New Project–Corruption victims going to Washington

I have already contacted the Senate Subcommitte on Aging to find out when their next hearing and I will be bringing with all the forms I have been collecting on abuses in guardianship.

Below is a link to the the survey form on abusive/horrific guardianships

If you were in one of these, please print out the form and email it to me at

There are also forms for if you have been in an abusive custody battle, or in a state custody kidnap battle

1)   Abusive Guardianship form.  Where elder or disabled guardianized under corrupt  “target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, medicate to eliminate, cremate.”

2) Corrupt Divorce/Custody battle where children were removed by state wrongfully and placed (sold) into foster homes

3)  custody battle with state or state kidnap form:

please post and cross post.  I want to go to Congress with the results of these forms and say these cases are NOT isolated incidents and demand that the proceedings be investigated and children and elders be returned to their families and the money be paid back to the families.

please return your filled out form to me via facebook messenger or via email to




Good news–Disabled person Lillian Tonkinson found

While I won’t reveal the details, your prayers and I hope posting and cross posting on this blog worked to find this young lady.

Apparently LT fears for her life in the new institution or home and the parents are once again contacting the authorities to bring this woman home, so keep on praying.

I have advised them to file more police reports, complain to all the state attorneys general, file objections in court, file with the Inspector Generals because assuredly state health care funds are used to do this.

So please keep on praying.  It’s our most powerful tool.

Miss LT needs to be returned home and end this nightmare for her mother, father and brother.

Thanks to all of you who posted and cross posted this mother’s plea.

Someone was able to make this Mother’s Day very special for one good mom out there.

keep up the good work


Alicia Perry – victim of gross corruption in probate, Washington DC

Case Summary: Alicia Perry, a 67 year old woman.
Case No.: 2013 ADM 22; 2014 CCC 118
Jurisdiction: Washington DC
Judge’s Name: Erik P Christian

Alicia Perry’s mother took out a reverse mortgage on her home to fix it up in 2006. In order to do this, Alicia and her mother, Selena Abrams, had to remove Alicia’s name from the deed because she was not age 62 yet. The amount of the loan is unknown. Selena was solicited during a church function.

The home was worth approximately $500,000. Alicia was told she could put her name back on the deed at any time. Then, at age 62, then the reverse mortgage would be rolled over to Alicia Perry and she could live in the home until she passed. When Alicia turned 61, she and her mother put her name back on the deed as joint tenants with rights of survivorship. Alicia turned 62 in

Selena Abrams passed in March 2012. Financial Freedom (later it was transferred to One West Bank) wanted to foreclose and sell the house but they couldn’t in foreclosure court. So they filed a proceeding in Probate court to circumvent the normal court procedures. Sister Nneka Abdur Rachman was appointed the PR by the court in Sept 2013. The case was first filed Jan. 2013. At first, Judge Christian dismissed the case in May 2013. Then the case was reinstated in Sept of 2013 and the judge invalid the deed on June 3, 2014 over Alicia’s objections On this day the Judge said he would issue an Order for Contempt, but he forgot to do this. The inventory for the house took 2 hours. But the judge issued an order that Alicia had to stay home for five days, 9 am to 5 pm. The original inventory was due Nov 2013. What he wanted to do was pass attorneys fees to the lawyers in the courtroom . Alicia objected and filed motions to reconsider. The mortgage company then moved to foreclose and sell the home and the court approved the order. The home was sold on May 2015.

Alicia left the house in December 2014 because Alicia had been falsely threatened by judge numerous times because he knew he should not have invalidated the deed. So the judge kept on saying Alicia would go to jail unless she allowed an inventory of home she owned, although she had complied. The judge filed contempt against her saying she would not allow the inventory by the sister but that was a lie. She did in fact open the home for the inventory and she was there for the 5 days set by the court. The judge also said that Alicia would go to jail unless she turned over keys to the Realtor on X date, but Alicia had already left the home due to the threats by the judge and the fact there was no heat in the home. The judge, to this day, after repeated motions by the Public Defender in Washington, DC, refuses to dismiss this bench warrant though it is clearly moot. He claims he “must see” Alicia and not her attorneys. Alicia is afraid to return.

The arrest of Alicia occured on Oct 21, 2014 and the judge issued the bench warrant claiming Alicia “Failed to comply with a court order, she failed to appear on 1/27/15″ (though there was no “must appear” court order in the record).

In Dec. 2014 she was in the home with no heat and the court repeatedly threatened Alicia with jail. She left Dec. 15, 2014. On the 17th of January 2014, she sent the keys to the bank via overnight Express Mail.

On Jan. 27, 2015, Atty Tillman (for the PR) said that AP did not cooperate with the Realtor. The Bank was getting antsy because there is a $300,000 balance is left the estate is owing to the Bank. Tillman told the judge the house “had been listed for months” but the Realtor said that the house was removed from the listing.

On Jan. 27, 2015 date the court found, without evidence, that AP had failed to cooperate with the Realtor, even though there was no court order that she had to comply with a Realtor or the sale or showing of the property.

In Feb 2015, the judge issued the same extradictable warrant. He piggy backed on the Octo 2014 warrant. “Failure to comply with court order, failure to appear on 1/27/15, contempt/misdemeanor.”

He used a criminal warrant for a civil matter.

In addition, the Judge granted an Order for Possession of the property, despite the fact no Eviction proceeding had been filed against AP. She did not receive any Eviction Summons, Petition for Eviction or Notice of Hearing.

To this day, the judge refuses to dismiss the extradictable bench warrant which only issued, IMHO, to cover up his crime of giving away AP’s home to a few courtroom buddies.

From Ken Ditkowsky–a discussion of problems in the court system and nursing homes

Some background.  Patrick Murphy was running the Office of Public Guardian at the time the famous fire c. 2006 broke out killing 6 people at 69 W. Washington Ave.  They died in the stairwells because “someone” locked them.  That “someone” committed manslaughter and has never been brought to justice.  There needs to be an investigation.  News articles initially on the internet reported the fire with boxes of documents and accelerant.  Later this would change to a fire in a storage area and a faulty light fixture was the cause. Right.  Investigation anyone?  Apparently all the older lawyers in Chicago know what happened, why don’t the authorities and why don’t they publish truthful reports?

Next, Morris Esformes is by far the slumlord of for profit nursing homes (and to begin with, even the best of nursing homes are nothing but slums, interrment camps, gulags and ghettos for the elderly and disabled).  His counsel once wrote me and sad that Ken Ditkowsky got something wrong in a statement he made about Rabbi Morris Esformes.  I told him fine, I would correct it and in its lieu, I published a slew of far worse new articles I found in mega media on his nursing home operations, which I understand have been transferred under scrutiny from the FBI/DOJ.

so read on…

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Subject: Re: cynical or honest???
Date: May 11, 2016 3:19 PM
In the Esformes situation my informant told me that the public guardians office was up to its neck in the involuntary placement of homeless people in nursing homes, and some of the very miscreants who occupy prominent judicial positions in the various elder cleansing cases were supervisors at the public guardian’s office.   We have not been able to verify if these people received remuneration for their assisting the homeless in their involuntary placement and subsequent elder cleansing.    Today’s Sun-Times has the following article, to wit:
CHICAGO 05/10/2016, 06:51pm

Mihalopoulos: Judge has some beefs — and details them in emails

Patrick Murphy in 2004 | Sun-Times file photo
In a town where the political hacks disdain “beefers” who “talk out of school,” it’s rare to hear the thoughts of a sitting Cook County judge anywhere outside the courtroom.
Cook County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Murphy, who was the county’s longtime public guardian, broke with tradition this month in two email blasts to Chief Judge Timothy Evans and the rest of his colleagues.

Murphy uses the lengthy missives, which I obtained, to propose what could be radical changes to the sprawling, politically tainted court system.
A main suggestion involves changing the way almost half of the judges are chosen. Murphy also calls for other potentially significant changes, including term limits for the chief judge and presiding judges, and greater input from the more than 400 judges across the county in the court’s $223 million annual budget and other matters.

“I submit that our present system quells creativity, quashes dissent and quiets alternative approaches,” Murphy wrote in the latest of his emails on Tuesday. “Individual judges are frequently afraid to speak out about issues.”

Murphy was careful to note he sees Evans as a “decent, caring and intelligent leader” who inherited the system he has overseen since 2001.
But Murphy alleged that “the law was not followed” in the recent appointments of 13 associate judges. An Illinois Supreme Court rule states that the chief judge and a group of judges “selected by their fellow circuit judges” should make up the nominating committee for associate judge openings.
“In the over-50-year history of the circuit court, the nominating committee has never been selected by other judges,” Murphy wrote. “The chief judge distributes the names of the individuals he chooses to be on the nominating committee. The rest of the judges are given no options and are told to sign off on the chief’s selections.”
That means “a tiny coterie” handpicked by the chief judge controls the selection of nearly 40 percent of the county judges, Murphy says.
The 13 associate judges sworn in on Monday were among 26 nominees put forward to the rest of the judges by the committee Evans formed.
“I am told that over 300 candidates were interviewed,” Murphy wrote. “We were asked to vote on 26. We know nothing about the credentials or expertise of the other 275 or so candidates. By law we should.”
Instead, Murphy argues, a committee elected by the judges should select nominees for associate judge from among all applicants.
Murphy, who is assigned to the Bridgeview courthouse, also says openings on the bench should be posted and judges should have a say in who is transferred to those spots.
“Rumors persist that qualified judges are at times overlooked for ‘plum’ assignments in favor of those who might be politically connected,” Murphy says, without offering specifics.
Murphy claims other unnamed judges have proposed hiring a “professional court administrator” and limiting the chief judge to two terms. Evans is nearing the end of his fifth three-year term.
“The process to select associate judges has been been called the closest thing to judicial merit selection in Illinois,” said Evans spokesman Pat Milhizer. “Some of the best and brightest attorneys have joined the court through this process.”
Milhizer said 75 percent of the circuit judges supported Evans’ picks for the nominating committee and that the process allows the judges to back write-in candidates for associate judge.
Murphy — who was public guardian for 26 years before being elected to the bench 11 years ago — declined to comment.
The Democratic Party elites who control the judicial-appointment process might dismiss Murphy’s beef as the grandstanding of a phony reformer attempting a power grab.
But the more people have a say in choosing judges and running the courts, the more difficult it could be for clout to infect the system.

From: kenneth ditkowsky <>
To: “” <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 3:10 PM
Subject: Re: cynical or honest???

After the Lanre Amu disciplinary proceeding, the spoliation of evidence and non-verbal secret evidence in the JoAnne Dension proceeding along with the discriminatory and kangaroo nature of IARDC proceedings it is hard to believe anything GOOD about the justice system in Illinois.   
Thus, I am been following up on an informer’s statement concerning Rabbi Morris Esformes.    I trust you remember Mr. Esformes.   He is infamous for his nursing homes.   It has been alleged that he sent thugs out to round up homeless people.   The homeless people were then garnered into the custody of the Public Guardian’s office and placed in Esformes nursing home facilities.   An internet search revealed some interesting revelations, to wit:

Rabbi Morris I. Esformes, more unregistered sex-offenders and violations in his nursing homes. UPDATE: numerous heat related deaths at his homes +

At 7:01 PM Blogger jewishwhistleblower said…
hat tip to Failedmessiah

Nursing home’s owner rages at village officials
‘This is about politics,’ he says of EP campaign to shut the facility down
Friday, April 29, 2005

By Stephanie Gehring
Staff writerAn owner of an embattled Evergreen Park nursing home said the state’s crusade against his facility is being fueled by politics.

Morris I. Esformes, who has 51 percent ownership at Emerald Park Health Care Center in Evergreen Park, said village officials don’t like the kind of residents Emerald Park treats.

“This is about politics,” Esformes said. “This is not about the safety of Evergreen Park.”

The 249-bed facility serves both mentally ill and geriatric patients.

Esformes said Mayor James Sexton, state Rep. James Brosnahan and state Sen. Ed Maloney have never been to Emerald Park to see the center first hand.

“Beside the fact that they’re anti-mental health and anti-black, they’re probably anti-Jew because I’m an ordained rabbi,” Esformes said Thursday. “If it was up to the mayor, he would have lily-white geri-atrics knitting all day. The world isn’t like that.”

Esformes’ remarks come on the same day his lawyers appeared in court to try to keep state officials from placing Emerald Park in receivership and eventually closing it down.

Sexton, Brosnahan and Maloney said Esformes’ remarks were unfounded and their concerns are based on activities inside and outside the center.

“That’s a beautiful thing for a rabbi to be saying,” said Sexton, who planned to contact his attorney.

He added that it was easy for Esformes to blame everything on politics.

Brosnahan said Esformes is chiefly responsible for the center’s operations.

“He has shown to be a person who doesn’t care about the residents or the facility,” Brosnahan said. “He has shown no regard for the safety of community residents, especially young children. He can point all the fingers he wants to … but he just has to look in the mirror.”

Maloney added that he was called to action because of documentation that outlines problems at the center.

“All I know is what I (have) seen in police reports over the last seven or eight years,” he said. “It is well-documented by Evergreen Park police, Illinois State Police and the state department of public health that it is simply not a safe home for residents there. This latest incident regarding sex offenders puts the community in jeopardy, as well.”

Esformes said he is working within state laws.

“A client can’t be placed into a long-term care facility without the approval of the state of Illinois,” he said.

He said patients are screened by agents and placed in his facility with the state’s blessing.

He argues that a sex offender arrested at a park by Evergreen Park police posed no danger to residents.

“They were on a planned activity,” Esformes said. “They were supervised. There was no chance of any client coming too close to a child.”

The arrested sex offender was one of 10 found living at the facility, 9125 S. Pulaski Road, earlier this month. Two of those men were unregistered.

Despite the numerous violations from the state’s health department Emerald Park has received since 1997, Esformes said all facilities have deficiencies.

“Sexton and Brosnahan have put so much heat on the state health department that any little thing we do is under scrutiny,” Esformes said. “They don’t want to hear our side of the story. There are deficiencies in every facility.”

Sexton said the state’s actions are related to the “shenanigans” at Emerald Park.

“I don’t have two unregistered sex offenders at my house. I don’t have eight registered sex offenders at my house,” he said. “He (did). He would still have them if we hadn’t brought it to the attention of the public. This is just laughable.

“All I’m doing, all Brosnahan and Maloney are doing, is representing their constituents. And I don’t think any of those sex offenders, registered or unregistered, are our constituents.”

Tammy Leonard, spokeswoman for the state health department, said while many facilities have deficiencies, Emerald Park’s history is unique.

“We do have many facilities that don’t have deficiencies,” Leonard said. “Even those who do, don’t have as many and at the severity that this facility has had. The history of this facility is unique, and that is the reason why we are taking these extraordinary measures. They have an egregious compliance history.”

The state stepped up actions against Emerald Park because of its April 22 survey and past history.

“It had nothing to do with any outside pressure,” Leonard said.

She said the state’s main objective is residents’ safety.

“If we see a situation where residents are imperiled, it is our job to fix it,” Leonard said.

Lawyers for Emerald Park Health Care Center have until this afternoon to respond to the state health official’s request that the Evergreen Park nursing home be placed in receivership and eventually closed.

Circuit Court Judge Patrick McGann gave lawyers until 4:30 p.m. today to respond to the state’s request. Judge Julia Nowicki will hold the hearing at 11 a.m. Monday.

Melissa Merz, a spokeswoman for the attorney general’s office, which filed the complaint Wednesday, said no one was surprised by the judge’s decision.

“We are looking very forward to Monday and looking forward to presenting evidence that we believe will establish the gross mismanagement that put residents and the community at risk,” Merz said. “We want to get into receivership and get it closed down.”

Esformes’ attorney Arnold Pagnucci, who said he had not seen the complaint until it was hand-delivered late Wednesday, told the judge the court had an obligation to hold the hearing within five days. But he asked for some time to prepare his client’s defense.

“It’s the only way the defendant is going to get any opportunity to be heard fairly,” Pagnucci said.

Esformes was not in court for the hearing.

The judge asked Deborah Simpson and Yolanda Ricks from the attorney general’s office if they objected to giving Pagnucci some time.

“We would like to have the hearing as soon as possible,” Simpson said. “We have a room full of witnesses. The health department has taken drastic measures and put monitors in place 24 hours because of the way the place is being run.”

Health department officials said placement of monitors in facilities is not typical.

Evergreen Park officials were outraged earlier this month when they learned about the 10 sex offenders living at Emerald Park.

The village board subsequently enacted an ordinance that prohibits sex offenders from living at any long-term care facilities in the village. On the same day the ordinance was approved, the nursing home administrator said Emerald Park had changed its policy and would no longer accept sex offenders.

McGann told Simpson and Ricks during Thursday’s hearing that he had read the complaint and the sex offenders had been removed.

“It’s not just the sex offenders,” Simpson said. “It’s the entire administration.

“This owner appears to view fines and violations as an ordinary course of business,” Simpson said.

Emerald Park has been in trouble with state regulators in the past. A license revocation hearing was scheduled for July 18.

In October 2003, Emerald Park was fined $20,000 for not providing nursing services that matched residents’ needs.

The state also disciplined the nursing home for not properly monitoring a resident who passed out and died after becoming intoxicated. In another case, a patient exchanged sex for cigarettes, became pregnant, and the pregnancy was undetected for eight months.

Esformes said he had planned to meet with state health department officials today, but the meeting was canceled Thursday afternoon.

He said he also wants to work with the village and state legislators.

Esformes, who has spent 35 years in the field of long-term care, said the bottom line is about patients’ rights.

“I’m not going to lay down for these people. If I did something wrong, I’m going to admit it like a man. Don’t be judge and jury. Don’t play God. These people are entitled to a quality of life,” he said.

Sexton also said he was willing to give the situation his all.

“We are committed to being there as many days as it takes and doing whatever we need to do to get our neighborhood back,” he said. “We have been held hostage for 10 years.”


Presidential Pavilion Raid Nets 12 Arrests


Published November 06, 2003 Southwest News-Herald – City Edition

Twelve arrests were made on Oct. 28 when local and state police raided Presidential Pavilion, 8001 S. Western Ave. 

Officials from the Chicago Lawn (8th) District Police Department stated that 10 of the arrestees were listed as living in the Wrightwood nursing home. 

Included in the arrests were Willie Johnson, 50, who was charged with theft; Helen Long, 65, who was charged with invasion of privacy; Leroy Stewart, 52, who failed to register as a sex offender; Regina Johnson, 45, who was charged with drug possession; and Earl Smith, 70, who was charged with drinking on the premises. 

Included in the raid were Anegla Martinez, 34, who allegedly violated her probation; Alvin Lewis, 38, who was charged with theft; Pamela Lacy, 43, who was charged with prostitution; Albert Douglas, 64, who was charged with drug possession; and Cecelia Miller, 17, who was charged with child neglect. 

Others who were detained by police were Dawn Rambo, 22, of the 2700 block of West 61st Street, who allegedly failed to register as a sex offender; and Kathryn Smith, 44, who was arrested after failing to appear in court on another charge, according to authorities. 

All of the offenders except for Stewart had warrants out for their arrest. 

The owner of Presidential, Rabbi Morris I. Esformes, could not be reached for comment. 

State Sen. Jacqueline Collins (D-16th) said that she is aware of the police raid and has asked for an immediate investigation of the healthcare facility by the Illinois Department of Public Health. 

Presidential became the center of controversy when allegations of illegal drug use and other actions reportedly occurred at the nursing home. 

Questions on the facility’s screening process were also brought up, especially when Presidential used to just house senior citizens but later admitted people as young as 20 years old. 

Both local organizations and state legislators such as Collins and state Rep. Mary Flowers (D-31st) have tried to pursue legal actions to regulate reforms at Presidential. 

Collins said that she has also spoken to Gov. Blagojevich about Presidential, and is looking for a long-term solution in the screening process of the residents and staff of Presidential Pavilion. 

This may be a model for other nursing homes in similar situations, said Flowers.


Alderman Edward M. Burke will be honored by The Associated Talmud Torahs of Chicago at its Annual Keter Award Banquet on Sunday evening, November 23, at the Chicago Hilton and Towers. Dinner Chairman: Rabbi Morris I. Esformes.
Save the date. For more information or to RSVP please call Scott Harrington at 773-473-8493.


Nursing Home Complaints Continue

Published August 28, 2003 Southwest News-Herald – City Edition

On behalf of Wrightwood residents, one man is fighting in court some alleged criminal activities that occur in a nursery home on the Southwest Side. 

Wrightwood resident Anthony Philbin, president of the Wrightwood Improvement Association, filed a complaint against the Illinois Department of Public Health, alleging that patient care is in jeopardy at Presidential Pavilion, 8001 S. Western Ave. 

According to Philbin’s complaint, some of Presidential’s patients have illegal narcotics inside the facility, and sell drugs on the street and in front of stores. 

Philbin also noted in his complaint that police have raided Presidential and arrested several people, and one resident stabbed another resident. 

During a pre-hearing on Aug. 21, Naomi Dunn, Deputy Chief Counsel for the Illinois Department of Public Health, said that IDPH representatives talked to police in April who could not confirm of a raid. 

There was evidence of a deficiency in operations of facility 

Dunn said that there was a physical assault between two residents, though but a surveyor stood outside of Presidential for a number of hours and didn’t see Philbin’s claims. 

Overall, there was only evidence of a deficiency in operations of the facility, said Dunn. 

The pre-hearing was set for Philbin to discuss his complaint and present any other evidence that he had against Presidential. 

After Administration Law Judge Linda Maschek set the actual hearing for Sept. 23, Philbin warned that he would present Presidential’s allegations to the media if a sooner date was not set. 

“This is too serious a problem,” he said. 

Tammy Leonard, spokesperson for the state’s Department of Public Health, said that 66 complaints have been filed against Presidential since July 2002. Of that total, five were found to be valid. 

Leonard also said that Presidential was fined $5,000 on April 29 because of a violation in food service sanitation. 

While Presidential’s sewage water was backed up and flooding the kitchen, the facility’s staff continued cooking meals while standing on milk crates. 

The Wrightwood facility is co-owned by Rabbi Morris I. Esformes, a successful magnate in the nursing home industry who owns several facilities in Illinois and Missouri. 

Throughout the last few years, Esformes has been involved in litigations dealing with residential care in his nursing homes. 

When Presidential’s staff members, residents and nearby businesses alleged of narcotic purchases and use by the residents in 2002, Esformes and Presidential administrator Michael Rosen refused comment after several calls were made to their offices by the News-Herald. 

Both Esformes and Rosen were unable to be reached for this story. 

Dunn said that the state’s Department of Public Health can only investigate allegations that occur within a nursing home. 

“If, by chance, we overstep, we step into someone else’s jurisdiction,” said Dunn. 

The situation seems problematic because representatives from Ald. Thomas Murphy’s (18th) office said that local enforcement can only patrol the neighborhood outside and around Presidential. 

Incidents that occur inside the facility fall under state jurisdiction. 

In order for a nursing home to close, a repeat occurrence of a federal violation has to happen in the facility,said Leonard. 

Annual surprise surveys are made by health inspectors who look at staff functions, residential care plans and other factors. 

If violations are found, the facility can be forced to make a correction plan or take one from the state’s health department. 

If the same problem happens again, then steps will be taken to revoke the facility’s license. 

“Closing a facility is a process,” said Leonard. 

Philbin was hoping to put an end to the allegations surrounding Presidential with a hearing with the state’s Public Health Department, but felt shut down in the pre-hearing. 

He was advised by John Smock, project coordinator for the Wrightwood Community Development Corporation, to get a lawyer. However, Philbin said that he is not sure the WIA can afford one. 

“I’m completely disgusted,” he said. “We’re over before it’s supposed to be started.” 


Bill Status of HR0085 94th General Assembly


House Sponsors
Rep. Lou Lang

Last Action
Date Chamber Action 
2/8/2005 House Resolution Adopted 

Synopsis As Introduced
Congratulates Rabbi Morris I. Esformes on the establishment of the “Rabbi Morris I. Esformes Professorship” at the University of Chicago.

Date Chamber Action 
2/2/2005 House Filed with the Clerk by Rep. Lou Lang 
2/8/2005 House Placed on Calendar Agreed Resolutions 
2/8/2005 House Resolution Adopted 

HR0085 LRB094 08111 HSS 39647 r 


2 WHEREAS, Rabbi Morris I. Esformes received a Bachelor of 
3 Arts in social sciences in 1970 from Roosevelt University; he 
4 attended Hebrew Theological College in Skokie and received his 
5 Rabbinic Ordination in 1970; he has continued his education at 
6 Roosevelt University by taking courses in social work; and 

7 WHEREAS, Rabbi Esformes is a Managing General Partner at 20 
8 nursing homes in two states, Florida and Illinois, and at 
9 Larkin Community Hospital in South Miami, Florida, at Woodland 
10 Towers in Deland, Florida, and at Park Plaza in Chicago; and 

11 WHEREAS, Rabbi Esformes served as the Executive Director of 
12 Arie Crown Hebrew Day School from 1973 to 1976 and as 
13 Administrator at Birchwood Pavilion Nursing Home in Chicago 
14 from 1970 to 1973; and 

15 WHEREAS, He served on the State of Illinois Commission on 
16 Mental Health in 1978 and on the Illinois Council for Long Term 
17 Care as Vice-President from 1977 to 1979; and 

18 WHEREAS, Rabbi Esformes has been actively involved in his 
19 community; he is a Past President of Arie Crown Hebrew Day 
20 School, and a board member for Hebrew Theological College, 
21 Telshe Yeshiva, the Wisconsin Institute of Torah Study, 
22 Associated Talmud Torahs, and Hannah Sachs Girls School; he is 
23 President Emeritus of Morris Namias Hebrew Academy in New 
24 Jersey and the founder of the Chicago Community Kollel; he is 
25 on the National Board of Ben Gurion University in Israel and 
26 Torah Umsorah and the board of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for 
27 Holocaust Studies; he is a member of the Social Welfare 
28 Committee of the Jewish Federation Committee of Metropolitan 
29 Chicago, Past Vice President of Congregation Adas Yeschurum, 
30 and Past President of Cong. Adas Bnai Israel; and 

HR0085 – 2 – LRB094 08111 HSS 39647 r 

1 WHEREAS, Rabbi Esformes has been the recipient of numerous 
2 honors, including the Yissacher Zevulun Award from Lakewood 
3 Yeshiva in 1980, the Founder Award of Telshe Yeshiva in 1981, 
4 and the Associated Talmud Torahs of Chicago Morris Esformes 
5 Scholarship Foundation; he was honored by Chicago Community 
6 Kollel, Post-Graduate School for Rabbis in 1982 and by Arie 
7 Crown Hebrew Day School in 1983; he was honored by American 
8 Friends of Ohr Somavach in 1985, by American Friends of Kerem 
9 B’Yavneh in 1985, by Lakewood Yeshiva in 1990, by Yeshiva 
10 Gedola Ateres Mordechai in 1989, by Central Yeshiva Beth Joseph 
11 in 1988, by Neve Yerushalayim in 1994, and by Yeshivas Brisk in 
12 1998; and 

13 WHEREAS, On Wednesday, February 9, 2005, a reception is 
14 being held to celebrate the establishment of The Rabbi Morris 
15 I. Esformes Professorship; therefore, be it 

18 we congratulate Rabbi Morris I. Esformes on the establishment 
19 of a professorship in his honor at the University of Chicago; 
20 and be it further 

21 RESOLVED, That a suitable copy of this resolution be 
22 presented to Rabbi Esformes as an expression of our respect and 
23 esteem.
Does anyone wonder at this point in time if Mr. Larkin has a problem with the SCOTUS case 14 361 Ocasio vs. United States?   An HONEST INVESTIGATION IS VERY APPROPRIATE AND IF IT SHOULD BE FOUND THAT LARKIN WAS PAID – in any currency –  FOR HIS 18 USCA 371 AND 18 USCA 241,242 ACTIVITIES THE HOBBS ACT IS ANOTHER VEHICLE AVAILABLE to address his activities; however, as Illinois is in such dire financial circumstances, I would urge the Illinois Department of Revenue to collect the taxes that Larkin owes as the result of his cover-up of the cottage industry of elder cleansing.
For the record, I do not hold anyone who would be a party to elder cleansing and taking possession of the gold in her teeth to be a person entitled to my respect and esteem.   

From: “” <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 2:40 PM
Subject: cynical or honest???

More SCOTUS first amendment postions shame the ARDC

from Ken Ditkowsky–




This morning I noted an e-mail that referred to the most recent Supreme Court of the United States decisions and alerted the public to the aforesaid decisions.   As is my habit I sent copies of the e-mail to everyone is sight.   I do this because even though I recognize the fact that Jerome Larkin, the Illinois attorney registration and disciplinary commission, and the Illinois Supreme Court do not believe in the rule of law and ignore the FIRST AMENDMENT as well as ABA Rule 8.3, 18 USCA 4, 18 USCA 371, 18 USCA 241,242, ***** these decisions are very important.    Unfortunately the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court are not alone and lawyers who express complaints against corrupt judges, lawyers and judicial officials are intimidated and silenced.  The perfidious miscreants in black robes and similar garb continue their evil ways unabated.


That said, in the document I sent you and others are two significant cases.   The key case – which I hope to discuss with Andy on Thursday  is summarized as follows:


Heffernan v. City of Paterson

Summarized by: Adam Mentzer

Date Filed: April 26, 2016
Case #: 14-1280
BREYER, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which ROBERTS, C. J., and KENNEDY, GINSBURG, SOTOMAYOR, and KAGAN, JJ., joined. THOMAS, J., filed a dissenting opinion, in which ALITO, J., joined.
Full Text Opinion:

First Amendment: Employers may be held liable under the First Amendment and 42 U.S.C. § 1983 for demoting an employee in an attempt to prevent them from engaging in political activity protected by the First Amendment, even if the employer is factually mistaken about the nature of their employee’s activity.

Petitioner worked as a police detective when he picked up a campaign sign for his mother that endorsed a mayoral candidate running against the incumbent mayor, who had appointed the Chief of Police as well as Petitioner’s direct supervisor. Fellow officers saw Petitioner at one of the candidate’s distribution centers holding the sign and the following day Petitioner’s supervisor demoted Petitioner to patrol officer in retaliation for what the supervisor incorrectly perceived as involvement with the campaign. Petitioner filed suit under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 in federal court. The district court found that Petitioner’s First Amendment rights were not violated because he had not engaged in protected conduct and that conduct protected by the First Amendment must be actual and not perceived to be actionable. The Third Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed. The Supreme Court disagreed, holding that employees are entitled to bring claims under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and the First Amendment when their employers demote them and intend to demote them in order to prevent them from engaging in political activity protected by the First Amendment, regardless of whether the employer was mistaken about the employees conduct. The Supreme Court found that the First Amendment’s textual focus on government conduct and concern about discouraging individuals from engaging in protected speech justified holding employers liable. It was further noted that the chilling effect on protected speech is the same with or without a factual mistake on behalf of the employer regarding the conduct of their employees. REVERSED and REMANDED.  


The significance of this decision is that it is almost on all fours with the disciplinary cases that we have had to endure.   Amu – had an absolute right to echo or have Crains Chicago Business disclose the Corruption of Judge ****** in not disqualifying herself in a case in which she was on the board of the defendant corporation, and her bother was the attorney for the corporation.   Larkin had no right to insert himself into the POLITICAL speech abhorring the patently wrongful conduct of a sitting judge.    Ditto for our calls for an HONEST INVESTIGATION, your blog and my letter to the Attorney General of the United States. 

In Florida Norkin’s objection to the arbitrary ruling of a judge was protected speech and should not have subjected him to discipline because the corrupt judge found him to be annoying.   Free speech may be annoying – it is however protected.   *****

In the Direct TV case the SCOTUS made it clear that its ruling were not suggestions but the Rule of law.    Each lawyer and each judge has sworn to uphold the Constitution.    That means that sua sponde each is required to rebuke the criminal conduct of Larkin and the Larkin-like 18 USCA 371 co-conspirators.


This brings us to the 2nd case.  Ocasio v. United States .    While Mr. Larkin is not conspiring with the miscreants in the Sykes case, Gore Case, ***** to engage in nefarious vehicle transactions, it is very clear that his aggressive suppression/repression of objection to elder cleansing is an unmistakable manifestation of the elder cleaning for profit that occurred in so many Illinois cases including but not limited to Sykes, Gore, Tyler, Wyman ******.   The fact that Larkin is reported not have filed the required ‘ethics reports’ is strong evidence that in some manner he is ‘wired’ and has been paid.  The lack of interest in Judge Connor’s admission on page 91 of her evidence deposition that she was wire is another nail in the coffin.    The lack of action on citizen complaints concerning a certain group of lawyers famous for their acumen in reducing the pecuniary value of guardianship estates or during their tenure at the Public Guardian’s office allegedly turning homeless people into cash!    

The Ruling of the SCOTUS are not suggestions = they are the RULE OF LAW.     It is time for the ILLINOIS SUPREME COURT to sua sponde rid Illinois Government of corrupt public officials such as Jerome Larkin and re-establish honor, dignity, integrity, honesty and respect for the Rule of Law to Illinois.   

Ken Ditkowsky  —    

A special mother’s day belated blessing to all the mothers and children

I do hope you have all survived the weekend.  I know for many of you it has been hard.  I have received scores of emails from mothers and children separated by corrupt courts in both probate and in (anti) family court.

I wish you all a belated happy mother’s day.  My mother is gone, but I still love her and miss her and talk to her everyday out loud but unseen.  She is not dead, but lives on in a different dimension.  A much happier and more wonderful dimension.

I have heard from all of you, and I want to pass it on, that having a mother you cannot see because a guardian, a GAL, a court ordered it, was not possible creates the worst mother’s day possible. I still hear from scores of children, depressed in grief, the cannot see their elderly mothers at all, cannot even call them, or even send them a note or a card or even flowers for mother’s day. Doug Franks called me and said he could see his elderly mother for a few hours and he was so happy he could do this, but wait a minute, why can’t he spend every waking hour with her?  Does not the Bill of Rights ensure this for both him and her?

I know the judges and GAL’s read this blog. What monster does this?  If mom wants to see her children and hear from them, who are you to stand in the way? The Federal law on Elder Abuse now considers this a crime. My victims that write to me have much more coarser words and phrase for what you condone and aide and abet.

Gloria Sykes could not see, call or even write her own mother except for a handful of times for more than 5 years. What monsters participate in this evil?

Bev Cooper could not see, call or even write her mother for 10 months, and when she and 20+ friends and family were allowed to do this, it was discovered a feeding tube was implanted against the will of Alice Gore, and her 29 gold teeth had been pulled. For what? Pennies on the dollar?

The Drabik and Richards sisters–9 of them, had to endure the fact their Aunt Lydia Tyler and their Mother Rose Drabik were both narcotized to death against their will when the money ran out– and $1.5 million was fell off Rose’s inventory, and $9 million + from Lydia’s. And for what?

Story after story crosses my emails and facebook and phone calls every day.

Ken and I and all the other probate blogs–NASGA, probate sharks, etc. beg and plead for this to end, but we are still suspended from the practice of law by the Illinois Supreme Court who knows very well what we do–where the corruption ends and begins, how the mega nursing home corps and mega pharma rules the world of the nursing homes, where according to the probate courts, all elders must go and be stripped of their assets and it be given to tied in corrupt attorneys and courtroom vendors, against their will.  Go ahead and ask them about how they love attorney Seth Gillman, a known convicted felon in Elder Abuse, but the ARDC hates myself and Ken Ditkowsky for just telling the truth on a blog.

And don’t ever question a preferred lying scum bag shrink on the witness stand, because if you do, the court will seal the records (Judge Quinn and Estate of Reichert).

It all must be given to court room friends and attorneys.

As the lawyers said most brazenly in a 60 minutes report on a corrupt foreign official plying his money laundering biz on a body cam, “we are the attorneys and we run the US” corruptly and without any ethics or morals and no one will challenge us. Well, did the ABA or the NY bar disciplinary board challenge these 12 attorneys salivating over laundering hundreds of millions in corrupt foreign funds?  Of course not!

The ABA pulled dozens of citizen comments defending me and crying foul on my license suspension.  A former ABA president was part of the “it’s okay to launder money” expose on 60 minutes.  The ABA just pulled their support of a book that would have exposed the oppression of civil rights activists and whistleblower lawyers in China.

This was supposed to be the land of the “free and the brave”. What happened? Did our ancestors write the Bill of Rights on Charmin?

You tell me why corruption in the courts keeps children from seeing their parents or even speaking to them on mother’s day.  You tell me why corrupt (anti) family courts are denying parenting time or 50-50 co parenting time to parents that were never declared “unfit” with due process, a notice, a written motion, discovery and a hearing?  In case you didn’t know, 50-50 co parenting time is now the law in Illinois since Janurary of 2016, but I don’t see the courts enforcing it.  No parent is declared “unfit”, a very high standard, but 50-50 coparenting time is denied on a whim or “discretion” of the judge.

But I will send my wishes for justice to all those that deny the strongest of karmic ties between parents and children today–the maternal bond.

And don’t think that no one cares.  It is my understanding that a mother’s prayers for her children are given highest priority by the Divine Ones, then a mother’s prayers for anyone.

So don’t be discouraged. The most powerful tools we have on this earth are prayer, love, hope and our karmic bonds between mothers and their children.

I hope you all had a good mother’s day.


The Brian Kinter story–father loses custody based upon secret hearing with children

One of the most troublesome problems in custody proceedings, and the greatest agony any parent can face, is where one parent loses all contact with children. In this case, Brian Kinter lost access to his children when the judge said she wanted to hold an in camera closed meeting with the kids.  Brian objected, and the judge took retaliatory action. Brian feared his ex would coach the children to say they were abused when in fact they were not.  The mother had filed allegations of abuse one after the other with Child Services. Even Child Services said that the allegations looked suspicious because they were filed either before a court hearing, or they were filed as soon as Mother found out that one had been dismissed.  Over several years, 12 false reports were filed with Mother to Child Services, 8 full investigations were held over months, but in the end, and all were dismissed.

Judges often suspend parental rights and parenting time soon as one of these allegation is filed.  That is what happened to Brian. To add insult to injury, when the judge asked for an in camera, closed hearing with no parents, no attorneys, no court reporters, no one as a witness, Brain objected on constitutional grounds, that he had the right to question any accuser of a crime, and further courts were supposed to be open, democratic and transparent.

On that day, no on knows what was said, but Brian lost his rights as a father for years.  Then he was shuffled around from court to court to try to get the “no contact” order lifted, when it became clear there were no real allegations of abuse.

In one hearing, the 7 year old daughter who allegedly said she was touched “in a bad place” by her father, was asked “where did he touch you”  Answer: “I don’t know”.  How did he touch you “I don’t know.”

Removing one parent from a child’s life, even for a very short period of time, based upon false allegations of abuse, is nothing but child abuse in and of itself.

Brian now has his children back and sole custody, but he can never really rest assured that the courts won’t do something based on false charges to remove his children for years.  Please listen to his story.

New Case–Autistic Girl abused in Missouri Probate Court

Please read the below case.  This lovely young girl has been severely abused in Guardianship court and needs her mother. The mother is distraught and heartbroken at losing her daughter to a state system that is only interested in this girl’s trust fund.

If anyone knows where Lillian Tonkinson is, please contact me or the mother Mary Catherin Ford on Facebook IMMEDIATELY.

Below is the story of her abuse:

23.    Lillian Tonkinson    Adair County, Missouri, 14AR-PR00045

Adair County, Missouri, 14AR-PR00045
Lillian Tonkinson is a young lady who is 20 years old and has always lived with her family.  She is a high school graduate.  She has mild autism and slightly diminished IQ.  Mom is in a wheel chair due to hip trouble.  LT has a 14 year old brother who wants his sister home.  While in a facility, Mother was only allowed to have supervised visits for 1.5 hours every 2 weeks.  LT is being grossly isolated from friends and family.  The Guardian is Rhonda Noe and she participates and assists in isolating LT and the mother and her brother (who cannot see her at all and he is heartbroken at this), she cannot see or talk to any other relatives (approximately 18 aunts and uncles), she has about 14 friends she cannot see or talk to or call. She is not allowed to write to anyone, including the judge. The facility operators tear up her letters.  The last place she was held was Rolling Hills in Milan, Missouri.  (Aug 2014 to April 2016), and they isolated her.  She was beaten, slapped, verbally abused and called an “idiot”, and Lillian kept a journal of the abuse.  She is not allowed to see her father. We do not know where she is currently.  We have repeatedly asked the Guardian where LT is and she repeatedly refuses to tell us. Noe does not return calls.  She does not respond to emails.  LT has a large trust set up by her paternal grandfather. They have not paid any of LT’s bills.  LT should be returned to her family and all the money refunded.  Rhonda Noe has threatened the mother, that if causes any trouble or complains, she will never see her daughter again. DFS interrogated LT and told her if she wanted to, she could come home, but that never happened.  Judge Christie Swain, Brenda Renee Wall-Swedberg, Schuyler County, is the GAL and has done nothing to protect LT (she was the judge in Tyler County who had an affair with the Sheriff County and he died of a heart attack and was found dead in her bed. She was hearing criminal cases brought by him).  The caseworker is Deborah Blessing.  And Lisa Tilison was also a caseworker involved in the guardianship abuse of LT.  The doctor Erin Hi Hope, declared LT needed a guardian and said the mother was not qualified to be her guardian.  It was found out later that she and another doctor Maciln was also declaring other children incompetent for the benefit of lawyers and court vendors.  LT’s regular doctor Dale Essmeyer also said she needed a guardianship (which is ironic, since he himself has dementia).  At Rolling Hills, she received received no therapy, no schooling and no interaction, she just sat around all day. And also LT did not have proper clothing, her glasses were broken.  She had no spending money.  She was working at HiHo Thrift Store and the facility took her entire check from her despite her protests.

Please send your prayers and return this child to her mother and brother and father.



Special Mother’s Day Sale $15 including Shipping–Wyman’s “Against her Will Book”

For the next 10 days we will be having a special sale on John Howard Wyman’s book “Against her Will” for $15 including media mail shipping.

They make great gifts for Mother’s Day, let your elderly mother know that there are attorneys out there–Denison and Ditkowsky that are fighting for her rights, and the rights of her elderly spouse–against all odds. The Illinois Atty General Lisa Madigan’s offices doesn’t care, The Illinois Inspector General Diane Saltoun doesn’t care that state of Illinois Health Care funds are disappearing into a black hole left and right and taxes aren’t being collected, and the FBI and Loretta Lynch does not care.

Ken and I fax and email these individuals constantly with no response.

For certain the head of the ARDC Jerome Larkin has repeatedly quashed dissent to tell the truth about probate court as he protects Seth Gillman who bilked the US government for $100 million and pled guilty in Federal Court to Medicare/Medicaid/State of Illinois Fraud, but when these frauds are repeatedly reported, the state does nothing, nor does the ARDC

So please text or email me a check, or you can use Chase Quick pay to to pay $15 for this marvelous book.

And if you or a loved one has been subject to corruption in the courts–any court, we are collecting information for. Sen. Matt Kirk’s offices who has promised us an investigation if we get 25 people to complain to show these are not isolated incidents.

I wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day for this coming weekend.  Know that we are there trying to protect your mom best we can because we know she is precious to you and not just an asset to strip and hand over to favored lawyers, their crony vendors and nursing homes.


From Mark Adams–taking a case to a Grand Jury

I know a lot of people are very interested in taking their cases of courtroom corruption to grand juries because the FBI and prosecutors and the police look the other way and just want to do speeding tickets and drug arrests, which are relatively easy peasy, but for those of you that want justice back in the courts and want lying, thieving attorneys and judges (think “Kids for Cash” we have elders and disableds for cash and Kids for Sale to the highest bidding shrinks and “evaluators”), time to take a look at how to get directly to that Grand Jury.

from Mark Adams, JD

From: Mark Adams
Sent: May 3, 2016 5:33 PM
To: Gregory Todd

Subject: RE: From Greg Todd, please see – The Peoples Branch Manual!


It sounds like we agree about what needs to be done to the bankster scum who have stolen most of our rights, our property, and control of our country.

About 40 years ago, some people were bright enough to push for restoration of the right to petition for redress by making complaints directly to the citizens serving on the Federal grand juries, the right which was stolen by the bankster scumbags in power during FDR’s regime.  As a result of those efforts, 18 U.S.C. § 3332 was enacted, and it provides that if someone makes a complaint about a criminal act to a U.S. Attorney and asks to have the evidence submitted to a grand jury, the U.S. Attorney is required to submit such evidence to the citizens serving on the grand jury.  See

Unfortunately, the prosecuting princes and the black robed scum decided that shall means may in this situation, and as a result, this statute is mostly ignored.  However, almost no one knows that it exists, and to date, I haven’t seen a good effort made to try to use it.

Anyway, since we are supposed to be able to enforce the law, unlike slaves, you can always use one nearly forgotten right to secure justice, or at least, if you have the ability to take such action, scare the scumbags into not messing with you.  I did so when the scum were trying to throw me in jail to shut me up, and I’m about to use it again to remind some bankster scum that they cannot rip me off and get away with it.  For details about this nearly forgotten right, see

By the way, a U.S. Supreme Court case about the importance of the right to petition is attached, and in the dissent, Justice Bradly points out that if we do not have the power to enforce the law by bringing our petitions to the grand juries, then we have been reduced from citizens to slaves.  Note that the opinion doesn’t say that a prosecutor can obstruct the right to petition, but instead, it holds that since there was no Federal law criminalizing murder at that time, the murderers could not be prosecuted in Federal court at that time.

The Blyew case resulted in the passage of the Federal laws prohibiting violations of rights under color of law so that murderers and prosecutors who covered up murder could be prosecuted!

You can find the Blyew case here:  Here is a link to the Blyew case

The dissent begins at Page 80 U. S. 595.

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

For Randy Robinson–the Fake “science” of Psychiatry

From You Tube–The Most Shocking Psychiatry Documentary Ever

For all of you out there that hated your BS, tied in corrupt, crony psychiatrists that took away your grandmother or grandfather, even your kids, this documentary is right up your alley. Pay attention and watch this video. It is an eye opener–into the BS pseudoscience world of psychiatry.

The whole field of psychiatry has affected everyone’s life. No one is immune. We are all touched by it from people left zombies after pseudo science treatment, to thousands and thousands of deaths every year from psychotropic drugs and the handling of patients in a psych hospital. Pscyh hospitals, with quack treatments and psychotropic, highly toxic drugs that result in walking zombies and the walking dead in real life, result not just in deaths and permanent brain damage and paralysis (tardive dyskenesia), but can also lead to violence (mass shooters) and suicides.

Psychiatrists think that everyone has a mental illness they have to treat, generally with drugs.

People go to a psychiatrist thinking he or she is a scientist and an expert at mental illness, but that is furthest thing from the truth, after even casual analysis of the psych industry.

Not one shred of respectable scientific evidence indicates that there is any such thing as a “chemical imbalance” which is responsible for mental illness. And psychiatrists bill over and over for it. Large bills, huge bills. Massive insurance fraud. Patients tend to be miraculously “cured” soon as the money or insurance runs out, whichever comes first.

It’s not scientific. It’s pseudoscience or pretend science.

Psychiatrists now claim over 1 billion of the world’s population is mentally ill.

534 million people have received prescriptions for psychotropic drugs the world over.

17 million school children are drugged with stimulants and antidepressants each day in the US. They have fancy sounding names that make us think that we need to drug our kids like this such as Ritalin or Adderall, but the reality is, Ritalin is a stimulant and Adderall is meth for kids. Now you can’t give your kids street meth or uppers, but your shrink can. Think about that. And your shrink does this after talking to your kid for about 5 to 10 minutes. Your local drug dealer might do a better job of recommending the street drugs your kid needs to cope at school rather than your M.D. There is no blood test, no tissue culture, no cellular analysis for these scripts. They are often just pretend science and fancy names.

Of course an honest MD would make sure that the patient has a full CBC or Complete Blood Count before conducting any “Mini Mental” or mental evaluation of abilities, but this rarely happens. There are also comprehensive blood tests of blood screenings that can detect organic causes for confusion, depression and failure to perform optimally on tests regarding mental abilities. Most of the time, the patient is with someone with a vested interested in having him or her found incompetent, and the games begin. The test is held late in the day, when the elderly are tired and most suspicious, unable to concentrate. In the case of Sophie Reichert, a goon was brought along from the OPG’s offices and proceed to case the joint. Taking notes, and looking at everything of value in the home, he made sure Ms. Sophie could not concentrate on anything.
In Mary Sykes’ case she had hearing aides, and no one for sure ever bother to determine if they worked. They also failed to determine if she had eaten anything and what her blood sugar levels were. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar is not uncommon in the elderly and is easily remedied by providing a small protein snack that gently raises blood sugar. Mary was known to be prone to hypoglycemia.

Honest psychiatrists admit they don’t know what causes or what cures mental illness.

But their pseudo science has managed to creep into every facet of our lives.

Unlike other medical professionals that rely on scientific tests, blood test, microscopic analysis of cells, tissues, etc. Psychiatrists do no scientific tests like other physicians to arrive at a diagnosis. They just ask patients a few questions over 15 minutes and whip out the prescription pad.

More people have died in psychiatric hospitals than all US people combined that died in all US wars, on US soil or foreign lands since 1776

Psychiatry kills. It’s pseudoscience.

Insurance companies pay out $69 billion–that’s billion, with a “b”, for psychiatric services each year. It’s a huge money making profit center. Unfortunately, the profit center is likely doing great harm to patients and little good.

The psych industry rakes in $2 trillion–with a “t”– annually.

But the darker side to all of this is the fact that there is no science whatsoever behind any of it.

No honest psychiatrist or psychologist will say they know what actually causes or may cure “mental illness”

Which means that $2 trillion = ZERO cures


Undesirable people were locked up in psych hospitals to get certain people out of the way.

Early psych hospitals were little more than warehouses for people, the first of which was Bethlehem Royal Hospital, a/k/a “Bedlam” which became a pscyh hospital sometime during the 1300s where people were kept in cages, closets, locked rooms, chained to walls, kept in animal stalls, often naked and starving, in their own excrement, they were beaten and whipped. The public would come and watch–for an admission price. But unlike modern pscyh hospitals, in over 500 years of existence from 1300 to 1800, the London Psych Hospital never claimed it could cure anything with such treatments. That would come later.

It wasn’t until Dr. William Battie did the same thing, but he started the trend of claiming he could cure mental illness, which, while it was a complete fabrication, made him one of the richest men in Europe, opening many such “hospitals” where the undesirables were locked away out of society. The opening of private institutions where crazy people or undesirables could be put away by family and others started in the early 1800’s and spread throughout Europe and America.

However, it was not until the 19th century end that taxes and public money would start to be used to build mental institutions that the concept gained a foothold into just about every major town and city in Europe and America and it started generating huge profits for the “science” of psychiatry. Now, the growing pseudo science filed of psychiatry could continue to mask its abuses while raking in large quantities of money. If people complained about their treatments, they were not believed because they were crazy. Now there were clean, white pristine “hospitals” to lock up the crazies and undesireables and drug them and conduct abusive forms of psychiatric treatments far from the watchful public eye. These psych hospitals were often located in the country or on the far edge of town, away from scrutiny. Information was provided on an as needed basis and most people were shut away.

The devices which were developed to “control” people and make them behave in the 1800’s consisted of and conceived by psychiatrists included: near drowning devices, a person was locked in a coffin, the coffin was lowered into cold water, then removed and the M.D. would attempt to revive them, as well as cold sheets, shacking and immobilizing people for hours on end in strange positions. Obviously, there was a high mortality rate associated with the device for near drowning as well as the cold sheet treatments..

Wrapping the patient in cold sheets and dumping an manic patient into a cold bath was also used as a “treatment”. Similarly, this had a high mortality rate.

Dr. Benjamin Rush, in the US became famous for his psychiatric treatments. He would bind manic patients to a chair for hours, wrap them in cold sheets and also apply cold water to the patient’s heads for hours. He was considered a psychiatric hero in his day. The image of this abusive maniac is still today on the seal of the American Psychiatric Association.

Amazingly enough, his psychiatric torture methods of cold water sheets, cold baths and cold-head enclosures would be the model in psychiatry for the next 70 years, and he was eventually enshrined as the father of modern psychiatry. (I’d hate to think who these yahoos would vote in as a mother of psychiatry–the Wicked Witch of the West?)

By the early 1900’s, everyone was worried about the future of psychiatry because it was becoming common knowledge that psychiatrists were nothing but quacks with highly abusive programs for death and further disability. So a Dr. Cotton started removing body parts and that helped save the situation and regain large profits in psychiatry.

Dr. Cotton had a “method.” He started with teeth, then tonsils, then sinuses. Ouch. If the patient was still sick, then they would move down the body on the theory that there were toxins down there. So out went the stomach, the spleen and then the colon. Brilliant. Death then most certainly ensured and I’m sure they pronounced that a permanent cure of the highest form.

In the late 1800’s along came Drs. Wundt, Nietsche and Pavlov who claimed that there was no human soul, there were just chemicals in a person’s brain and that humans were nothing more than smart animals that could be trained like rats in a maze. For some reason, a whole lot of other people and doctors thought this was brilliant and followed this movement to “cure” mental illness–simply train them like you train animals. Of course, that did not work, leading to the famous joke: “Nietsche: God is dead. God: Nietsche is dead.”

And while you think torture from shrinks isn’t over, check out this online story from CBS where as recently as 2014, autistic youth deemed a danger to themselves or others were shocked with an apparatus similar to dog shock collars but it consisted of a backpack attached to an arm band which shocked the patient. More torture for disabled people. When does this end? These devices, like the ones you can buy for your rottweiller or pit bull,

While the center’s director claims the shock was no big deal and was rarely given, one video showed a student being strapped to a full length restraint board and shocked 31 times in a row, thrashing about wildly and screaming at the top of his lungs (the shock is supposed to be like a bee sting). Of course, students and their families were suing the school over the abuse, and the FDA in 2014 was “thinking of” pulling FDA approval on the procedure.

This is but one example of how the US govt provides $40 million to psychiatric facilities for “behavioral control” therapies. Yes, “science without a soul” is still in force and effect today.

I did not see anywhere in the video where either the director was shocked by the equipment, claiming no big deal, nor were any of the staff volunteering to get shocked.

As far as I’m concerned, they all need to be tested for psychopathy.

This documentary then moves into Hitler’s T4 program and how psych hospitals and psychiatrists were a major motivating factor to start the mass internment and starvations, beatings, shootings and cremations of millions of “undesireables”, mostly ethnic groups, homosexuals, cripples and mental patients. And of course, dissidents.

I have written on the T4 program on this blog in earlier posts, which you can search for, but I would like to remind everyone at this point, that thousands of licensed doctors and nurses must have taken part in the T4 program by putting to death some 100,000 deformed and crippled or “undesirable” infants, children and mental patients. Some sat at desks all day long thinking up excuses to tell family members who placed their loved ones there only to find out they weren’t cured, but had suddenly died. Excuses ranged from small pox, measles (even if the patient had already survived the measles or polio, these civil servants with M.Ds and R.N.s did not have the time or interest to check those facts, and letters were dutifully send home, despite the fact these professionals knew that the person was euthanized for no good reason, just like your pet that was old and could not walk or eat. But these were young and healthy human beings, for the most part. They suffered no disease other than being unwanted and unloved.

Names of books by psychiatrists in this documentary: Reign of Error, Mad in America, Unsafe at Any Dose

It is interesting to note that 40% of all psychiatrists in Nazi Germany signed up with the party early, seemingly because the beliefs of the Nazi party were very similar to those of psychiatrists and their beliefs in eugenics or creating better humans via selective breeding or genocide or ethnic cleansing. They also seemed to agree there was nothing wrong with isolating people form the world for years on end and torturing them and engaging in massive human and civil rights abuses.

Which brings me to another point this movie made, why is psychiatry the only field in which a patient can be arrested, strapped down and put into a psych hold and drugged against his or her will for days, if not weeks on end. Mrs. Gayle Robinson, age X, experienced such a treatment. When evil professional Mary Rowan couldn’t obtain a doctor’s report on her showing Mrs. Robinson to be suffering from dementia, Ms. Rowan just grabbed poor Gayle, argued with her for hours at her house (see video on internet by son Randy Robinson who protested this human and civil rights abuse while other family members and a courtroom filled with psychopaths cheer such treatment on). Turns out MR didn’t have the proper paperwork, the psych hospital turned her away. She kept Gayle locked up in a hotel for the weekend and drugged her (chemically restrained) her there. Of course, MR isn’t supposed to be Gayle Robinson’s “professional guardian”. The VA has a rule that the VA staff is supposed to assume that role. But Judge X has no care or reason for that law. In fact, this judge has made repeated statements he is suspending the constitution in his court because of he is “protecting Gayle Rowan” and “she might regress”. Based upon what science.

After the war, while many psychiatrists were in charge of the T4 program and many concentration camps, almost none were tried at Nuremberg and most simply returned to private practice in either Germany or the US, despite their ties to and support of the holocaust.

One million people received lobotomies during the 40’s and 50’s based upon one psychiatrist driving around in a lobotomobile, conducting lobotomies on the spot. He had discovered that instead of drilling into the brain, an awl or ice pick like device could be inserted into the upper portion of the eye socket, rake it back and forth, and upon destroying sufficient brain material, a patient’s behavior would be considerably altered by massive brain damage. 25% of patients would fall into a permanent vegetative state. Nonetheless, it took two decades and numerous deaths before this quack’s license was pulled and his lobotomy theories debunked.

And then we get to the next round of psychitric cures–psychotropic drugs.
Most of today’s fancy named drugs are actually derivatives of the old drug Thorazine, originally used to kill parasites in pigs, it was also used as a horse tranquilizer.
this article also mentions that other drugs were not as helpful and often left a patient experiencing bone cracking convusions for days, when convulsions were supposed to be for hourse.

Of course Electroshock therapy they wrapped a patient in cold wet sheets and then applied massive doses of electricity to the temporal lobes creating intense convulsions, again, often bone cracking. The tongue had to be supressed so the patient didn’t bite it off. With the advent of Thorazine and its derivatives with better names than “pig parasite killer” and “horse tranquilizer”, sedatives were also given to the patient to immobilize him or her, and this treatment was hailed as “more humane” although it also didn’t really cure anything either and was not based upon any known science. Mostly, it was just a way for quacks to make money and scare patients into submission with medieval torture methods.

Next, one of the problems that the patient was never told is that these new psychotropic meds caused tardive dyskenesia or facial paralysis, or parkinsonian type symptoms of tremors in hands and face and uncontrolled facial ticks and movements which were permanent. The patients were not told about this for nearly 2 decades by Smith Glaxo French. In many case, schizophrenia would return and with a vengeance. In addition, many patients as their tolerance levels increased, experienced tendencies towards violence and suicide, again, not disclosed by the drug companies for about 20 years.

In a patient with mild symptoms or mild mainia, there would be a 20% chance of the patient developing schizophrenia in 5 years which was permanent. This is a far worse condition.

It would also develop over the years that suicide and mass killings would crop up in patients taking psychotropic drugs, especially in young males.

However, when there is a mass shooting, the media is quick to forget to conveniently mention that the shooter was taking or had taken psychotropic medications. (See article citations)

In order to “sell” these new drugs, the drug companies, and not any neuroscientist, came up with the concept of “chemical imbalance” as if some scientist had measure certain chemicals in the brain and knew how to balance them, which is a complete fabrication of any brain testing known to date. No one opens up the skull to “test brain chemicals”. Certainly not your local psychiatrist.

The movie also mentions the term “pseudo dementia” which is a condition of depression, where the patient is so depressed that he or she is unable to perform normally, it is hard for them to get out of bed, do normal household chores, and run routine errands such as go to the grocery store, the bank, department stores, friends and relatives, etc. It is created by physical diseases that are easily remedies such a blood sugar problems and fluctuations, low thyroid,

PRACTICE TIP: when cross examining a psychiatrist, always ask how many cases per year he gets from probate, how much money he makes from probate personally, that is, his personal income tax return, ask if he gets any kickbacks, referrals or placement fees from nursing homes, etc. Exactly what is the source of his income and why. Now that you know there is no real science in psychiatry, it makes it much easier to file your objections and responses in probate court. The questions I asked Dr. Shaw in the Sophie Reichert case were so interesting to the court that the judge made sure to write up orders each day to seal the transcripts.

TRICKS OF THE EVIL TRADE: Elders and the disableds will often be examined by these quack shrinks after when they are hungry, tired, or malnourished and dehydrated. Their hearing aides and glasses will be removed. If they are in a nursing home, none of this is generally an issue because they keep the elderly chronically malnourished and dehydrated. They receive one meal, three times per day at 9 am, noon and 5, which means that from 5 pm to 9 am the next day, they will have nothing to eat or drink for 16 hours. Often they get coffee or water three times per day, just 8 ounces of it, again, not enough to sustain a person, and especially an older person that needs to be frequently hydrated. A tray will be plunked down in front of them and if they cannot eat it by themselves in 15 to 20 minutes, it will be picked up whether or not they ate it. Of course, if they need dentures or a partial inserted, that will not happen. If there are gold teeth involved, those will mysterious disappear (In re Alice Gore, a 99 year old woman lost her 29 gold teeth when she ate too slowly and then a feeding tube was inserted at one end and a diaper at the other, against her will, but making life much easier for all the nurses and aides that had to attend to her. This type of treatment is on par with Chinese orphanages decried by international human rights agencies where the workers there tie toddlers to chairs to eat and feed for hours on end because only one young girl is put in charge and she feeds dozens of toddlers and infants at once and is told not to waste any food or else. Hands are often tied behind the child’s back or in the air above their heads. Then the infants and toddlers are tied to potties for hours to potty. They are not allowed to play, they have no toys. Many children die from such treatment. When they start to grow sickly, despondent or catatonic from the lack of loving parents, they are taken to a “dying room” where they are left alone and without food or water until they pass over. Orphanage workers pass by all day long, and know not to look into the dying rooms or go in there. The dying rooms are checked once or twice per day for cold stiff bodies which are quickly removed and buried. You can youtube Chinese Orphanages and dying rooms for information on what happens.

Now when you check youtube on Chinese Orphanages, you will find that thousands do posts and offer assistance to Chinese Orphanages. However, when you do a post on how grandma is deprived of her eyeglasses, hearing aides, teeth, and other necessities and how she will face a carousel of going back and forth to the hospital when the nursing home dehydrates and malnourishes grandma, you will see only a handful of posts decrying such treatment and demanding it ends. For some reason, human rights abuses against the elderly in the US are completely ignored!

GAG ORDERS, Location Orders, ; Gag orders are highly unconstitutional in a free open and Democratic society. Make sure that you or your lawyer files motions to lift all gag orders on the basis they are an unconstitutional restraint on free speech (see, In re Weddigen). I have also heard of location orders. In one case, so they could keep careful watch on a woman they could not get a psychiatrist to say was incompetent, the court issued a “location order” where she was not able to leave her own small home town. Effectively, this meant that she could not go to any major department store, her bank, Walmart, her relatives and friends who mostly lived out of town, etc. I just told her son flatly, the order is unconstitutional and have their attorney file a motion to lift it.

Sign the petition –Project Innocence–families

Read on, the petition says a whole lot about the current status of our nation’s Probate and Family courts:

It took a Nation speaking up, investigating and committing to save kids to reveal decades of  sexual abuse imposed on children by the powerful members of the  Catholic Church.

it will take a greater effort to save children and families being decimated by American Family Courts, under the color of law.

CAN you imagine losing time with your children, your parents or family members  for a day, an hour, a month, a year or ten years?  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

CAN you  imagine losing (through no fault of your own)  a lifetime of your retirement savings, your house investment, your cash, your cars and your  children’s college savings accounts, simply because your spouse filed for divorce and hired a lawyer willing to decimate you  and your children? PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

CAN you imagine your elderly parents, grandparents and aunts or uncles losing their life’s fortunes, simply because a crooked trustee in probate court is allowed to legally steal their money ? PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

Millions of good parents and innocent children don’t have to imagine this, it is happening to them in family courts across the globe, especially in California, and has been for decades.


  • 55% of marriages in California end in divorce.
  • 75% of the people engaged in divorces can not afford to hire a lawyer, so are forced to represent themselves, but also forced to know the law as if they had gone to law school and worked as a lawyer for 20 years.
  • 100% of people who are forced to go through a divorce without a lawyer, when the other spouse has a lawyer, suffers  permanent  loss of their share of  property, income and custody.
  • 95% of divorce cases show evidence of hidden or concealed assets, which a spouse without a lawyer is never able to find.
  • 80% of divorce cases involving children,  litigated in court, show flase claims of parental alienation and child abuse.
  • Recent trends in family law cases show that judges are using violations of due process and abuse of power to harm citizens in divorce, probate and custody cases , where only one side has a lawyer.
  • Introduction of custody experts, experienced lawyers , forensic CPAs and vocational examiners make divorce proceedings last ten times  times longer and add 500% or more to the final divorce costs.
  • Financial Abuse against the elderly is greatest in the family probate courts ..
  • California’s State Bar investigates only 1% of the complaints filed against licensed attorneys.
  • California’s Judicial Performance investigates only 1% of complaints filed against judges, and less than that against family law judges.
  • California’s Board of Accountancy takes 888 days to investigate crooked CPAs and investigates fewer than 1% of the CPAs performing forensic or auditing  done in divorce or probate cases.

True stories:

An  investigation of judges in San Diego, California  exposed systemic court misconduct that resulted in several judges being brought up on criminal charges.

In Pennsylvania, Kids for Cash Judge was convicted of criminal misconduct and sent to  28 years in jail, only after kids died and the public got outraged.

A Michigan Judge jailed children for refusing to see their father. The judge was  disciplined and 4000 of her orders voided out.

CBS’s 60 mins. exposed what family law litigants have known for decades; that crooked lawyers will use our courts to launder money and commit fraud, for profit, even in divorce and probate cases.

California’s Judge Oversight Agency has admitted to not addressing complaints against judges for decades, leaving corrupt judges in family courts to misuse the bench and take children and property under the color of the law.

California’s State Auditor’s  June 2015 Report recommended blowing up the Bar due to unfixable corruption and dysfunction.

Are American Family Courts the Next Judicial Scandal in America??

Parents and Grandparents have had enough and are joining forces to stop the legal harassment and financial destruction of American Families.

Too many Family Court Judges appear willing to use kids and property to give kickbacks to dirty lawyers and fund an endless game of corruption. See  Divorce Corp, a documentary, born from frustration caused by Sacramento Family Courts.

Investigative reporters have been focusing on  Santa Clara County, in California,  where Judge Mary Ann Grilli has presided over  divorce and probate matters for three decades, and where hundreds of cases reveal Grilli has violated the law , shown bias toward self-represented parties and engaged in corruption and kickbacks to an ” in ” crowd of family lawyers , with whom she has a ” close ” relationship .

Also in Santa Clara County  ” custody expert” , Valerie Houghton,  was recently indicted on over 50 counts of fraud, embezzlement and theft, by Santa Clara County’s District Attorney.

Garret Dailey (Elkins lawyer), one of the highest paid family law appeals lawyers in California,  who once defended the self represented underdog in California family law, has sold out ethics he pretended to have during the Elkins case. Dailey  recently tried to block an indigent mother, on Medicare, from appealing a fee order  that required her to pay her wealthy husband, Oliver Garbe, step son of Sean Connery, after Garbe had harassed the mother in a ten year divorce and stipped her of all custody  and property, following a 10 year marriage.

Court Watchers see  Mary Ann Grilli consistently act with bias toward poor and uneducated parents, where children are stripped from stay at home mothers and fathers and given to which ever spouse has  a lawyer “in” Grilli’s club of cronies.

It is time to stop this abuse in our family courts. Justice in family court should not be on a pay to play basis. Kids can not go to the highest bidder , or best paid lawyer in a divorce. Children lose and parents lose when judges allow that.

Want to tell your story in a documentary or book? Have time to court watch or write letters and emails to expose what is really  going on in family court? Connect with a group in California, or other states, and help us put a stop to the outrageous costs family courts impose on they  American Family, to  benefit only greedy lawyers. We can help bring attention to a case, a bad judge, a corrupt lawyer or scam in your county, email

Helpful websites and resources:

California Judicial Handbook

Erasing Family – Documentary & Movement


This petition will be delivered to:
  • Santa Clara County Citizens
    Santa Clara Grand Jury
  • State Bar
    California State Bar
  • California Governor

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