From Ken Ditkowsky and the NASGA website–demands for an HONEST investigation

To: “” <>
Cc: Illinois ARDC <>, Matt Senator Kirk <>, Eric Holder <>, “FBI- -civil rights , Chicago FBI
Subject: As the IARDC collects money to protect the public and instead conspires with (18 USCA 371) and aids and abets the exploitation, abuse, and isolation of the elderly and the disabled (elder cleansing) the citizens of the State of Illinois who have been adversely affected by the corrupt judicial officials, jurists DEMAND an HONEST INVESTIGATION OF THE FOLLOWING PERSONS.
Date: Jul 9, 2015 6:38 AM
To Law Enforcement and the IARDC   –  demand is made for an investigation of the following individuals who have been the subject of numerous complaints by the families who have been victimized by elder cleansings.     (This list does not include Jerome Larkin, Lea Black *****  and attorneys who are employed by the public, who have not filed ethics statements required of public employees, and who have assaulted the First Amendment Rights of Illinois citizens as they ( Larkin et al) violated 18 USCA 4, 241, 242, 371, 42 USCA 12203, 18 USCA 1341, 47 USCA 230, the Illinois Constitution and the Core values of the United States of America), to wit:

Melanie Frazier…(IL)…Guardian
Miriam Solo…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
David Martin…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
Melinda Martin…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
Lynne Kowamoto…(IL)…Judge
Jane Stuart…(IL)…Judge
Benjamin Topp…(IL)…Care Management
Sally Griffin…(IL)…Trust Officer
Janna Dutton…(IL)…Attorney
Morris Esformes…(IL, FL, NY)…Nursing Homes Owner
Moshe Faskowitz…(IL, FL, NY)…Rabbi
Pam Chwala…(IL)…RN (Case Manager)
Bruce Lange…(IL)…Attorney
Tom Kleinhinz…(IL)…CEO Rehab Assist
Karen Bowes…(IL)…Attorney
Peter Schmiedel…(IL)…Attorney
Kevin Carter…(IL)…Agent for Rehab Assist
Cynthia Feranga…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
Maureen Connors…(IL)…Judge
Joel Brodsky…(IL)…Attorney
Len LeRose…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
Dawn Lewandowski-Keller…(IL)…Attorney
John Fleming…(IL)…Judge
Ruben Garcia…(IL)…Attorney (GAL)
Donita Link…(IL)…Nursing Home Administrator
Adam Stern…(IL)…Attorney GAL
Helen Grimaldi…(IL)…Elder Abuse Investigator for Catholic Charities
This list was taken from the NASGA website.   It appears to be relate only to the Sykes case and the Gore cases.   A complete list of all the miscreants and suspected miscreants should be complied and forwarded to law enforcement so that every one of the predators  and their co-conspirators is disclosed and subjected to the HONEST investigation that Jerome Larkin and his personal co-conspirators are seeking so desperately to prevent.
 The MaryGSykes and Probate Sharks web=site lists more of the conspirators who have been allegely conducting a war on the elderly and the disabled.   This war is costing America dearly!   The “tax free” (by tax evasion) unjust enrichment of these criminals is costing ILLINOIS and the United States billions of dollars and adds to the 700% fraud surcharge that is imposed on ‘health care!’   People like Larkin are using their public positions to undermine the judicial system of confidence (if any) that ordinary citizens have in the said system.     Elder Cleansing and its corruption are a cancer that threatens our ‘core values.’
And you can add in yours and my Tribunal and Review Board who have taken lies and deceit for the truth and protected their friends.
Yesterday, I am told by a home health care provider he often loses clients when the OPG or government steps in because his clients all go to nursing homes.  Why?  Because the attorneys involved and their friends and cronies all get from $1,000 to $3,000 PER MONTH in nursing home placement.  Of course, it’s all fraud, but the ARDC supports this program and does not investigate allegations of kickbacks, the ARDC has no ethics reporting despite the fact it is mandated by the Ethics Reporting Act of 2009, and the OPG does not ethics report.either.
If someone wants to change the law, any attorney or licensed professional that recommends, supports, advises or prescribes or asks for a court order or does not oppose one for nursing home placement must ethics report.

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