From Mark Adams–taking a case to a Grand Jury

I know a lot of people are very interested in taking their cases of courtroom corruption to grand juries because the FBI and prosecutors and the police look the other way and just want to do speeding tickets and drug arrests, which are relatively easy peasy, but for those of you that want justice back in the courts and want lying, thieving attorneys and judges (think “Kids for Cash” we have elders and disableds for cash and Kids for Sale to the highest bidding shrinks and “evaluators”), time to take a look at how to get directly to that Grand Jury.

from Mark Adams, JD

From: Mark Adams
Sent: May 3, 2016 5:33 PM
To: Gregory Todd

Subject: RE: From Greg Todd, please see – The Peoples Branch Manual!


It sounds like we agree about what needs to be done to the bankster scum who have stolen most of our rights, our property, and control of our country.

About 40 years ago, some people were bright enough to push for restoration of the right to petition for redress by making complaints directly to the citizens serving on the Federal grand juries, the right which was stolen by the bankster scumbags in power during FDR’s regime.  As a result of those efforts, 18 U.S.C. § 3332 was enacted, and it provides that if someone makes a complaint about a criminal act to a U.S. Attorney and asks to have the evidence submitted to a grand jury, the U.S. Attorney is required to submit such evidence to the citizens serving on the grand jury.  See

Unfortunately, the prosecuting princes and the black robed scum decided that shall means may in this situation, and as a result, this statute is mostly ignored.  However, almost no one knows that it exists, and to date, I haven’t seen a good effort made to try to use it.

Anyway, since we are supposed to be able to enforce the law, unlike slaves, you can always use one nearly forgotten right to secure justice, or at least, if you have the ability to take such action, scare the scumbags into not messing with you.  I did so when the scum were trying to throw me in jail to shut me up, and I’m about to use it again to remind some bankster scum that they cannot rip me off and get away with it.  For details about this nearly forgotten right, see

By the way, a U.S. Supreme Court case about the importance of the right to petition is attached, and in the dissent, Justice Bradly points out that if we do not have the power to enforce the law by bringing our petitions to the grand juries, then we have been reduced from citizens to slaves.  Note that the opinion doesn’t say that a prosecutor can obstruct the right to petition, but instead, it holds that since there was no Federal law criminalizing murder at that time, the murderers could not be prosecuted in Federal court at that time.

The Blyew case resulted in the passage of the Federal laws prohibiting violations of rights under color of law so that murderers and prosecutors who covered up murder could be prosecuted!

You can find the Blyew case here:  Here is a link to the Blyew case

The dissent begins at Page 80 U. S. 595.

Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

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