emails, whatever it takes is clearly the right thing to do.

And now that Mary Sykes is dead, all the money ($300,000) gone to attorneys without a fee petition, what is there left now for Jerome Larkin, Melissa Smart, Stephen Splitt (an “ethics” professor no less, he needs to resign and learn some real ethics–what a load of crappy Karma he’s building up, and the rest of my crappy “hearing board” and “review board” attorneys left to do?  what about Ken’s crappy “hearing board” and “review board”  attorneys going to do?  Mary’s blood is on their hands.  They could have done something, they should have done something).

All of mine and Ken’s Tribunals and Review Boards should be resigning from the ARDC and withdrawing their decisions and apologizing to us for the damage they cause.

And by rubber stamping my interim suspension and continuing Ken’s suspension for every day past the date of death of Mary, the blood just grows and grows.

They were wrong.  They were all clearly wrong.

And now Mary is dead, Gloria got to see her for an hour while she was heavily drugged in a coma being starved to death in “hospice”, $300,000 went to Farenga, Schmeidel, Stern, Soehlig, Fischel and Kahn for ATTORNEY’S FEES.

I said the Mary Sykes case was filled with theft, conversion, corruption (failure to follow the laws as written) and was unethical and immoral.  The Tribunal and Review Board say I lied about that.

Now the case is over and it looks like I’m right–dozens of attorneys and Judges and Justices did nothing and now poor Mary is dead because they said they didn’t care when they should have done something.  They should have investigated, used their subpoena powers and removed Carolyn and handed Mary back to Gloria to live in luxury the rest of her life.

Remember, Mary said in her last POA that she wanted to live in her home until she died, she wanted to have her life sustained by all means as a Roman Catholic.

No where in Mary’s advance directives did she say it was okay to live at Carolyn’s in Naperville, be put in a nursing home, be put into hospice to be drugged and starved to death.  Roman Catholics don’t do hospice.  Poor Mary didn’t even get last rites by her own priest, but this is all okay in the State of Illinois and with Judge Aicha MacCarthy.

The ARDC, the Tribunal (Hearing Board) and Review Board all had their opportunity to help poor Mary, but she died anyway.  What kind of lawyers are these?

All I can say to the following is:  OUT DAMN SPOT  and BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS award goes to:

1) first and foremost:  Jerome Larkin, administrator of ARDC, lawyer

Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, litigation counsel

My tribunal:  Sang-yul Lee – lawyer
Ziad Alnaqib – lawyer
Eddie Sanders, Jr.
; – member of public who did not protect Mary, a member of the public

Witnesses: Jim Halberg, Peter Schmiedel- lawyer, Cynthia Farenga- lawyer, Judge Jane Louise Stuart, Adam Stern- lawyer, Ricky Krakow

My Review Board:

Johnny A. Fairman, II- lawyer
Robert M. Henderson- lawyer
Gordon B. Nash, Jr.- lawyer


10 thoughts on “An Apolology, Blood on their Hands and Out Damn Spot

  1. How sad. How sad for you to have to write this. My mother is also locked into a nursing home. She did nothing wrong to anyone. She thought and we thought until someone did something about the people tormenting and teasing my poor father , she would just be out of the house for awhile. When she realized she could not get out, she begged, pleaded, cried and the drugging began with medecines she never took in her life or needed. She is known ,was known in the community she has lived in since coming to the the US as a stable, wise, moral, hard working woman . It was awful to see what has been done to this strong person. EVERYONE who knows her is stunned that this could happen in America!! Doctors that never knew her write she” had Alzheimers for many year”. Everyone know she did not. The people who were tormenting my poor father, who has since died, are more important that just us. Protect them, not us. .How can a tiny little family , a remnant , go up against people mush stronger than us. Unless there is still a right and wrong. I hope there is. Please, someone be heroes and get my mother free. Paula Kryszpel in Baltimore County Maryland. . Her house is gone, valuables gone and assets unknown . BUT we want her . Any kind of way. We love her. So sorry to sound in desparation, but we are really worried with all she has been put through…..

    • sorry…… she was out of the house for a while while hoping the people that were tormenting and teasing my father , an elderly ill man, would be stopped. Was OUIT of the house. THEN realized for some strange reason she could not go home anymore. There was no reason to do this to her.

  2. This is so frustrating! There is justice to be done here and yet nobody (but you and Ken and Gloria) are doing it — and nobody else seems to care either. And i can also apply this situation to the rest of America’s political and judicial systems as well.

    Anyone in the GAL system can easily buy Mary Sykes’s death. That has been proven by you. And anyone with a few billion dollars to spare can also buy our White House, Supreme Court and Congress. Do you have a few billion dollars to spare? Do I? No. But there are many who do. The fix is in.

    So my question is this: “What can we as individuals do to prevent or stop the sale of our elders, our country, our very lives?” 500 e-mails being ignored. What WILL get these greedy and mendacious people’s attention? I wish I knew.

    But thank you again for all that you do.

  3. I am uncertain where you received this information, although some true: my mother is dead and died at the hands of Silverado Memory Care in Naperville, while the Administrator knew I was the power of attorney, while the Administrator knew my mother was 100% competent, and healthy, and even for her age of 96, vitally active: Toerpe watched on. She had nothing to lose. But there is so much more to this story than you will know at this time. And so, I again ask for privacy as family and I worth through this crime against an elderly woman, whose number 1 bucket list was to live to be 100 or more, and number 2, live and die in her home of 50 years, surrounded by the people she loved and trusted. Now none of that happened and she was surrounded by evil, hate, greed, and ****. For now, I know she is in a better place: for now, family and I are doing what needs to be done, and in the wake of Tim Lahrman’s betrayal, I respectfully ask for privacy. Nothing more should be posted at this time. Thank you.

    • I am only posting what pertains to my case and asking that the Illinois Supreme Court drop the suspensions of myself, Ken and Amu for speaking out against corruption. I have not posted any details I don’t need at this time other than your mother was murdered in hospice–an organization run and fostered by Set Gillman and Passages as an example of what is going on and the powers that be are ignoring because Madigan-Saltoun-Alvarez “don’t do corruption.”
      I’m not sure what privacy you want, Gloria, murder is not a private matter. The authorities should do something. Al Frake and ALV are at risk right now and out on the lamb. Randy Robinson spent 2 days in jail because his mother fled Michigan for California and he has left Michigan too because they want to hold him until his mother comes back for him.
      What about all of this is private?
      I know she is in a better place, but I also know she will be coming back and asking “the list”–Stern, Farenga, Schmeidel, my hearing and review board, Ken’s hearing and review board, Jerome Larkin, Melissa Smart and Sharon Opryszek “what did you do to prevent me from being murdered. You had plenty of opportunities and plenty of time.”
      So, I just want you to know I am publishing as little as possible about the murder of your mother but maximum information about mine and Ken’s suspension which has all turned out what we said to be true–we warned Mary would lose all her property to attorneys fees ($300,000), the gold coins would never be investigated, the ARDC is on a path of doing nothing when they could have easily prevented this, she should not have been put into hospice, she did not want hospice, she did not have a terminal disease that qualified her for hospice, in June 2014 she was up walking and talking and was highly logical and competent.
      All of that is public. All of it relates to mine and Ken’s case and I have a right to declare right now that Ken and I were right and the behavior of the ARDC and the Hearing Board and the Review Board was shameful.
      Thanks for you post, Gloria.
      There are no words I am sure to soften the enormous amount of pain you are going through. But your mother is in a much better place and watching out over us all.
      And I simply cannot be quiet at this time. This is the crucial time for Ken and I to get our licenses back. I have many, many more people to help, and it’s easier with a law license than not. You also owe that to them.
      I also might suggest at this time, because your mother is freshly dead, you not read the blog. You don’t have to read the blog, you know, and if it extends your grief I do not recommend it until you are ready. Your mom does NOT want you to grieve, while the process is necessary, you have to try to make it as easy on yourself as possible.

  4. Thank You, You did your very best to get help, but the upper crust is to thick and dead to others, who need their help.

  5. This is a family matter, I understand that you need to believe that my mother’s case was the cause for your loss of license. You represented neither of us, and of course, I was not a party to the Probate case, yet, the target: this is associational discrimination which can be dealt with with an ADA under Title II complaint. All said, the only answer to how to resolve these wrongful deaths of people under guardianship, is death itself. Cases are then swept under the probate carpet(s) and days later, after all the money is distributed to the cottage industry of lawyers in the case, dust, then dirt, covers the records and my mother would be long forgotten. But it I who will keep her memory alive and in doing so, I need privacy now. Why? Because misrepresentations of the facts now, as like before, do harm to any case moving forward. As you want to get your license back, and you claim so does Ken, please don’t use my mother’s case to do so. Nothing good came of the MaryGSykes blog and nothing good will come of any mis statements, which unfortunately there are too many. When the time comes, I will have published a book that will have all the facts laid out in a narrative that will appear to be that of a Stephen King novel.

    Until then, please, please, give me and my mother’s family — the people she loves and trusts — some peace. And JD as long as I am told there is something written about my mother, her death, or otherwise, I MUST read — I need to know so my attorneys can troubleshoot if need be.

    Thank you.

    • If there are incorrect facts, you should publish corrections, otherwise, these “facts” came from you or the court files. I’m sorry you’re upset, but this is a problem bigger than you or I or Ken. It permeates everything in the court system right now and they’re killing people over it. I won’t stand by and watch innocent people die because no one will speak out. Your mother was likely murdered, she had no diagnosis, she was up and walking and talking, and as a long time Roman Catholic, she likely never agreed to hospice, which is not for Roman Catholics, and/or drugging someone to death.
      I do not blame the loss of my license on anyone or anything other than the parties directly involved–Jerome Larkin, Melissa Smart, Stephen Split, the Tribunal (Sang Yul Lee–who by the way is connected and was likely hand picked by Lisa Madigan who is noted for doing nothing about corruption, which means she protects it, he is related thu a business parther Matyas who is related to Lisa Madigan who is a fake relation of Mike Madigan who has about 90% of the tax adjustment business in Illinios, etc.)
      It’s all about the money, the money trails. Then there are the connections. No one stops this. At least this blog, right or wrong, speaks out against the corruption, and to protect people.
      Don’t you recall the original First Amendment case was the New York Times v. Sullivan? It went all the way up to the Supreme Court with huge defamation damages over the fact the Governor of Alabama wanted to stop the ads over the civil rights movement so he sued and won in state court for $500,000? He claimed a number of inaccuracies in the ads:
      Referring to the Alabama State Police, the advertisement stated: “They have arrested [King] seven times…”[5] However, at that point he had been arrested four times.[5] Although African-American students staged a demonstration on the State Capitol steps, they sang the National Anthem and not My Country, ‘Tis of Thee.[5] Although the Montgomery Public Safety commissioner, L. B. Sullivan, was not named in the advertisement, the inaccurate criticism of actions by the police was considered defamatory to Sullivan as well, due to his duty to supervise the police department.[5} (from Wiki).
      I know you are obsessing right now over every little detail thinking the details will save you (a common occurence in probate court victims), the reality is, it’s all in the big picture.
      Rarely do I write about your case by itself, and I know I get some details wrong on Barb’s case, Randy’s case, etc. but these are important cases and NO ONE is writing about them and you know why. Soon as someone writes, the flying monkeys come out and threaten the messengers (me).
      And besides, your mother’s case, for my purposes is over. They sold off all her assets, lost $1 million they quash discovery on in valuable coins, the attorneys will receive it all, and so on and so forth. Those are the important details. You, I, Scott, Jay Dolgin (who said he wanted no part of what was to happen), and the rest, were all right about the entire case. Now poor Mary is dead, and all these people have her blood on their hands.
      You rarely if ever saw her. I could not see her and wrote multiple times. We saw her in June 2014 and she was fine.
      Being silent never helped with civil rights and it will not help with the civil and human rights of the elderly and disabled.
      Just hang in there, Gloria, things are getting better and now major media is starting to cover a lot of stories.

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