For Randy Robinson–the Fake “science” of Psychiatry

From You Tube–The Most Shocking Psychiatry Documentary Ever

For all of you out there that hated your BS, tied in corrupt, crony psychiatrists that took away your grandmother or grandfather, even your kids, this documentary is right up your alley. Pay attention and watch this video. It is an eye opener–into the BS pseudoscience world of psychiatry.

The whole field of psychiatry has affected everyone’s life. No one is immune. We are all touched by it from people left zombies after pseudo science treatment, to thousands and thousands of deaths every year from psychotropic drugs and the handling of patients in a psych hospital. Pscyh hospitals, with quack treatments and psychotropic, highly toxic drugs that result in walking zombies and the walking dead in real life, result not just in deaths and permanent brain damage and paralysis (tardive dyskenesia), but can also lead to violence (mass shooters) and suicides.

Psychiatrists think that everyone has a mental illness they have to treat, generally with drugs.

People go to a psychiatrist thinking he or she is a scientist and an expert at mental illness, but that is furthest thing from the truth, after even casual analysis of the psych industry.

Not one shred of respectable scientific evidence indicates that there is any such thing as a “chemical imbalance” which is responsible for mental illness. And psychiatrists bill over and over for it. Large bills, huge bills. Massive insurance fraud. Patients tend to be miraculously “cured” soon as the money or insurance runs out, whichever comes first.

It’s not scientific. It’s pseudoscience or pretend science.

Psychiatrists now claim over 1 billion of the world’s population is mentally ill.

534 million people have received prescriptions for psychotropic drugs the world over.

17 million school children are drugged with stimulants and antidepressants each day in the US. They have fancy sounding names that make us think that we need to drug our kids like this such as Ritalin or Adderall, but the reality is, Ritalin is a stimulant and Adderall is meth for kids. Now you can’t give your kids street meth or uppers, but your shrink can. Think about that. And your shrink does this after talking to your kid for about 5 to 10 minutes. Your local drug dealer might do a better job of recommending the street drugs your kid needs to cope at school rather than your M.D. There is no blood test, no tissue culture, no cellular analysis for these scripts. They are often just pretend science and fancy names.

Of course an honest MD would make sure that the patient has a full CBC or Complete Blood Count before conducting any “Mini Mental” or mental evaluation of abilities, but this rarely happens. There are also comprehensive blood tests of blood screenings that can detect organic causes for confusion, depression and failure to perform optimally on tests regarding mental abilities. Most of the time, the patient is with someone with a vested interested in having him or her found incompetent, and the games begin. The test is held late in the day, when the elderly are tired and most suspicious, unable to concentrate. In the case of Sophie Reichert, a goon was brought along from the OPG’s offices and proceed to case the joint. Taking notes, and looking at everything of value in the home, he made sure Ms. Sophie could not concentrate on anything.
In Mary Sykes’ case she had hearing aides, and no one for sure ever bother to determine if they worked. They also failed to determine if she had eaten anything and what her blood sugar levels were. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar is not uncommon in the elderly and is easily remedied by providing a small protein snack that gently raises blood sugar. Mary was known to be prone to hypoglycemia.

Honest psychiatrists admit they don’t know what causes or what cures mental illness.

But their pseudo science has managed to creep into every facet of our lives.

Unlike other medical professionals that rely on scientific tests, blood test, microscopic analysis of cells, tissues, etc. Psychiatrists do no scientific tests like other physicians to arrive at a diagnosis. They just ask patients a few questions over 15 minutes and whip out the prescription pad.

More people have died in psychiatric hospitals than all US people combined that died in all US wars, on US soil or foreign lands since 1776

Psychiatry kills. It’s pseudoscience.

Insurance companies pay out $69 billion–that’s billion, with a “b”, for psychiatric services each year. It’s a huge money making profit center. Unfortunately, the profit center is likely doing great harm to patients and little good.

The psych industry rakes in $2 trillion–with a “t”– annually.

But the darker side to all of this is the fact that there is no science whatsoever behind any of it.

No honest psychiatrist or psychologist will say they know what actually causes or may cure “mental illness”

Which means that $2 trillion = ZERO cures


Undesirable people were locked up in psych hospitals to get certain people out of the way.

Early psych hospitals were little more than warehouses for people, the first of which was Bethlehem Royal Hospital, a/k/a “Bedlam” which became a pscyh hospital sometime during the 1300s where people were kept in cages, closets, locked rooms, chained to walls, kept in animal stalls, often naked and starving, in their own excrement, they were beaten and whipped. The public would come and watch–for an admission price. But unlike modern pscyh hospitals, in over 500 years of existence from 1300 to 1800, the London Psych Hospital never claimed it could cure anything with such treatments. That would come later.

It wasn’t until Dr. William Battie did the same thing, but he started the trend of claiming he could cure mental illness, which, while it was a complete fabrication, made him one of the richest men in Europe, opening many such “hospitals” where the undesirables were locked away out of society. The opening of private institutions where crazy people or undesirables could be put away by family and others started in the early 1800’s and spread throughout Europe and America.

However, it was not until the 19th century end that taxes and public money would start to be used to build mental institutions that the concept gained a foothold into just about every major town and city in Europe and America and it started generating huge profits for the “science” of psychiatry. Now, the growing pseudo science filed of psychiatry could continue to mask its abuses while raking in large quantities of money. If people complained about their treatments, they were not believed because they were crazy. Now there were clean, white pristine “hospitals” to lock up the crazies and undesireables and drug them and conduct abusive forms of psychiatric treatments far from the watchful public eye. These psych hospitals were often located in the country or on the far edge of town, away from scrutiny. Information was provided on an as needed basis and most people were shut away.

The devices which were developed to “control” people and make them behave in the 1800’s consisted of and conceived by psychiatrists included: near drowning devices, a person was locked in a coffin, the coffin was lowered into cold water, then removed and the M.D. would attempt to revive them, as well as cold sheets, shacking and immobilizing people for hours on end in strange positions. Obviously, there was a high mortality rate associated with the device for near drowning as well as the cold sheet treatments..

Wrapping the patient in cold sheets and dumping an manic patient into a cold bath was also used as a “treatment”. Similarly, this had a high mortality rate.

Dr. Benjamin Rush, in the US became famous for his psychiatric treatments. He would bind manic patients to a chair for hours, wrap them in cold sheets and also apply cold water to the patient’s heads for hours. He was considered a psychiatric hero in his day. The image of this abusive maniac is still today on the seal of the American Psychiatric Association.

Amazingly enough, his psychiatric torture methods of cold water sheets, cold baths and cold-head enclosures would be the model in psychiatry for the next 70 years, and he was eventually enshrined as the father of modern psychiatry. (I’d hate to think who these yahoos would vote in as a mother of psychiatry–the Wicked Witch of the West?)

By the early 1900’s, everyone was worried about the future of psychiatry because it was becoming common knowledge that psychiatrists were nothing but quacks with highly abusive programs for death and further disability. So a Dr. Cotton started removing body parts and that helped save the situation and regain large profits in psychiatry.

Dr. Cotton had a “method.” He started with teeth, then tonsils, then sinuses. Ouch. If the patient was still sick, then they would move down the body on the theory that there were toxins down there. So out went the stomach, the spleen and then the colon. Brilliant. Death then most certainly ensured and I’m sure they pronounced that a permanent cure of the highest form.

In the late 1800’s along came Drs. Wundt, Nietsche and Pavlov who claimed that there was no human soul, there were just chemicals in a person’s brain and that humans were nothing more than smart animals that could be trained like rats in a maze. For some reason, a whole lot of other people and doctors thought this was brilliant and followed this movement to “cure” mental illness–simply train them like you train animals. Of course, that did not work, leading to the famous joke: “Nietsche: God is dead. God: Nietsche is dead.”

And while you think torture from shrinks isn’t over, check out this online story from CBS where as recently as 2014, autistic youth deemed a danger to themselves or others were shocked with an apparatus similar to dog shock collars but it consisted of a backpack attached to an arm band which shocked the patient. More torture for disabled people. When does this end? These devices, like the ones you can buy for your rottweiller or pit bull,

While the center’s director claims the shock was no big deal and was rarely given, one video showed a student being strapped to a full length restraint board and shocked 31 times in a row, thrashing about wildly and screaming at the top of his lungs (the shock is supposed to be like a bee sting). Of course, students and their families were suing the school over the abuse, and the FDA in 2014 was “thinking of” pulling FDA approval on the procedure.

This is but one example of how the US govt provides $40 million to psychiatric facilities for “behavioral control” therapies. Yes, “science without a soul” is still in force and effect today.

I did not see anywhere in the video where either the director was shocked by the equipment, claiming no big deal, nor were any of the staff volunteering to get shocked.

As far as I’m concerned, they all need to be tested for psychopathy.

This documentary then moves into Hitler’s T4 program and how psych hospitals and psychiatrists were a major motivating factor to start the mass internment and starvations, beatings, shootings and cremations of millions of “undesireables”, mostly ethnic groups, homosexuals, cripples and mental patients. And of course, dissidents.

I have written on the T4 program on this blog in earlier posts, which you can search for, but I would like to remind everyone at this point, that thousands of licensed doctors and nurses must have taken part in the T4 program by putting to death some 100,000 deformed and crippled or “undesirable” infants, children and mental patients. Some sat at desks all day long thinking up excuses to tell family members who placed their loved ones there only to find out they weren’t cured, but had suddenly died. Excuses ranged from small pox, measles (even if the patient had already survived the measles or polio, these civil servants with M.Ds and R.N.s did not have the time or interest to check those facts, and letters were dutifully send home, despite the fact these professionals knew that the person was euthanized for no good reason, just like your pet that was old and could not walk or eat. But these were young and healthy human beings, for the most part. They suffered no disease other than being unwanted and unloved.

Names of books by psychiatrists in this documentary: Reign of Error, Mad in America, Unsafe at Any Dose

It is interesting to note that 40% of all psychiatrists in Nazi Germany signed up with the party early, seemingly because the beliefs of the Nazi party were very similar to those of psychiatrists and their beliefs in eugenics or creating better humans via selective breeding or genocide or ethnic cleansing. They also seemed to agree there was nothing wrong with isolating people form the world for years on end and torturing them and engaging in massive human and civil rights abuses.

Which brings me to another point this movie made, why is psychiatry the only field in which a patient can be arrested, strapped down and put into a psych hold and drugged against his or her will for days, if not weeks on end. Mrs. Gayle Robinson, age X, experienced such a treatment. When evil professional Mary Rowan couldn’t obtain a doctor’s report on her showing Mrs. Robinson to be suffering from dementia, Ms. Rowan just grabbed poor Gayle, argued with her for hours at her house (see video on internet by son Randy Robinson who protested this human and civil rights abuse while other family members and a courtroom filled with psychopaths cheer such treatment on). Turns out MR didn’t have the proper paperwork, the psych hospital turned her away. She kept Gayle locked up in a hotel for the weekend and drugged her (chemically restrained) her there. Of course, MR isn’t supposed to be Gayle Robinson’s “professional guardian”. The VA has a rule that the VA staff is supposed to assume that role. But Judge X has no care or reason for that law. In fact, this judge has made repeated statements he is suspending the constitution in his court because of he is “protecting Gayle Rowan” and “she might regress”. Based upon what science.

After the war, while many psychiatrists were in charge of the T4 program and many concentration camps, almost none were tried at Nuremberg and most simply returned to private practice in either Germany or the US, despite their ties to and support of the holocaust.

One million people received lobotomies during the 40’s and 50’s based upon one psychiatrist driving around in a lobotomobile, conducting lobotomies on the spot. He had discovered that instead of drilling into the brain, an awl or ice pick like device could be inserted into the upper portion of the eye socket, rake it back and forth, and upon destroying sufficient brain material, a patient’s behavior would be considerably altered by massive brain damage. 25% of patients would fall into a permanent vegetative state. Nonetheless, it took two decades and numerous deaths before this quack’s license was pulled and his lobotomy theories debunked.

And then we get to the next round of psychitric cures–psychotropic drugs.
Most of today’s fancy named drugs are actually derivatives of the old drug Thorazine, originally used to kill parasites in pigs, it was also used as a horse tranquilizer.
this article also mentions that other drugs were not as helpful and often left a patient experiencing bone cracking convusions for days, when convulsions were supposed to be for hourse.

Of course Electroshock therapy they wrapped a patient in cold wet sheets and then applied massive doses of electricity to the temporal lobes creating intense convulsions, again, often bone cracking. The tongue had to be supressed so the patient didn’t bite it off. With the advent of Thorazine and its derivatives with better names than “pig parasite killer” and “horse tranquilizer”, sedatives were also given to the patient to immobilize him or her, and this treatment was hailed as “more humane” although it also didn’t really cure anything either and was not based upon any known science. Mostly, it was just a way for quacks to make money and scare patients into submission with medieval torture methods.

Next, one of the problems that the patient was never told is that these new psychotropic meds caused tardive dyskenesia or facial paralysis, or parkinsonian type symptoms of tremors in hands and face and uncontrolled facial ticks and movements which were permanent. The patients were not told about this for nearly 2 decades by Smith Glaxo French. In many case, schizophrenia would return and with a vengeance. In addition, many patients as their tolerance levels increased, experienced tendencies towards violence and suicide, again, not disclosed by the drug companies for about 20 years.

In a patient with mild symptoms or mild mainia, there would be a 20% chance of the patient developing schizophrenia in 5 years which was permanent. This is a far worse condition.

It would also develop over the years that suicide and mass killings would crop up in patients taking psychotropic drugs, especially in young males.

However, when there is a mass shooting, the media is quick to forget to conveniently mention that the shooter was taking or had taken psychotropic medications. (See article citations)

In order to “sell” these new drugs, the drug companies, and not any neuroscientist, came up with the concept of “chemical imbalance” as if some scientist had measure certain chemicals in the brain and knew how to balance them, which is a complete fabrication of any brain testing known to date. No one opens up the skull to “test brain chemicals”. Certainly not your local psychiatrist.

The movie also mentions the term “pseudo dementia” which is a condition of depression, where the patient is so depressed that he or she is unable to perform normally, it is hard for them to get out of bed, do normal household chores, and run routine errands such as go to the grocery store, the bank, department stores, friends and relatives, etc. It is created by physical diseases that are easily remedies such a blood sugar problems and fluctuations, low thyroid,

PRACTICE TIP: when cross examining a psychiatrist, always ask how many cases per year he gets from probate, how much money he makes from probate personally, that is, his personal income tax return, ask if he gets any kickbacks, referrals or placement fees from nursing homes, etc. Exactly what is the source of his income and why. Now that you know there is no real science in psychiatry, it makes it much easier to file your objections and responses in probate court. The questions I asked Dr. Shaw in the Sophie Reichert case were so interesting to the court that the judge made sure to write up orders each day to seal the transcripts.

TRICKS OF THE EVIL TRADE: Elders and the disableds will often be examined by these quack shrinks after when they are hungry, tired, or malnourished and dehydrated. Their hearing aides and glasses will be removed. If they are in a nursing home, none of this is generally an issue because they keep the elderly chronically malnourished and dehydrated. They receive one meal, three times per day at 9 am, noon and 5, which means that from 5 pm to 9 am the next day, they will have nothing to eat or drink for 16 hours. Often they get coffee or water three times per day, just 8 ounces of it, again, not enough to sustain a person, and especially an older person that needs to be frequently hydrated. A tray will be plunked down in front of them and if they cannot eat it by themselves in 15 to 20 minutes, it will be picked up whether or not they ate it. Of course, if they need dentures or a partial inserted, that will not happen. If there are gold teeth involved, those will mysterious disappear (In re Alice Gore, a 99 year old woman lost her 29 gold teeth when she ate too slowly and then a feeding tube was inserted at one end and a diaper at the other, against her will, but making life much easier for all the nurses and aides that had to attend to her. This type of treatment is on par with Chinese orphanages decried by international human rights agencies where the workers there tie toddlers to chairs to eat and feed for hours on end because only one young girl is put in charge and she feeds dozens of toddlers and infants at once and is told not to waste any food or else. Hands are often tied behind the child’s back or in the air above their heads. Then the infants and toddlers are tied to potties for hours to potty. They are not allowed to play, they have no toys. Many children die from such treatment. When they start to grow sickly, despondent or catatonic from the lack of loving parents, they are taken to a “dying room” where they are left alone and without food or water until they pass over. Orphanage workers pass by all day long, and know not to look into the dying rooms or go in there. The dying rooms are checked once or twice per day for cold stiff bodies which are quickly removed and buried. You can youtube Chinese Orphanages and dying rooms for information on what happens.

Now when you check youtube on Chinese Orphanages, you will find that thousands do posts and offer assistance to Chinese Orphanages. However, when you do a post on how grandma is deprived of her eyeglasses, hearing aides, teeth, and other necessities and how she will face a carousel of going back and forth to the hospital when the nursing home dehydrates and malnourishes grandma, you will see only a handful of posts decrying such treatment and demanding it ends. For some reason, human rights abuses against the elderly in the US are completely ignored!

GAG ORDERS, Location Orders, ; Gag orders are highly unconstitutional in a free open and Democratic society. Make sure that you or your lawyer files motions to lift all gag orders on the basis they are an unconstitutional restraint on free speech (see, In re Weddigen). I have also heard of location orders. In one case, so they could keep careful watch on a woman they could not get a psychiatrist to say was incompetent, the court issued a “location order” where she was not able to leave her own small home town. Effectively, this meant that she could not go to any major department store, her bank, Walmart, her relatives and friends who mostly lived out of town, etc. I just told her son flatly, the order is unconstitutional and have their attorney file a motion to lift it.

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  1. Gayle Rowan? Have you got any idea how mad that makes me to see that in print. I know it’s a typo but it’s a bad one

  2. Also we have three psychiatrists that say there’s nothing wrong with my mom they did do extensive testing on her and she was extensively tested in Botsford Hospital both mentally and physically with blood counts and everything and they didn’t find anything wrong with her

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