From Ken Ditkowsky–time for an HONEST investigation now that Mary is Dead, Narcoticized to death

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Subject: I’ve asked the Neo-Nazis to remove me from their mailing list! I discovered that they are impotent and irrelevant –
Date: Jul 25, 2015 6:01 AM
In a democracy each faction whether to the right or the left of center is entitled to fully air their views including but not limited to opinions and hopes that are anti-social, racist, ethnically unacceptable and those that are patently vile.    Laws however prohibit the acting out of many of these miscreant positions.   Or at least we believed that was the situation.
A group of Neo-Nazis (National Socialists) has been writing me and spreading their vile and venal doctrines.     I’ve tried to get off their list and have been unsuccessful.    Their e-mails flow like water polluting my mail box.   However, as I review their product it has occurred to me that what they (the Neo-Nazis) is exactly what the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission under the administration of Jerome Larkin and the Illinois Supreme Court has done.    The Lanre Amu case is patently a racist exercise.    When Crain’s Chicago Business made the very same allegations that Amu made, it was quite clear that the Illinois Supreme Court did not sua sponde order an HONEST investigation of how its administrative commission could find that Amu’s statements were unethical?   Amu had an obligation to report the clearly miscreant activities of the corrupt judge pursuant to Rule 8.3.
But let’s go a step further.    Diane Nash is an Icon of the Civil Rights movement.    She was interested in the obvious 18 USCA 241 and 18 USCA 242 criminal activity that Mr. Larkin and his co-conspirators were promulgating.    She thus appeared at JoAnne Denison’s hearing at the Offices of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission.     In the same manner that the racists of the old South created a dichotomy between citizens have various shades of skin color – Jerome Larkin co-conspirators barred her from the hearing room.   (She was the only person barred!).
The Larkin (and co-conspirators) assaults on the First Amendment and the Equal protection of the law protections have been addressed previously.     Indeed, the Neo Nazi communications and recommendations are followed to the letter.
The heroes of the 3rd Reich preyed on the elderly and the disabled.     Interment camps rather than nursing homes were the facility of the holocaust, but the result is the same.      The similarity is driven home in the Alice Gore case.    Just like Larkin’s heroes of the 1930’s and 1940’s a victim’s mouth was the situs of an Au (gold) rush.    The Au was harvested and shortly thereafter the victim died!
If there is any doubt that Larkin and his co-conspirators have acted with malice aforethought (intentionally) Larkin has not denied the allegations and certainly not apologized for them.    In fact, he and his co-conspirators proudly exhibit and brag about their gulag and misconduct.     The Neo Nazis spout words – Larkin and his ilk actually exhibit their perfidy!     Unfortunately, the mainstream media is silent, law enforcement impotent, and most of our elected representatives uninterested!
Books are written about America’s decline by pundits.    They search for reasons as the most obvious smacks them in the face and they choose to ignore it.     We have lost respect for ourselves and our institutions!     The Rule of Law is a stranger in our courts!     Words are more important than deeds.     We rail against the Neo Nazi words and phrases and watch Neo Nazi scenarios play out in real time in our Courts – and in particularly in the Probate division.    We applaud the racial cleansing of Jerome Larkin and his co-conspirators even watching him teach ethics!
It is time for an HONEST investigation of our activist Neo Nazis who are openly and notoriously violating our Bill of Rights and public trust.     It is time that their ill-gotten benefits and gains from their conspiracy and assaults against the Bill of Rights be taxed by the Federal and State governments.    The clear and present danger is not from the blogs (MaryGSykes) that expose judicial and political corruption, but from the actors being exposed!     The Illinois Supreme Court in suspending JoAnne Denison for authoring a blog that exposes a gaggle of jurists profiting along with corrupt judicial officials and political officials by looting the estates of the elderly and the disabled embarrassed not only itself, but Illinois government.    In the Amu case it demonstrated that Jim Crow is alive and well in Illinois.   The new KKK wears black sheets over their clothing rather than white.
In Operation Greylord the Illinois judiciary was exposed for corruption.    In the Elder Cleansing scandal Jerome Larkin is leading the charge to destroy democracy!     Talk is cheap!     Larkin is acting – he is not talking on his way to the Bank.     Mary Sykes, Alice Gore ***** are all dead!       Illinois is bankrupt!     It does not even have the will to collect the Income taxes owed by Larkin and his co-conspirators!

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