Special Mother’s Day Sale $15 including Shipping–Wyman’s “Against her Will Book”

For the next 10 days we will be having a special sale on John Howard Wyman’s book “Against her Will” for $15 including media mail shipping.


They make great gifts for Mother’s Day, let your elderly mother know that there are attorneys out there–Denison and Ditkowsky that are fighting for her rights, and the rights of her elderly spouse–against all odds. The Illinois Atty General Lisa Madigan’s offices doesn’t care, The Illinois Inspector General Diane Saltoun doesn’t care that state of Illinois Health Care funds are disappearing into a black hole left and right and taxes aren’t being collected, and the FBI and Loretta Lynch does not care.

Ken and I fax and email these individuals constantly with no response.

For certain the head of the ARDC Jerome Larkin has repeatedly quashed dissent to tell the truth about probate court as he protects Seth Gillman who bilked the US government for $100 million and pled guilty in Federal Court to Medicare/Medicaid/State of Illinois Fraud, but when these frauds are repeatedly reported, the state does nothing, nor does the ARDC

So please text or email me a check, or you can use Chase Quick pay to joanne@denisonlaw.com to pay $15 for this marvelous book.

And if you or a loved one has been subject to corruption in the courts–any court, we are collecting information for. Sen. Matt Kirk’s offices who has promised us an investigation if we get 25 people to complain to show these are not isolated incidents.

I wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day for this coming weekend.  Know that we are there trying to protect your mom best we can because we know she is precious to you and not just an asset to strip and hand over to favored lawyers, their crony vendors and nursing homes.


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