Prosecutorial Misconduct–from Texas, the Ill. ARDC could teach the course to Tx prosecutors

According to this reporter,

Television personality Kelly Siegler is under fire this month for what critics are saying is a history of unethical conduct as a prosecutor, including the hiding of evidence in capital punishment cases. After a career as a Harris County prosecutor, Siegler became the star in a reality series on TNT called Cold Justice, now in its third season. Siegler’s allegedly checkered history as a prosecutor is reminiscent of the controversy surrounding Nancy Grace, who was denounced an an unethical prosecutor who violated the rights of accused persons but has been retained by CNN as a show host and legal commentator.

Interestingly enough, I believe that Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, Leah Black Guiterrez appear to operating under the same standard.

During the trial of one attorney suspended, she told the witness, one Justine McGinty, that the attorney in question had told SO that McGinty was ugly and nasty–right before her testimony.  Justine knew that wasn’t true, and found out later it wasn’t.

When I brought up SO’s behavior to the ARDC, I received a letter back “this was not a problem.”

SO should be teaching a course in prosecutorial misconduct, together with Jerome Larkin and also how to cover it up.

I guess Kelly Seigler hasn’t figured out yet how to do it.

A Beaumont judge who decided that David Mark Temple deserves a new trial in the 1999 slaying of his pregnant wife cited 36 instances of prosecutorial misconduct in his ruling, most of which are tied to legendary former Harris County prosecutor Kelly Siegler.

For her prosecutorial misconduct, a new trial was ordered.  For the case of the ARDC, with regard to prosecutorial misconduct in mine and Ken Ditkowsky’s case, all of it was dismissed by one Tom Zimmerman, appointed by Blagogevich to investigate instances of misconduct, which he most certainly did not do. When this was pointed out and I asked both the Tribunal and Tom Zimmerman to remove SO from my case, both demurred.

One of the things when working on corruption which is what I do full time now, and Ken to a lesser extent, is that when someone is faced with obvious corruption and will not investigate, you collect their names. So far we have the ARDC, Jerome Larkin, Sharon Opryszek, Melissa Smart, my Tribunal, Ken’s Tribunal, both Review Boards, the Alvarez-Madigan-Saltoun team of “we don’t do corruption”, and everyone wonders why Illinios and Chicago in particular is in the top 5, if not the absolute top of corruption in the US.

Apparently Kelly Siegler needs to come up here and talk to the real pros about how to cover up, deny, prosecute the honest attorneys, create an ambiance of a code of silence when the clout and political heavy get involved.


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