Why even Obama couldn’t get me out of this mess—the connections between Sang Yul Lee-Matyas-Madigan-Murray

Make no mistake, they all have their connections.

The chair of my tribunal was Sang Yul Lee. Sang Yul Lee is business partners with Thomas Matyas who is related to Lisa Madigan. (This is from the Sullivan’s Law Directory):



The most important thing to remember from the above article is this statement:

Lisa Madigan

Occupation: Attorney general, State of Illinois

Connection: Family member

Madigan’s adopted daughter; elected AG and, before that, a state senator with the help of the Madigoons—Dad’s political workers; criticized for being the “people’s lawyer” who never investigates public corruption in Illinois

Well, Ken and I and others keep on writing to her any way. You gotta have some high hopes in Illinois that someone will find the change to Truth, Justice and Honesty a good idea, or at least try it for awhile.

I wonder how they advertise for ARDC Hearing Board Members.  Is this an ad in the ISBA journal?  ABA journal? Craig’s list.  Wanted:  Connected Attorneys to sit on Boards and get rid of other honest attorneys that refuse to belly up, that won’t pay to play, that won’t get a nice bribe or kickback to make their lives easier.  Come on, we all got families and friends to take care of, and if I don’t do it, then who will? (Famous words of Richard Daley, Sr.)

I mean, how is it that Diane Saltoun, Inspector General of Illinois says she “doesn’t do” corruption (even if it costs the taxpayers millions and perhaps the lives of grandma and grandpa in probate?)  Then we have Lisa Murray Madigan who not only doesn’t do corruption, but she actually has Chicago Magazine announcing it.

Why are these ladies getting full pay for only a portion of the work? And just who convinced them this was in fact a good idea (hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil) when the corruption complaints come a rollin’ in.

I still have yet to see a story in the Tribune about who Lisa Madigan’s biological father was (he was Jewish and a criminal attorney who represented drug lords in New York, quit his law practice after 5 years and then bought an airline in the midwest that eventually became American Eagle.  What a win-win.  Walter White would be proud).  How does the Chicago press stay away from these issues anyway.  I guess there has to be something for bloggers to do.


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