A special mother’s day belated blessing to all the mothers and children

I do hope you have all survived the weekend.  I know for many of you it has been hard.  I have received scores of emails from mothers and children separated by corrupt courts in both probate and in (anti) family court.

I wish you all a belated happy mother’s day.  My mother is gone, but I still love her and miss her and talk to her everyday out loud but unseen.  She is not dead, but lives on in a different dimension.  A much happier and more wonderful dimension.

I have heard from all of you, and I want to pass it on, that having a mother you cannot see because a guardian, a GAL, a court ordered it, was not possible creates the worst mother’s day possible. I still hear from scores of children, depressed in grief, the cannot see their elderly mothers at all, cannot even call them, or even send them a note or a card or even flowers for mother’s day. Doug Franks called me and said he could see his elderly mother for a few hours and he was so happy he could do this, but wait a minute, why can’t he spend every waking hour with her?  Does not the Bill of Rights ensure this for both him and her?

I know the judges and GAL’s read this blog. What monster does this?  If mom wants to see her children and hear from them, who are you to stand in the way? The Federal law on Elder Abuse now considers this a crime. My victims that write to me have much more coarser words and phrase for what you condone and aide and abet.

Gloria Sykes could not see, call or even write her own mother except for a handful of times for more than 5 years. What monsters participate in this evil?

Bev Cooper could not see, call or even write her mother for 10 months, and when she and 20+ friends and family were allowed to do this, it was discovered a feeding tube was implanted against the will of Alice Gore, and her 29 gold teeth had been pulled. For what? Pennies on the dollar?

The Drabik and Richards sisters–9 of them, had to endure the fact their Aunt Lydia Tyler and their Mother Rose Drabik were both narcotized to death against their will when the money ran out– and $1.5 million was fell off Rose’s inventory, and $9 million + from Lydia’s. And for what?

Story after story crosses my emails and facebook and phone calls every day.

Ken and I and all the other probate blogs–NASGA, probate sharks, etc. beg and plead for this to end, but we are still suspended from the practice of law by the Illinois Supreme Court who knows very well what we do–where the corruption ends and begins, how the mega nursing home corps and mega pharma rules the world of the nursing homes, where according to the probate courts, all elders must go and be stripped of their assets and it be given to tied in corrupt attorneys and courtroom vendors, against their will.  Go ahead and ask them about how they love attorney Seth Gillman, a known convicted felon in Elder Abuse, but the ARDC hates myself and Ken Ditkowsky for just telling the truth on a blog.

And don’t ever question a preferred lying scum bag shrink on the witness stand, because if you do, the court will seal the records (Judge Quinn and Estate of Reichert).

It all must be given to court room friends and attorneys.

As the lawyers said most brazenly in a 60 minutes report on a corrupt foreign official plying his money laundering biz on a body cam, “we are the attorneys and we run the US” corruptly and without any ethics or morals and no one will challenge us. Well, did the ABA or the NY bar disciplinary board challenge these 12 attorneys salivating over laundering hundreds of millions in corrupt foreign funds?  Of course not!

The ABA pulled dozens of citizen comments defending me and crying foul on my license suspension.  A former ABA president was part of the “it’s okay to launder money” expose on 60 minutes.  The ABA just pulled their support of a book that would have exposed the oppression of civil rights activists and whistleblower lawyers in China.

This was supposed to be the land of the “free and the brave”. What happened? Did our ancestors write the Bill of Rights on Charmin?

You tell me why corruption in the courts keeps children from seeing their parents or even speaking to them on mother’s day.  You tell me why corrupt (anti) family courts are denying parenting time or 50-50 co parenting time to parents that were never declared “unfit” with due process, a notice, a written motion, discovery and a hearing?  In case you didn’t know, 50-50 co parenting time is now the law in Illinois since Janurary of 2016, but I don’t see the courts enforcing it.  No parent is declared “unfit”, a very high standard, but 50-50 coparenting time is denied on a whim or “discretion” of the judge.

But I will send my wishes for justice to all those that deny the strongest of karmic ties between parents and children today–the maternal bond.

And don’t think that no one cares.  It is my understanding that a mother’s prayers for her children are given highest priority by the Divine Ones, then a mother’s prayers for anyone.

So don’t be discouraged. The most powerful tools we have on this earth are prayer, love, hope and our karmic bonds between mothers and their children.

I hope you all had a good mother’s day.


4 thoughts on “A special mother’s day belated blessing to all the mothers and children

    • Thanks. No mother and child should have to go through the horrors of our court system where justice currently is up for sale. And even with my recent fake and false judgment of $18,000 filed against me by the ARDC (I wonder what Truth I spoke that month that ticked off some clouted miscreant), I am not going to stop until all the complaint I hear about the court system end.
      Every judge should be reviewed every month by every litigant, and any evidence of criminal activity received should be thoroughly investigated right away. Every litigant at the Daley center should receive a survey form and the results should be made public.
      Sadly, I think Dorothy Brown is still too busy selling jobs and promotions at the clerk’s offices to care.

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