The Brian Kinter story–father loses custody based upon secret hearing with children

One of the most troublesome problems in custody proceedings, and the greatest agony any parent can face, is where one parent loses all contact with children. In this case, Brian Kinter lost access to his children when the judge said she wanted to hold an in camera closed meeting with the kids.  Brian objected, and the judge took retaliatory action. Brian feared his ex would coach the children to say they were abused when in fact they were not.  The mother had filed allegations of abuse one after the other with Child Services. Even Child Services said that the allegations looked suspicious because they were filed either before a court hearing, or they were filed as soon as Mother found out that one had been dismissed.  Over several years, 12 false reports were filed with Mother to Child Services, 8 full investigations were held over months, but in the end, and all were dismissed.

Judges often suspend parental rights and parenting time soon as one of these allegation is filed.  That is what happened to Brian. To add insult to injury, when the judge asked for an in camera, closed hearing with no parents, no attorneys, no court reporters, no one as a witness, Brain objected on constitutional grounds, that he had the right to question any accuser of a crime, and further courts were supposed to be open, democratic and transparent.

On that day, no on knows what was said, but Brian lost his rights as a father for years.  Then he was shuffled around from court to court to try to get the “no contact” order lifted, when it became clear there were no real allegations of abuse.

In one hearing, the 7 year old daughter who allegedly said she was touched “in a bad place” by her father, was asked “where did he touch you”  Answer: “I don’t know”.  How did he touch you “I don’t know.”

Removing one parent from a child’s life, even for a very short period of time, based upon false allegations of abuse, is nothing but child abuse in and of itself.

Brian now has his children back and sole custody, but he can never really rest assured that the courts won’t do something based on false charges to remove his children for years.  Please listen to his story.