New Case–Autistic Girl abused in Missouri Probate Court

Please read the below case.  This lovely young girl has been severely abused in Guardianship court and needs her mother. The mother is distraught and heartbroken at losing her daughter to a state system that is only interested in this girl’s trust fund.

If anyone knows where Lillian Tonkinson is, please contact me or the mother Mary Catherin Ford on Facebook IMMEDIATELY.

Below is the story of her abuse:

23.    Lillian Tonkinson    Adair County, Missouri, 14AR-PR00045

Adair County, Missouri, 14AR-PR00045
Lillian Tonkinson is a young lady who is 20 years old and has always lived with her family.  She is a high school graduate.  She has mild autism and slightly diminished IQ.  Mom is in a wheel chair due to hip trouble.  LT has a 14 year old brother who wants his sister home.  While in a facility, Mother was only allowed to have supervised visits for 1.5 hours every 2 weeks.  LT is being grossly isolated from friends and family.  The Guardian is Rhonda Noe and she participates and assists in isolating LT and the mother and her brother (who cannot see her at all and he is heartbroken at this), she cannot see or talk to any other relatives (approximately 18 aunts and uncles), she has about 14 friends she cannot see or talk to or call. She is not allowed to write to anyone, including the judge. The facility operators tear up her letters.  The last place she was held was Rolling Hills in Milan, Missouri.  (Aug 2014 to April 2016), and they isolated her.  She was beaten, slapped, verbally abused and called an “idiot”, and Lillian kept a journal of the abuse.  She is not allowed to see her father. We do not know where she is currently.  We have repeatedly asked the Guardian where LT is and she repeatedly refuses to tell us. Noe does not return calls.  She does not respond to emails.  LT has a large trust set up by her paternal grandfather. They have not paid any of LT’s bills.  LT should be returned to her family and all the money refunded.  Rhonda Noe has threatened the mother, that if causes any trouble or complains, she will never see her daughter again. DFS interrogated LT and told her if she wanted to, she could come home, but that never happened.  Judge Christie Swain, Brenda Renee Wall-Swedberg, Schuyler County, is the GAL and has done nothing to protect LT (she was the judge in Tyler County who had an affair with the Sheriff County and he died of a heart attack and was found dead in her bed. She was hearing criminal cases brought by him).  The caseworker is Deborah Blessing.  And Lisa Tilison was also a caseworker involved in the guardianship abuse of LT.  The doctor Erin Hi Hope, declared LT needed a guardian and said the mother was not qualified to be her guardian.  It was found out later that she and another doctor Maciln was also declaring other children incompetent for the benefit of lawyers and court vendors.  LT’s regular doctor Dale Essmeyer also said she needed a guardianship (which is ironic, since he himself has dementia).  At Rolling Hills, she received received no therapy, no schooling and no interaction, she just sat around all day. And also LT did not have proper clothing, her glasses were broken.  She had no spending money.  She was working at HiHo Thrift Store and the facility took her entire check from her despite her protests.

Please send your prayers and return this child to her mother and brother and father.



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