From Barbara Stone and Candice Schwager-unraveling the depth of corruption in Florida

Dear Readers;

Atty Candice Schwager in Florida was kind enough to share her most recent brief with us:

As many of you will recall, in spring of 2014, Barbara discovered her brother had forged $600,000 in checks from mom’s account.  So she asked a Fla attorney what to do and he said get a professional guardian down here and we will do a guardianship.  You cannot be guardian because you live in New York.

So, spot the two lies.  1) a “professional guardian” (aka Jacqueline Hertz) will help you and not terrorize you if you question the employees she forces on you, or drugs or the money she takes from the estate and 2) you can’t live out of state and be a guardian.

Flash forward to now.  JH moves in two Haitian caregivers who barely speak English and it’s clear mom doesn’t like or trust them.  Barb advocates for a replacement.  Doc prescribes Miralax, not FDA approved for seniors and objects in court.  Judge Genden and atty Roy Lustig–for the first time–have her arrested for interfering with the care of a disabled person.  Next, they insert a feeding tube and lace it with drugs.  Barb takes her mother out to eat.  Mom eats just fine, no one wants to bother feeding her.  Barb is arrested again and banned from seeing her mother, must move out and the 2 (death) caregivers entrench into the home fall of 2014.  By January, Mrs. Stone is rushed to the ER with fractures, contusions, lacerations, sores, a rash, dehydration and malnutrition, and pneumonia.

After all that, Barbara asks for them all to be replaced in court, and she is arrested again.  Mrs. Helen Stone is promptly returned to her abusers.

Next she is placed in a nursing home where she currently resides–with a feeding tube laced with drugs.  Some days she is so groggy she can barely speak.

So, this lawsuit is Barbara suing in Federal District Court in Broward county to get a restraining order against the miscreants and to release mom to her so she can get mom out of Florida where she is being abused.

Barbara hasn’t seen her mother in about a year. That’s abuse per se.

I think it’s a wonderful strategy to go to the jurisdiction where the nursing home is when the probate court is nothing about abuse and lies.

And the $600,000 that was stolen?  After more than a year, no one has gone after the brother, they have only drained mom’s estate by a million.

We have a string of them lately–Mrs. Lipinski, Mrs. Mary G Sykes, Al Frake is in grave danger and so is Helen Stone.

Please pray for them all.  The next step is “hospice by poverty and greed”, which is why I’m wondering if Attorney Seth Gillman wasn’t given the job because he knew he could be trusted to keep his mouth shut.

I wonder how many of his “victims” of death by hospice for greed were part of this system of target-isolate-medicate-drain the estate-quietly eliminate.  It seems odd to me he is indicted by the feds with over 100 affiants but the ARDC files nothing.

Ken and I and Amu speak out against corruption, and Jerome Larking and gang of thugs are right on our doorstep.

It’s also strange the feds aren’t going after Larkin and company for supression of mine and Ken’s First Amendment rights.

As Ken noted, the corruption is so thick, even if Obama came to town to represent myself and Ken he would lose against this group of evil.

Mary is dead, she’s been murdered now, this blog has been warning and warning and warning everyone.  The discovery of her valuable (nearly a million in gold coins) has been quashed and quashed again by the flying monkeys.

Ken and I write and publish and mail and email every day to protect the seniors and disabled.  Ken’s retired and this is his hobby.  I have patents to do and this is still my hobby–each day and every day.

NASGA and Probate Sharks and the other blogs are behind us 10000%

The victims keep on coming out of the cracks and hounding us, demanding justice.

I do believe in karma and I do believe once you cross over you review your life, see your screw ups and you have to apologize and make up every intentional nasty act you ever engaged in while you were here.  It doesn’t matter what it was–murder, war, rape, –if you intended to harm another you will one day feel their pain and sorrow AND you will have to make plans you don’t do it again.

People ask me or tell me if I want jail or prison for these murderers, theives, goons and thugs, but I reply 1) vengeance is not mine to dish out and therefore it’s none of my business and 2) IF I got to pick a way to get a soul to never, never do this again, it would be the Al Frake method–get them in a nursing home, make them suffer a fall with a hip or leg injury, do not treat, drug heavily, take away glasses, hearing aids, anything the elder depends upon, the force a feeding tube and drugs on the elder and call it a day.  that way they are trapped in their own body in pain.  All Al Frake says to his son Gary is “I want to die”.  It is reported to the court, all the flying monkeys deny it (cover up) and reports of abuse go right back to the abusers.

The way we treat our elders and the way the kickbacks flow is shameful.


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